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05-07-21 11:25 AM
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Super Nintendo
Game Freak

Country Origin: Japan

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
3rd-Person Perspective, Platform, Side-Scrolling
Genre Non-Sport:

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $16.28
Complete:  $34.98
New:  $34.98
Rarity:  9/10

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Play Mario & Wario Online SNES Game Rom - Super Nintendo Emulation - Playable on Mario & Wario (SNES)

Play Mario & Wario online with Super Nintendo browser emulation for free! Mario & Wario (SNES) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Mario & Wario

Mario & Wario Title ScreenMario & Wario Screenshot 1
Mario & Wario Box Art FrontMario & Wario Box Art BackMario & Wario Screenthot 2
Rating: 6.6
(55 votes)
Plays: 4,350
Filesize: 442kb

Videos of Mario & Wario Gameplay

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Mario & Wario Featured Review

Mario & Wario Review by: TheFadedWarrior - 7.5/10

Mario & Wario (SNES) Review
Yet another review this week by me (6th review in total, 4th this week, 1st this day). If you haven't already guessed, I'm trying to get 750 Contribution Points. If you get 750 CP by the end of the month, you become Site Staff, but seeing as I'm only 12 (according to COPPA, you need to be 13 to have power over the site), I'm rather trying to get 750 CP to become Vizzed Elite. Anyways, this time my review is about Mario & Wario, a great game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I hope you enjoy reading my review and play the game for yourself!


For a Super Nintendo, this game has great graphics. Everything is less pixelated than most SNES games, so pretty much everything looks really smooth (again, at least for its era). The animation is pretty good as well. I give the graphics an 8.


The sound is the worst part, in my opinion. I mean, don't get me wrong, it sounds a little above average for the SNES, but the tunes aren't really catchy. A few of the music pieces annoy me, as well. The sound effects are nice, though. I give the sound a 6.


First, I should tell you that only this version works if you don't have a USB controller. The reason for this is because on the original SNES, you need the mouse controller (which is why there are also 2 ROMs on Vizzed for Mario Paint).

This is the part of the game that makes it unique. I have never seen any other game on any other gaming console like this. You play as some angel (or fairy, I really don't have a clue) that has a magic wand that can do... magic things. You have to help a Mario series character that has a bucket on their head to get to the finish. Your angel or fairy or whatever apparently can't touch the character, so you can't take the bucket off of their head yourself, so you have to guide them to Luigi. You have to turn them around with your wand, but mostly, you have to activate certain blocks and guide your character to springs and stuff. So, I guess you could say that this game is a mix between puzzle, platforming, and a blindfold game. You have 3 difficulties, which are speeds of the character you have to help: Slow (Princess "Peach" Toadstool), Medium (Mario), and Fast (Yoshi). This game sounds kind of weird and a tiny bit boring, but in my opinion, it's actually pretty fun. There are a total of 8 worlds to play through in any order.

Quick fun fact: Although the game is written completely in English, it has not yet been released in anywhere except Japan.

Seeing as how fun it is to play the game, this game is bound to be pretty addictive, right? Wrong. I mean, it's not really that non-addictive. You'll come back to play it again maybe 2 or 3 times, but it gets old after a few levels. You have to do the same thing over and over again. The challenge increases each level, and eventually springs and those fireball things are added, but there's never any different gameplay style. I give the gameplay/addictiveness a 7.


You've probably been wondering why this game is called Mario and Wario. Mario really doesn't have much to do with the game except the fact that he's the medium speed level (normal difficulty). The character you help has a bucket on her/his/its head because one day Wario felt like being a d*ckhead and putting buckets on everybody's head. The odd thing is that Peach and Mario aren't smart enough to take the bucket off of their head themselves. Every time you complete a world, you get a chance to earn coins and points by attacking Wario with your wand while he flies across the screen a couple times in an airplane (how he got the airplane, I have no idea). The story is very different for a Mario game, which is nice, but there could be more to the storyline. I give the story a 6.


This game is fairly long, in my opinion (how many times have I said in my opinion today?). There are 8 original worlds, each with their own unique setting (where it takes place). After you beat each of them, you unlock Wario's Garden, which is obviously a garden outside of Wario's castle. After you beat Wario's Garden, you unlock Wario's Castle, the final world. And, again, there is another unlockable world. Once you beat Wario's Castle, you unlock Extra World. In Extra World, your character doesn't have anything on its head. But guess what? You still have to guide the character, as if they are blind. Supposedly, Extra World is extremely difficult to beat. though I doubt anyone would have the patience to go that far into the game. I give the depth an 8.


The game is pretty easy at first, but it gradually gets a little harder each world. The first world is, of course, ridiculously easy. The second world is fairly easy as well, but then, as I have already stated a whole 2 sentences ago, it gradually gets harder each world. In World 8 you're frustrated, in World 9 you're screwed, in World 10 you're definitely screwed, and in Extra World (World 11) your screwed to the point that your screw is rusted. I give the difficulty a 7.


Alright, I'm tired of writing this review so I'll make this quick and straight to the point. Overall, Mario & Wario is a very unique game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that few have played. The graphics are great, the sound sucks (lololol), and the game itself is pretty fun to play. The story is fair, the game is fairly long, and it can get really difficult. Overall, I give this game a 7.5.

Thank you for reading my review. Feel free to criticize it so I can learn more.

  Graphics 8   Sound 6   Addictive 7   Depth 8   Story 6   Difficulty 7

Mario & Wario Reviews

Overall 6.6    Graphics 7.5    Sound 6    Addictive 6    Story 6.5    Depth 6.5    Difficulty 6

Mario & Wario (SNES) Review   TheFadedWarrior
Yet another review this week by me (6th review in total, 4th this week, 1st this day). If you haven'...
  Graphics 8   Sound 6   Addictive 7   Story 6   Depth 8   Difficulty 7

      Review Rating: 4.8/5     Submitted: 04-24-13     Updated: 04-24-13     Review Replies: 3

Really odd game   mio100
Okay. This is one of the weirdest games that I have ever played. You use the mouse to cont...
  Graphics 7   Sound 6   Addictive 5   Story 7   Depth 5   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 2.8/5     Submitted: 05-18-13     Review Replies: 3

Mario & Wario Highscores

1. 3,360
TimeTrial: 00:03:30
09-17-12 08:08 PM
Mario & Wario - Pretty low score - User Screenshot
Pretty low score

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Game Characters in Mario & Wario

Comments for Mario & Wario

Supermatt6534 05-07-16 - 01:59 PM
 How do you set up the mouse controls?
treos 12-01-14 - 02:51 PM
 :/ those mouse controls are irritating. the cursor doesn't scroll when the screen does which makes it rather difficult to progress.
treos 12-01-14 - 02:35 PM
 also, since i now see that info has already been posted in these comments: learn to scroll down and read through the comments instead of posting without checking if anyone else has had the same issue.
treos 12-01-14 - 02:33 PM
 for those wanting to play this game, it uses the snes mouse. load the game then hit escape and go to the devices menu. set a key to cycle device p1 then hit escape and hit that key in-game to switch to the mouse controller.
TheFadedWarrior 01-10-14 - 03:50 PM
 Oh, I get it... Everyone's been rating my review recently and I just realized that it's the "Game of Day"
yoshirulez! 04-24-13 - 05:25 PM
 i got the bucket trophy on super smash bros. melee
cristian1234 03-30-12 - 07:29 PM
 how can i use the game
cristian1234 03-30-12 - 07:26 PM
 i cant play on my pc with emulator
cristian1234 03-30-12 - 06:48 PM
 yo descargo los juegos y los uso con mi znew
Cerebreus 10-21-11 - 03:46 PM
 I already mentioned it once before, but I'll say it again: go to config, select devices, then click mouse. Once you do that, you can use the mouse to play. Not sure how to make this a sticky, so all I can do is repost this idea. I hope it helps you all
RJ35 09-27-11 - 08:40 PM
Wiktorek3 08-30-11 - 02:06 PM
t1e2n3g4 08-15-11 - 10:56 PM
 cool i can use cheats
t1e2n3g4 08-15-11 - 10:55 PM
 hello anyone here
unojoker69 08-15-11 - 10:47 PM
unojoker69 08-15-11 - 10:46 PM
 what keus used to start
unojoker69 08-15-11 - 10:45 PM
 how do i start the game
sonicandrew21 06-28-11 - 08:48 PM
 I'm not sure if it's just because I'm on level one or not, but this game is BIBLICALLY easy!
richard1246 06-16-11 - 10:05 PM
Hampa 06-05-11 - 10:29 AM
korey mario lov.. 03-13-11 - 09:55 AM
korey mario lov.. 03-13-11 - 09:52 AM
superhotman14 03-07-11 - 11:11 AM
 2-10 is hard
GabiruSpSt 09-07-10 - 07:12 PM
cooltylan 09-03-10 - 06:44 PM
 how do start the game