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09-21-19 12:37 PM

Neo Arcadia's Profile -

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Perma Banned
Age: 22 (05-01-97)  Gender: Male
Registered: 04-17-14 02:37 PM (1982 days ago)
Posts: 112  Threads: 13
Post Words: 20,797 (186 word avg)
Viz: -54,739    Contribution Points: 1,238
Post Rating: 14   Trust Points: 1
Level: 22    Experience: 52781
Next Level: +5569 Exp    Per Post: 706 Exp
Last Activity: 05-19-14 04:43 AM
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Last Post: 05-18-14 05:29 PM
  Lets talk bad guys.


Well welcome to my profile and thanks for viewing my Bio!Below you will see a list of my user goals and achievements as well as my favorite video games, franchises etc. But before that I'll tell you a little bit about me! I am a Junior in High School, I am 16 years old.My hobbies are gaming, watching anime and hanging out with friends!I starting playing video games at a young age and owned my first handheld system at the age of 6. The handheld system I received was a Game Boy advanced SP system. The first games I got for it was Megaman & Bass and Super Mario World Super Mario Advanced 2.Well this concludes what I want to share with you personal life wise.I spend most of my time on Vizzed in the Retro Game room either adding,or making Video guides or screen shots or editing game pages, also if you see a Neo Arcadia video or screen shot please view and rate, rate fairly and in your honest opinion!

My Vizzed User Rank Goals/Achievements
Newbie[x] complete
Member[x] complete
Trusted Member[ ] incomplete
Site Staff[ ] incomplete
Vizzed Elite[ ] incomplete

My Vizzed Contribution Point Goals/Acheivements
100[x] complete
500[x] complete
1,000[ ]incomplete
5,000[ ] incomplete
10,000[ ] incomplete

My Vizzed Posting Goals/Achievements
50posts[x] complete
1000posts[ ]incomplete

My favorite Anime Movies/Series
Akira (1988), Bleach The Movie 4 Hell Verse,
Ghost in the Shell, Black Lagoon,
Ghost in the Shell Innocence, Vampire Knight,
Sword of the Stranger, Neon Genesis Evagelion,
Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist,
Zatchbell , Death Note,
Black Cat, Black Butler,
Code Breaker
My Favorite Video Games, and also Favorite Video Game Franchises/Company's
Megaman, Capcom
Mario, Nintendo ,
Pokemon, Gamefreak
Pokemon Yellow, Megaman Zero 3,
Pokemon Diamond, Star Fox Command DS,
Megaman ZX, Mario Kart DS,
Megaman & Bass, Super Mario World Super Mario Advanced 2,

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