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01-20-22 07:44 AM
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supernerd117's Friend List (149)

09/19/13: RDay13,

0ddiebutagoodie: 0ddie,

42 + 4402 + alex: 4444alex,

A Bub named Blub: Blubcreator, fan: Agario,

Anime fanime: sop281,

Awesome dude 2: Zeldisaster,

Awesome dude.: goodboy,

Awesome friend!: hunter0409, Kayladog!,

Awesome guy: AWESOMEGUY123,

Awesome Musician: Boured,

b3rger fan: m0ssb3rg935,

Bama Jamma: Ktanaqui,

Battle Buddy: DenzGamer135,

Bertie Totts: Totts,

Big Mac: Divine Aurora,

Billy the Man: Jordanv78,

Blaziken fan :-): mourinhosgum,

Blub the bub: blubblub9,

Boggles the mind: kirbmanboggle,

BOSHI YOSHI: yoshirulez!,

Box Rox!: Boxia,

Bro: Wolffrey,

Comix hero: Nincompoco,

Cool dude: Barathemos,

Cool friend: noahd101,

CooldudeJuuldude: juuldude,

Deserves respect: thing1,

Dudewherespatar?: patar4097,

Eevee2see!: tgags123,

Ethan...or Mike?: TheFadedWarrior,

Fam in Alabam: wormelytyrese,

Friendcredible!: Kid Danger,

Fug + yz: Fugyz,

Furry!: Tails the Fox,

FW FTW!: Final Weapon ,

GALAXY POWER!!!: Minuano,

gamer4lyfe4ever: gamerforlifeforever,

Garfield's owner: becerra95,

Gingy!: Gingercream1,

Good mom: Daydream4ever,

Grape soda ftw!: Mega Mewtwo X,

Hangman buddy!: Destifen,

Hangman Cometh: TheReaper7290,

Happy birthday!: ls95,

Happy Ness 7: happiness7,

Harvey Moon: Eirinn,

He is cool: Brynite,

HEROOOOOOOOOOOOO: bostonblokhed1,

Hupsel the mvp: mvhupsel,

I like trees :-): Surgiac,

Ice Ice Matty: MattyIce,

Ike-aramba!: merf,

Infurational!: Furret,

Jid the man: Jidonika,

Jimmy Kimmy Live: NintendoFanDrew,

Joy!: killjoy262,

Jygin the man: Jygin,

Kengen Legend: silverthundr,

Killer Girl...: KG,

Klonoa playa: kazenoklonoa_45,

Kramer Namer: kramer4077,

Live man: sillysoul,

Lucario Lover: AuraBlaze,

Mako, Mako MAN!!: EideticMemory,

Mega League Bro: mlb789,

Meowth: collemboles,

Minto-y fresh.: MechaMento,

Motaxel: Lexatom,

Mother Brother: earthwarrior,

MR3...: Mohammedroxx3,

MUFFINZ?!: sonicmcmuffin,

NESs: PixelBrick,

Never gonna die!: thelastrequim,

not so shabby: Shabbypenguin,

Online Friend: cartoonfan29, Makio_Akuza, alexanyways, vizwiz123, cheesepatrol, Davideo7, DavidTest20, brinkerj1, geeogree, catfight09, SilverMaestro, hackerman, scootheman, Nksor, legacyme3, rgamecube, Wolfra, SacraRain, Singelli, Yoshiisreal2041, qazx, SelenaSapphayre17, wwecwcw, Jahfrian, bazboyd, pokemonfangirl, darylcox160,

Ouch, Charlie!: Charlie506,

Pac attack!: pacN,

Pac is back!: Pacman+Mariofan,

Pack-man: pacman1755,

ph-ph-phantom!: thephantombrain,

Pika Pikaa!!!!: SaphThePikachu,

Pikaaaaaachoo!: ~Pikachi~,

Poke! : Poka Mocha,

Psychc Detective: spenser1151,

PURE AWESOME: Patrick Star,

Rap Battle Buddy: Zlinqx,

Rap buddy: Ishmael, sonic23,

RAPTOR SHARK!!!: jack3604,

Reaches4thestarz: star4z,

Reddit buddy: SoulDragon,

Rock On!!!: HeavyMetalGamer,

Sailor Enii: Eniitan,

Shelikethmupkips: TornadoMudkip,

Socks,er sox fan: soxfan849,

Super GUSTAFSON: KillerLatias,

Tail of a Friend: ZeroTails,

Team Buddy: Mistress, Menti,

That cold bro: Pikapenguinland,

The Benz: J-BenZ420,

The Bintz: Bintsy,

The Clean Spleen: generalspleen,

The mysterious: IgorBird122,

The reel playa.: realplayer109,

Tis 'Snowdeath: Snowchu,

Triple M!: megamanmaniac,

Tyrannisauron: Sauron422416,

U mad again bro?: Elijah_Madigan,

ur a wizard Kyle: Kyle!,

User and friend: Uzar,

Vizzed's Psychic: deggle,

vizzy dude: vizzy900,

Watchout4dogs: Postman3,

We are Sweegion?: Sword Legion,


x-static friend.: pokemon x,

Yoda, he is.: darthyoda,

Zan the man: zanderlex,

Zero to Hero: RMJEtheReploid,

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Page Comments

skippercapt - 09-21-21 10:57 PM
Same here man, what a pleasent surprise it was to see vizzed still running
AweshumeT - 07-26-21 02:51 PM
I'm so happy this site still exists
frizzed - 03-11-21 01:44 AM
Noah Cat 2011 - 03-10-21 01:55 PM
hi. i'm new here
AlphaZeus - 11-17-16 06:40 PM
Furret - 07-14-16 04:13 PM
love you guys < 3

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