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02-19-20 10:41 PM

Play Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) Online MAME Game Rom - Arcade Emulation - Playable on Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) (MAME)

Play Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) online with Arcade browser emulation for free! Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) (MAME) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Mr. Do's Castle (set 1)

Mr. DoMr. DoMr. Do's Castle (set 1) Box Art FrontMr. Do
Rating: 9.4 (8 votes)
Plays: 3,379 M:100% F:0%
Filesize: 36kb

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Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) Featured Review

Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) Review by: pollyisagoodbird - 8.3/10

Herp-derp de-Do!

If you are a true gamer, you have at least asked yourself this question once: “Why is it that some classic video games have some of the most obscure sequels?” Let’s take the American version of “Super Mario Bros. 2” for example.  It may seem similar in gameplay at first, yet it’s completely different from the original game. As a matter of fact, it IS a completely different game; it’s “Doki Doki Panic!” with swapped sprites and slightly different music. The original “Super Mario Bros. 2” from Japan was deemed too hard for Western audiences, so Nintendo decided to give us something completely different. Now, let us turn our attention to Universal (the video game manufacturer, not the movie studio) gave us a similar experience 30 years ago with “Mr. Do’s Castle”.


First, a little history: Universal, the creator of the first Mr. Do game, was working on a game called “Knights vs. Unicorns”, which was pretty much an updated version of their 1980 video game “Space Panic”. However, Universal’s American branch approached their Japanese counterpart and told them to change “Knights vs. Unicorns” into a Mr. Do game, due to the success of the first game. Thus, “Mr. Do’s Castle” was born.


“Mr. Do’s Castle” was released in 1983, one year after its predecessor, “Mr. Do!”, was released. Like its predecessor, it became quite popular, receiving more than a dozen home ports throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Unlike the first game, where you dig around underground collecting cherries and through a magic ball at monsters, you must instead guard your castle from an army of fuzzy “unicorns” by using a magic hammer to drop blocks on their heads.


Graphics: 9

“Mr. Do’s Castle” is definitely a step up from its predecessor in the graphics department. Mr. Do is still sporting his red-and-white-spotted clown suit, while the so-called “unicorns” look more like fuzzy orange narwhals with green Mohawks and goofy smiles. The foreground graphics are slightly more detailed and colorful than its predecessor, but I do want to point out the backgrounds. The brick structures that make up the castle are present, rather than just a plain black background. Bold greens, purples, and oranges help make the pastel-colored characters and light-brown platforms stand out very well, and they aren’t hard on the eyes. The only change in the graphics that wasn’t made were the letters in the word “EXTRA”, which look and move exactly like they did in the previous game. I’m not complaining, though.


Sound: 8

I don’t know about you, but there’s only so much of the Can-Can that I can take. “Mr. Do!”, like many early arcade games, used music from the Public Domain for its background music. “Mr. Do’s Castle”, on the other hand, has its own original background music, and the main theme very, very, VERY catchy. I’m such a dork; I took the time to explore as many of the home ports as I could just to listen to the different musical arrangements on each system. There are two main themes in the game, the one being what I just discussed, and the other main theme, which is also the “EXTRA” letters’ theme, which can be achieved when the three Key Blocks are knocked down and the Cross at the very top of the castle is obtained, turning all the unicorns on the field into random letters from the word “EXTRA”.

The game’s sound overall is very reminiscent of its predecessor. Rather than use actual “sounds”, the game instead uses its music to emulate sounds, from mashing a bunch of note together when a block falls on a unicorn and smashes it, to the loud DING which is heard when Mr. Do hits a block with his hammer.


Addictiveness: 8

“Mr. Do’s Castle” is just as addicting as the first game. Trying to explain why a game is addicting for these reviews is the hardest thing for me to do, because for me, the game is addicting because…well, it just IS. The simple controls, catchy music, colorful graphics, and gameplay just make it a lot of fun to play. I’ll definitely be playing it more often in the future.


Story: none

Again, no storyline here. Just endless wave after endless wave of unicorns.


Depth: 6

There are 8 castle layouts in “Mr. Do’s Castle”; once you get through all of them, you’ll start with the first layout again and work your way through all of them. The unicorns become faster, smarter, and more aggressive as you go on, until the game becomes nearly impossible to beat.

There are four ways to beat each level: knocking out all of the cherry blocks, collecting all of the letters in the word “EXTRA”, eliminating all unicorns, and finding a hidden diamond, which grants you a free game (which is very rare; it only happened to me once). This game isn’t too “deep”, but it does offer alternate layouts and different ways to complete the game.


Difficulty: 7

For first-time players, I’d be very surprised if you make it past the third level on one credit. The game starts out moderately easy, but the difficulty quickly climbs after each level. Watch out for those blue unicorns; they’re fast, and they also multiply without warning.


Overall (NOT AVERAGE): 8.3

“Mr. Do’s Castle” is very good overall, though I did like the original slightly better. However, this game is definitely worth checking out. I have yet to check out the games “Mr. Do’s Wild Ride” and “Do! Run Run”, though I have bad feeling they will NOT hold up as well as the first to Mr. Do!” games have.

  Graphics 9   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Depth 6   Difficulty 7

Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) Game Description

Mr. Do's Castle © 1983 Universal.

For the second game in the Mr. Do! series, the clown finds himself in a traditional platforms and ladders game. Each level is made up of six floors (seven including the castle's ramparts) and all are joined by a number of inter-connecting ladders. The ladders come in two different varieties: vertical ladders, which are fixed and cannot be moved; and diagonal ladders, which can be pushed left or right from the top of the ladder. This allows Mr. Do to reach other areas of the level and is sometimes necessary to redirect the path of any pursuing enemies.

The enemies in Mr. Do's Castle come in the form of unicorns, and as with the enemies of the first game, they will hunt down and try to kill Mr. Do. Replacing the 'Powerball' weapon of the original game, Mr Do is now armed with a mallet. This can be used to temporarily stun the unicorns and buy Mr. Do some time to escape; but its primary function is to knock out the floor blocks that form each level's platforms.

Most blocks are marked with a cherry and collecting all of these will complete the level (on later revisions only, see Updates below). A level can also be completed by killing all of the unicorns. This is achieved by using the mallet to remove blocks and knock holes in the platforms. The unicorns will fall into any holes that the player has created; some simply fall through to the platform below, whereas others are trapped. Trapped unicorns can be hit with Mr. Do's mallet and knocked to a lower platform - useful for buying a few extra seconds for the player. If left alone, however, the unicorns will climb out, filling the hole in behind them, and transform into much nastier enemies. These new enemies cannot be stunned with the mallet and must be killed by dropping blocks onto them from the platform above.

Some sections of a platform have two 'skull' blocks at either end of them, with normal blocks in between. When both skull blocks are knocked out with the mallet, all of the blocks in between will fall to reveal wooden floorboards. This is highly effective in killing several enemies at once.

Each level also has three 'key' blocks. If Mr. Do knocks out all three key blocks, a large door opens at the top of the screen to reveal a shield which, when collected, turns the unicorns into 'Alphamonsters'. The Alphamonsters flee from Mr. Do and can be killed either with the mallet, or by dropping a floor block onto them from above. When Mr. Do kills an Alphamonster, its letter appears on a flagpole at the top of the screen. If the players collects all five letters, an extra life is awarded.


Mr. Do's Castle was released in September 1983.

The Asian version of this game is known as "Mr. Do! vs. Unicorns".

Barry Lewis holds the official record for this game with 421780 points.


Earlier versions (including the Asian version, "Mr. Do! vs. Unicorns") :
* There are no cherry blocks, so hammering all the blocks is NOT a way to complete a level. At the start of each level, normal blocks will appear in the form of 'fill blocks' - those that appear in the later versions after unicorns have refilled holes. In addition, the colors on these blocks change after every two levels.

Later versions :
* Normal blocks now have cherries embedded on them at the start of each level. Hammering all of the cherry blocks is a new way to complete the level.
* The replay Diamond was added.
* Fill blocks no longer change colors after every two levels.

Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) Reviews

Overall 9.4    Graphics 9    Sound 8    Addictive 8    Depth 6    Difficulty 7

Herp-derp de-Do!   pollyisagoodbird
If you are a true gamer, you have at least asked yourself this question once: “Why is it that ...
  Graphics 9   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Depth 6   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 4.3/5     Submitted: 05-15-13     Review Replies: 3

Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) Highscores

1. 23,580
TimeTrial: 00:15:14
11-21-15 11:08 AM
Mr. Do

Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) Cheat Codes


Knocking a block onto a red unicorn below so it falls one level : 500 points.
Knocking a block onto a red unicorn below so it falls two levels : 1000 points.
Knocking a block onto a red unicorn below so it falls three levels : 1500 points.
Knocking a block onto a red unicorn below so it falls four levels : 2000 points.
Killing a green unicorn : x2 points.
Killing a blue unicorn : x3 points.
Killing 2, 3 or 4 unicorns with one block : x2, x4, x6 points.
Collecting the free credit diamond (later versions only) : 8000 points.


* Make use of the rows of blocks marked with a skull at each end. Knock out one skull block and all of the middle blocks, wait for unicorns to fall into the gaps and knock out the other skull block. This will cause the whole row of blocks to fall, killing all unicorns in the holes and below.

* Use your hammer to briefly stun a pursuing unicorn, allowing you to escape.

* If a unicorn is chasing you up a diagonal ladder, push the top of the ladder away when you reach the top so the unicorn ends up on a different platform.

* Blue unicorns are quite dangerous, and after a certain amount of time they duplicate themselves, so kill them as fast as you can if you don't want to be outnumbered!

* You can kill a unicorn on the same level as you if he is standing on a block when you hit it. The unicorn will fall and you will be awarded the same score as if you had knocked the block down onto the unicorn.

* If a unicorn is filling a hole vacated by a block, you can hammer it to knock the unicorn down to the next level. Note you CANNOT do this to a blue unicorn.

* Wait until all unicorns are as close as possible before collecting the cross to turn them into Alphamonsters, giving you more chance to kill more of them.

* You can fall from any height and will not die so jump down through gaps to avoid unicorns.

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