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01-20-22 11:22 AM
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  You gotta slam if you wanna jam.
Vizzed Elite
Age: 25 (02-08-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 08-07-10 03:14 PM (4183 days ago)
Posts: 821  Threads: 61
Post Words: 57,991 (71 word avg)
Viz: 56,540    Contribution Points: 3,181
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Level: 58    Experience: 1521613
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  Game Requests for the RGR


read this at your own risk

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EarthBound (MOTHER 2)
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

500 posts - 3/19/12

If you are one of the 95% of Vizzed Members who want to remember ~sakura~ and think there is still hope, copy/paste this into your Profile Biography

big fat cat: 80% of teens would cry if they saw Edward Cullen from Twilight standing on top of a skyscraper, about to jump. If you're one of the 20% who would sit there eating popcorn and screaming "DO A FLIP YOU SPARKLY RETARD!" then copy and paste this on your profile.

RANKS DONE OR NOT. probably not.
Newbie - Yes (From August 7, 2010 to February 2011)

Member - Yes (From February 2011 to August 2, 2011)

Trusted Member - No

Vizzed Elite - Current (July 31, 2012 - Present)

Site Staff - Yes (August 3, 2011 - July 30, 2012 - just under a year!)

Local Mod - No

Global Mod - No

Admin - No

Owner - Am I David?

Most memorable RP'S:
RP #1
Members: Supersonic1998, Sephitard9000, NovemberJoy, and I
Events: I forgot. ._.

The Tiny Wolf Pup
Members: Supersonic1998, mariopokefan91, NovemberJoy, Awesomeking21, galacta, and I
Characters: Wolf, weirdo, overpowered kid, helper, singer, cat who takes care of Julie.
Events: Julie goes mad, then these animal abusers come and do bad things to her. I then bring her to a new state, where are free from king's dad's curse.

This is a quote wall.

totaldramaman2: I don't know... maybe Apple will enslave them and call them "iHuman"

totaldramaman2: Them and thier fetish for the letter 'i'...

[6:38 PM] ParagonNova: iJomackShouldKillHimself.

galacta is muted by System because System felt like it!


[11:07 PM] pennylessz: knives are for stabbing others.

[2:59 PM] galacta: I hope justin beiber likes trains.

[6:55 PM] NovemberJoy: Total, there is no seal. Stop meowing at it.

[6:20 PM] totaldramaman2: I can walk on carpet. I'm amazing.

[6:20 PM] AlexAnyways: If Jesus could walk on water, and humans are %78 water, if I walk on somebody, am I %78 Jesus?

[3:00 PM] galacta: If Jesus could walk on water and Ice is 100% water, I'm 100% Jesus.

[11:00 PM] MegaRevolution1: You're rejected by chess and yugioh clubs. Yet you think you're cool?

[5:02 PM] pennylessz: Most girls focus on romance and money.
[5:02 PM] pennylessz: Most guys focus on sex and partying.

[3:07 PM] choko453: They should call football handegg

[7:12 PM] Belinni:
[5:34 PM] dragonslayer444: to all the runners in boston who told me to stop smoking look who is smoking now

[7:39 PM] Swf: i hate it when you're taking a shlt and then you start thinking about something else so the shlt comes out early and you still have some left in your ass


[2:11 PM] Sephitard9001: Flying Nazi Chimps?

[12:36 PM] totaldramaman2: big - If you search in train tracks, you can find a monkey. If you make the monkey do mail service on a palm tree, pigs will fall out of the tree, and you bring those to a farmer. The farmer will raise them, and then he will throw a goat at you, which spits directions to Best Buy at your face, and you build a car out of leather and wood, which will allow you to fly to Best Buy, where you must compete in tennis tournaments to gain memory for your computer.

[7:56 PM] silverthundr: What are you learning, then.

[7:56 PM] totaldramaman2: How to take dumps

[7:57 PM] Morsalbus: ^

[7:57 PM] Morsalbus: It's an art.

EclipseGoA: James = mentally unstable homosexual hipster

alexanyways: if you say your password backwards, it will be turned into "zebra"
[6:46 PM] alexanyways: TRY IT
[6:47 PM] pikamander64: 66namochamrepuS

[6:33 PM] ParagonNova: I will violently molest you.

[5:58 PM] totaldramaman2: Are you cheating on me?

[6:07 PM] totaldramaman2: SERIOUSLY LITTLE CEASERS? Why would you steal a song from an '80's cat commercial?

James <3 Mega 10/5/11

[8:35 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mega <3

[8:36 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Love you, baby.

[8:38 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: We had a date last night.

[8:38 PM] totaldramaman2: I bet it was great.

[8:39 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Total: It was. We proposed.

[8:40 PM] totaldramaman2: James - How wonderful! *makes ghey face with cheekbones showing and crosses hands*

[8:43 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mors: Will you be my best man??!?!

[8:43 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Total: Will you be the ring bearer?

[8:48 PM] totaldramaman2: I WILL BE DA RING BEARER!

[18:31:53] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mega <3 [18:32:03] j4m3zizk0olo07: Love you, baby.

[9:06 PM] MegaRevloution1: Shut up.

[9:06 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Make me.

[9:11 PM] drag00n365: and look already arguing like a married couple XD

[9:11 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mike: Will you be the flower girl?!

[7:10 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: drag: You wanna be the flower girl?!

[7:11 PM] UserMike: ok fine

[7:12 PM] UserMike: is Mega aware of this?

[7:12 PM] crazycatpup: lol

[7:12 PM] drag00n365: lol XD

[7:12 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: ...He was drinking!

[7:12 PM] drag00n365: i have to say i never expected mega to be gay...

[7:13 PM] drag00n365: not really surprised about j4m though....

[7:13 PM] pacman1755: lol

[7:13 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Who wants to be the priest guy?!!?!?!?!

[7:14 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mega made out with me last night!

[7:13 PM] MegaRevolution1: Did not! >=|

[7:14 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: He's lying!

[7:14 PM] drag00n365: oh so is one of you a girl then? XD

[7:14 PM] crazycatpup: JAMES IS A WOMEN!

[7:15 PM] pacman1755: James is GAY

[7:16 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mega: You. Me. Tonight. Bedroom.

[7:16 PM] crazycatpup: O-O

[7:16 PM] MegaRevolution1: NO.

[7:16 PM] UserMike: Is there anyone that has any reason as to why these dearly beloved should not marry? Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

[7:16 PM] UserMike: lol

[7:17 PM] MegaRevolution1: F***!

[7:17 PM] crazycatpup: you may now kiss the bride!

7:17 PM] MegaRevolution1: no!

[7:17 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Oh god you guys are killin' me!

[7:18 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mega: Bedroom. Now.

[7:19 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: It's actually pacman who proposed to Mega!!!!

[7:19 PM] crazycatpup: O.O

[7:20 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mega said yes!

[7:21 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Who wants to marry me?!?!?!?!

[7:21 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: *not even a cricket sound*

[7:22 PM] totaldramaman2: MEEEE

[7:22 PM] crazycatpup: O-O

[7:22 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Total: No. You're my friend.

[7:22 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Doesn't work.

[7:22 PM] totaldramaman2: DAMN IT

[7:23 PM] pacman1755: HAHA

[7:23 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mors and crazy are getting married!

[7:25 PM] totaldramaman2: Wait... aren't friends supposed to marry each other?

[7:25 PM] drag00n365: lol no

[7:26 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: (Damn... I hope they can't hear me........ Hey, my voice sounds so cool..... Helloo!!!!......... Pigs in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!)

7:26 PM] totaldramaman2: Anybody wanna marry me?

[7:26 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mike does!

[7:26 PM] crazycatpup: MIKE WILL!

[7:26 PM] UserMike: uhhh

[7:27 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Is it possible to marry yourself?

[7:27 PM] UserMike: no

[7:27 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Damn.

[7:28 PM] UserMike: lol.


[7:28 PM] UserMike: lol that would be so funny total

[7:30 PM] totaldramaman2: james - Do you think Mike will say yes?*

[7:30 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Total: Oh yes.

[3:41 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: Mega asked me to marry him.

[3:41 PM] j4m3zizk0olo07: He was drinking.

If I was this rank, I would look like...
The Owner - totaldramaman2

Admin - totaldramaman2

Global Mod - totaldramaman2

Local Mod - totaldramaman2

Site Staff - totaldramaman2

Vizzed Elite - totaldramaman2

Trusted Member - totaldramaman2

Member - totaldramaman2

Newbie - totaldramaman2

Banned - totaldramaman2

Perma-Banned - totaldramaman2

to make this easier to read... totaldramaman2

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