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05-17-21 07:31 AM
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Vizzed Elite
Age: 24 (08-13-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 04-28-11 07:00 PM (3671 days ago)
Posts: 2,710  Threads: 155
Post Words: 195,483 (72 word avg)
Viz: 35,831    Contribution Points: 8,427
Post Rating: 51   Trust Points: 16   Chat: 10
Level: 95    Experience: 8548245
Next Level: +120362 Exp    Per Post: 4731 Exp
Last Activity: 10-01-20 04:18 PM
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Last Post: 09-17-20 02:38 PM
  Celebrations, Confessions, and Farewells


Time flies.

How many times people visited my profile?

If you are wondering, the counter REALLY INCREASED THAT MUCH ALL OF A SUDDEN, YEA! Too bad the counter increased a lot before I had inserted the Map Loco map here.

Where are these people from?
Locations of Site Visitors

Status historic

Newbie - 04-28-11 to 11-17-11
Member - 11-17-11 to 04-20-12
Trusted - 04-21-12 to 06-16-12
Site Staff - 06-17-12 to 07-27-12
Banned - 07-28-12 (banned for plagiarism)
Newbie - 07-29-12 (probation day)
Site Staff - 07-30-12 to present.

Which Pokémon Am I?

What Pokemon Are You?

Quote wall:

[12:34 PM] Seishiro Leonhart: I mean, if I set the resolution here higher than my mother can handle.


[3:06 AM] Paper Luigi: .........Really. just really.........REALLLY!? WTF!? I just got killed by you wont belive it........
[3:06 AM] Paper Luigi: A 1-up box........
[3:06 AM] Seishiro Leonhart: A fake 1-up?
[3:08 AM] Paper Luigi: No a 1 up box fell on me and squished me (insta death)
[3:08 AM] Seishiro Leonhart: And then you realized that was a 1-DOWN.

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