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07-10-20 09:06 PM
EXE Create

Released: 5-31-18
Players: 1
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Dragon Lapis (3DS) Game - 3DS

Dragon Lapis is a RPG game developed by EXE Create and published by Kemco in 2018 for the 3DS.

Dragon Lapis

Dragon Lapis Title ScreenDragon Lapis Screenshot 1
Dragon Lapis Box Art FrontDragon Lapis Screenthot 2
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Videos of Dragon Lapis Gameplay

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Dragon Lapis Game Description

A thousand years ago, a great battle ensued between two dragons, one gold and the other silver, where they were sealed away. Many centuries later, the Silver Dragon reawakens, and launches an assault on a frontier village.

Lucas, a royal knight serving as a guard, little does he know he is, in fact, a descendant of the hero who once sealed the Gold and Silver Dragons in human form. Nonetheless, when the tragedy strikes, he soon sets out on an adventure to save the world!

Make a return to the golden age of RPGs with 8-bit graphics and chiptunes. By unlocking growth plates, characters are able to strengthen parameters, learn skills, and increase job rank! Master multiple jobs and live an adventure full of challenges and dungeons to explore!

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