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04-17-24 02:32 PM
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Sword Legion is Offline

Sword Legion
  Dark knight of the blackened sun. I am Sword Legion, one of many. My mask is thick, and my armor is strong. All the more necessary in a world such as this. . .
Trusted Member
Registration Name: Sword legion
Previous Name: Sword egion
Location: Faxanadu
Age: 28 (01-05-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 09-27-12 09:50 AM (4220 days ago)
Posts: 3,034  Threads: 449
Post Words: 699,562 (231 word avg)
Viz: 148,715    Contribution Points: 16,238
Post Rating: 637   Trust Points: 13   Chat: 106
Level: 102    Experience: 10856495
Next Level: +233472 Exp    Per Post: 5367 Exp
Last Activity: 01-26-23 10:48 AM
  Viewing L3G10N
Last Post: 07-13-21 01:52 AM
  I Got an IT Job = Less Time Developing on Vizzed

You're gonna carry that weight.

Page Comments

sonikku - 05-18-21 08:37 AM
So... I exist on here again. For how long, I dunno, but I'm gonna see how long I can stick out recording videos for the site again.
baileyface544 - 01-18-21 11:17 PM
Right on, sent a message with Discord info
baileyface544 - 01-18-21 10:17 PM
Yeah, though usually I try to get peoples info before leaving for good if I have good friends on a site. THough this one I didn't really choose "Hey I'm leaving" life just kinda happened. How have you been?
baileyface544 - 01-13-21 08:12 PM
Still on here I see. Hello friend I haven't talked to in years!
no 8120 - 01-05-21 03:53 AM
Happy Birthday
sonicthehedgehog57 - 10-21-19 08:20 PM
Yeah I suppose that's true, and with products like steam and even companies coming out with mini versions of old consoles. Kind of negates the effects of old rom websites as well. Not completely but heavily.
sonicthehedgehog57 - 10-21-19 08:10 PM
just was told to check it out again, since heard it got better though based on your reaction xD more like it dried up like a river in the desert. Plus completely being over Fyredove/Pokefreak219/Bayleigh makes it a lot easier to come onto the website as well.
sonicthehedgehog57 - 10-21-19 08:05 PM
I told Eniitan a while back that I'd check out vizzed when had free time and got things with work settled out more. Big changes since left in 15' xD
sonicthehedgehog57 - 10-21-19 07:57 PM
hey there, pardner
Zlinqx - 02-15-17 04:42 PM
I still can't see anything that you wrote :v

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