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06-19-21 12:43 AM
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Spring Cleaning

Ok, me and MichaelVash have closed EVERY thread that is to old to be bumped. This means, you guys can reply to ANY thread that is open, just as long as you stay to the topic.

This makes things waaaay easier and keeps things under control.

Hopefully at the beggining of every season, we will close all the threads that can't be bumped.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-30-05 - 16:32 pm

Rent -A- Forum

Ever felt the need to be a bigger part of Vizzed Board? Ever felt that you were put on this planet to have your very own forum on Vizzed Board?

Well here's your chance. For only 2000 Viz, you can own your VERY OWN Forum on Vizzed Board!

Click the following link
Further details are inside.

This is a limited time offer, so act fast!
Posted by: Davideo7 on 02-25-05 - 06:57 am

Vizzed Official Battle Rules!!!

The Vizzed Official Battle Rules are finally up and Official!

Here are the rules

And here's a sample battle

Incase you dont know, the battles will take place in the forum titled "Vizzed Battle Arena"

The Rules are a bit long, but it's pretty simple to understand. ALSO, I'm looking to hire another ref or 2...anyone is capable of being a referee. John and MichaelVash are currently the only refs. You must understand ALL the rules to be a ref. The ref thread is here...

I'd like to see some battles getting started!
Also, I plan to start a battle tournament...if enough people are interested.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 02-07-05 - 10:49 am

ITEM SHOP! - and other updates

We have a new Item Shop!!! The link is at the top of the page to the right corner underneath the time...and can also be accessed here

If you’re all wondering why I haven't been active lately, this is why...

Every Single user has his or her own stats. You can look into your profile or into the item shop to see your stats. Every time you level up, your stats go up (your level goes up by posting and is also based off your registration date).
Buying items ALSO raise your stats. In the shop you'll see that every item (except accessories) raises your stats in some sort of way. Currently there are no Side-Kicks in the shop yet, they will be added at a later time. The items you own can be viewed in your profile and in the shop.
The new item shop was designed by me and Syntax Legend, and mostly coded by him. I payed him $35 to do so, and he did a very nice job!

There's also a big batch load of new items... 8 New Weapons, 5 new shields, 8 new items in armor shop, 5 new helmets, 3 new boots, and 2 new accessories.
AS ALWAYS, EVERY item and their image were created by me, as with their descriptions and stats as well.
Many many hours were spent adding these items to the shop. I had to do allot of research for many of the items and I had to design formulas so that the prices and stats were all balanced out.

The Viz Transfer works differently now. It's a drop down box, and you select a user from that menu. ALSO, when you Send Viz to a User, it will send Him/her a PM letting him/her know how much Viz they received and who they are receiving it from.

Links at the top of the page have been moved around slightly. Item Shop link is below time, MAIN link is below Views, New posts link has been added along with search and downloads link. Also, the board's banner is now a clickable link which leads to the main page of the board.

I am almost completely done with the Official Battle Rules for the battle arena. The battles will be using the stats from the items and also some of the descriptions the items offer. If anyone is interested in becoming Local Mod of battle arena and wants to be the ref of the official battles, let me know.

Last note, if anyone has ANY comments, suggestions or question on the item shop, PM ME! And if there are any other items you'd like to see, I will see if I'm capable of drawing it if it interests me.
(note, I do not plan to put items made by other people, all items in the item shop will always be created only by me).
Posted by: Davideo7 on 01-07-05 - 00:06 am

Item Shop Fixed

You can now sell your items once again.

I will be updating the links at the top within a few days, as soon as I decide which links I want at the top and as soon as I get the itemshop updated a little more.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-26-04 - 03:42 am

Item Shop - DO NOT SELL ANYTHING ! ! ! ! ! !


You can buy Items still, but DO NOT SELL THEM.

What will happen is, you'll lose almost ALL of your Viz!!

I will figure a way to get this fixed ASAP.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-21-04 - 01:32 am

Register - This is the new Vizzed Board

Here we have it, the new vizzed board.

If you wanna see the old board, it can be viewed here

At the Archive!

Make Sure To Register!
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-07-04 - 20:37 pm

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