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TheReaper7290's Last Game Comments
Dragon Crystal This game is allot like Fatal Labyrinth for the Genesis
Blaster Master 2 This game is ok but the first one is better
Summon Night - Swordcraft Story 2 This was one of the best games I ever played on the GBA
Brave Fencer Musashi this is the worst rpg I have ever played
Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1 I can't start the game
Tamagotchi 3 Game doesn't work for me
Joshua & the Battle of Jericho I think there is something wrong with this game
Chaos Seed I can't play it only get a black screen
King\'s Field (US) one of the greatest RPG'S that I ever played
Mahjan Samit Kabukicho Hen doesn't work for me flashing screen

TheReaper7290's Last Game Reviews
Wolfenstein: The New Order
08-02-14 07:18 AM
There is Nazis on the moon
[ Warning this review contains spoilers ]
 I will place brackets around all spoiler related texts in case you don't want to ruin the game for yourself

Welcome to my third review what better game to make a review of then one I just beat and really enjoyed playing so shall we get started.
unlike all the other Wolfenstein games which were developed by id Software and published by Activision this one was developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda Softworks. Unlike most games when they change hands they change the game for the worst but in this case they manage to keep the good stuff and build on it 

Graphics: 7/10

As most of Xbox 360 games the graphics ain't that bad but this isn't Dark Souls it could have been better. Some areas in the game was a little dark and the fact the game didn't give you a light to work with made it worst but over all the game was about the same as most Xbox 360 games.

Sound: 5/10 

This is a first person shooter so loud gun fire is the most sound this game is going to give you but they did add some classic music in the game but you had to unlock them to listen to it. Now for the sound affects explosions building falling is louder then the rest of the game so if I was you I put on the subtitles because you will need them.

Addictiveness: 9/10

This game is addictive and I really enjoyed playing it I myself played the game though twice and replayed most of the levels over three times. It is a very fun game and anything I feel like shooting some Nazis this is the game I am going to play again.

Story 9/10 

The story is this game was great one of the best stories in the Wolfenstein games. [  The story follows Captain William "B.J." Blazkowicz on raiding a weapon fortress run by General Wilhelm Strasse aka Deathshead as he fails the mission and almost loss his life by suffering a head injury. He goes into a vegetative state only to... Read the rest of this Review
King\'s Field (US)
07-04-14 11:11 PM
The game that you may have passed by
This is a favorite of mine that is why I decided to make this review. It is a first person role-playing game. This game came out back in 95 it is the first part here in America but it is King's Field 2 in japan there has been 4 in total and the spawn of the Demon Souls series when King's field came out it was not very well known because at the same time there was Elder Scrolls the game that stole it's thunder.

Graphics: 5/10 The graphic in this game was not as good as most ps1 games but it was also not the baddest. The first time I played this game I thought the graphic could have been better but then I got into it and graphics fit with it's environment and the monster that you had to fight so in fact it's lack of good graphic made it a better game.

Sound: 8/10 The sound in this game was great the only thing that was missing was the sound of your footstep ever thing else your could hear perfectly from the water flowing to the monsters death cries. The music was very catchy an hour into the game and you will find yourself humming the music.

Addictiveness: 10/10 Warning this game is very addictive. The first time I ever played the game I found myself hooked I did not want to stop playing it. I have beat it more times than any game I have ever played. So before you start playing it I would go get some coffee because you won't want to stop.

Story 8/10 The story was not bad but it was hard to follow as like the Dark Souls series you have to uncover the story on your own. I don't really want to tell much about the story just in case you want to play it yourself.

Depth: 8/10: This game was pretty long compared to the average depth of most games. There are allot of bosses and secrets to find so start checking walls. The further you get in the game the more open it gets so you can always go back if you want to do some leveling up.

Difficuly: 7/10 This game is not very hard the fact that if you are not strong enough you ca... Read the rest of this Review
Dark Souls
06-04-14 11:23 AM
hardest game ever
This is my first review and I think this would be a good game to start off with so shall we get started.

Graphics - 10/10 One of the most realistic graphic games I ever played the environment is so detailed and the characters and creatures looks so life like it reminds me alot of King's Field for the playstation 2 because of it's medieval theme.

Sound - 8/10 This game doesn't really have much music the only time you hear any music is in the boss fight but their Quality and detail of the sound is great in this game you can hear ever little detail from footsteps to the fire burning.

Addictiveness - 8/10 This game is very addictive when I sat down and played this game I was hooked it is one of the only games I could sit thought and not get bored at all and it is hard for me to sit through one game and play nothing else.

Story - 6/10 This game has one of the most hardest stories to follow because you have to uncover the story yourself I had to play the game twice to found out what it was about.

Depth - 7/10 This game is pretty long there are some side boss and there are alot of places to explore in this open world game.

Difficulty - 10/10 Hand down the hardest game I ever played and that's the only thing in this game that will affect your addictiveness to the game alot of people find this game too challengings and give up on the game itself I myself like the fact that it gave me a challenge this is one of the only games I played that got my heart racing because of it's difficulty if you want a challenge this is your game

Thank you for reading.

I will summon some of my online freinds that are great reviewers so I can see if they like it it would mean alot.

zanderlex :
juuldude :

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