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08-17-19 06:22 AM
Super Nintendo
Capcom U.S.A.
Capcom Co.
UPC: 13388130283

Released: 11-01-94
Players: 1
Country Origin: US
Exclusive: Yes

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $113.50
Complete:  $266.63
New:  $81.00
Rarity:  4/10

External Websites:
Ebay Listings
Amazon: $114.09
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Play Demon's Crest Online SNES Game Rom - Super Nintendo Emulation - Playable on Demon's Crest (SNES)

Play Demon's Crest online with Super Nintendo browser emulation for free! Demon's Crest (SNES) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Demon's Crest

DemonDemonDemon's Crest Box Art FrontDemon's Crest Box Art BackDemon
Rating: 8.8 (85 votes)
Plays: 10,965 M:98% F:2%
Filesize: 1,391kb

Demon's Crest Box Description

The demon realm is peaceful until six wondrous stones fall from the sky. Each stone represents a portion of the Demon's Crest. When united, the stones of the Demon's Crest bring the user ultimate power over demons and humans.
These stones were so highly sought that civil war broke out in the realm. The fight led to much bloodshed until one gargoyle emerged victorious: the red demon known as Firebrand.
After Firebrand's final battle, his evil nemesis Phalanx ambushed Firebrand and stole the stones. Now Firebrand must recover the stones and unite the power of the Demon's Crest before both realms fall into the hands of the sinister Phalanx!

Demon's Crest Screenshots

07-22-10 12:10 PM
Demon5/5 Edit Screenshot
2nd boss dying
07-22-10 12:10 PM
Demon5/5 Edit Screenshot
2nd boss
07-22-10 12:09 PM
Demon5/5 Edit Screenshot
oh my god a ghost
07-22-10 12:09 PM
Demon5/5 Edit Screenshot
right after you beat the undead dragon
07-21-10 05:59 PM
Demon5/5 Edit Screenshot
The Crest of heaven
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Videos of Demon's Crest Gameplay

02-28-15 11:34 PM
00:46:40  Views: 37
Demon's Crest stage 1-5
07-09-17 05:55 PM
00:00:00  Views: 0
? Demon's Crest (1/2) ?
05-13-16 05:31 PM
00:26:21  Views: 9
Demon3/5 GamePlay Mynamescox44 Part 2
05-13-16 04:24 PM
00:26:13  Views: 13
Demon3/5 GamePlay Mynamescox44 Part 1

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Demon's Crest Featured Review

Demon's Crest Review by: rka0917 - 9.5/10

Demon´s Crest SNES review
Demon´s Crest is one of my favorite SNES games off all time. I don't think I've had this much fun with many games that I've had with this one. It is something about this game that attracts me.

In Demon´s Crest, you control a demon from Ghost n Goblins (or at least a identical looking one) called Firebrand. The story involves the demon realm where demons like Firebrand live. A civil war broke out in the demon realm due to the 6 crests that represent the elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Time, Heaven and Air. Everybody wanted those crests so they could summon the crest of infinity that would grant the bearer of the crests infinite powers. Firebrand wants a hold of these crests (we never get to know why though, so i have no idea if you´re actually a good guy or if your motives are selfish). During a battle with the Demon dragon in an attempted effort to steal the crest of heaven, Firebrand gets wounded and he loses all the crests to Phalanx, Firebrands nemesis. However, he does keep a small part of the fire crest, which acts as your first weapon in the game. The story can be a bit hard to understand so i presented a nice recap for you.

The gameplay has a very interesting way to deal with the gameplay. The first thing you are going to notice with how Firebrand controls is that you can stay in mid-air as long as you like, which is unusual for many games from this age. You can also climb walls and do a special attack that differs on the crest you are wearing.
There is 2 kind of crest powerups that you can collect throughout the game. The crest powerups that grants you to change form and differ in projectiles and other abilities, like the earth crest lets you bash certain objects, the air crest lets you fly and so on. The other half is the remaining fire crest pieces. When collected, the fire form will get alternative projectiles.
This game also have shops where you can buy potions and spells (if you have a empty scroll and a empty vial, which can be found scattered all over the game) , although the spells are useless and you won't really need potions until the end of the game.

First time playing, you might assume that the game is really short as you can complete the game after 4 stages and pretty pathetic final boss, without finding all the crests. If you do that though, you get the bad ending. In order to find all the crests, you need to revisit levels since there is ALOT of hidden passways that you need to look out for. In reality, there are 6 stages that you need to explore and every stage has a secret passway that leads into another boss. Once you find all the crests (except for crest of heaven, since the final boss has it) and fight the final boss, you'll get the Not so bad - ending. If you want the good ending, you need to find all crests and all extra items (vials, empty scrolls, amulets) which will open up the final phase of the Phalanx, which is one of the hardest bosses I've ever defeated.

The things i really like with this game is the powerups and the depth of all the levels. The level design is really good, considering that you can fly! The bosses are exciting to fight and there's alot of them! The levels are creative and backtracking never feels like unnecessary busywork as you always get to see an exciting new part of the levels. The game is not that difficult, but can provide a challenge from time to time (although you'll breeze through alot of things when you get the crest of air and time). However, i still put a score of 10 on difficulty? Why did i do that? That is because the final boss form of Phalanx is a really hard bastard and he is not even the worst one! When you get the good ending, you'll eventually get a code. If you input this code, you'll finally get the crest of heaven which is the power of all crest put together in one. You'll also see a extra stage on the world map. This stage contain a bonus boss called the "Dark demon". You need to beat him to get the best ending. Problem is, HE IS THE HARDEST BOSS EVER!!! This guy is a nightmare! He is by far, the HARDEST BOSS I´VE EVER SEEN. I can't beat him with a backpack full of health potions. Although i am still trying and i will beat him one day.
Still, this is one game you don't wanna miss out. If anybody is looking for a SNES masterpiece, this game is a must. That is all.

  Graphics 8   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Depth 9   Story 6   Difficulty 10

Demon's Crest Game Description

Demon's Crest is a sequel to Gargoyle's Quest. Once, the world of demons and the world of humans co-existed in harmony. But then six mysterious crests fell from the sky onto the earth, crests of six elements: fire, water, air, earth, time, and heaven. The demons became obsessed with the crests and with the power hidden in them, and so a civil war started. Finally, the Red Demon named Firebrand got all the crests but one - the crest of heaven. The Dragon Demon possessed this crest, so Firebrand decided to confront him. He defeated the Dragon Demon, but was himself severely wounded in battle. While flying back, he was knocked down by a mysterious enemy and lost his crests.

You control Firebrand, a flying red demon, and your mission is to help him to gain his crests, and to defeat everybody who stands in his way. This is a platform action game: you fight the enemies in real time (using magical attacks), avoid obstacles, collect healing potions on the way, etc. Firebrand can also fly for a short time.

Demon's Crest Reviews

Overall 8.8    Graphics 8.5    Sound 9    Addictive 10    Story 8    Depth 9    Difficulty 10

Demon´s Crest SNES review   rka0917
Demon´s Crest is one of my favorite SNES games off all time. I don't think I've had this much f...
  Graphics 8   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Story 6   Depth 9   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 4.3/5     Submitted: 03-13-12     Review Replies: 0

Being bad is fun!!   gamer-dad-79
Demons Crest lets you be Firebrand, the demon from Ghosts and Goblins. Firebrand travels through th...
  Graphics 9   Sound 9   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 9   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 1.3/5     Submitted: 10-18-11     Review Replies: 0

Demon's Crest Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Demon's Crest Cheat Codes

TDGM JRMB DBWB ZWSB All Items, Can Fight Phalanx in Final Form, can Fight Dark Demon.
ZVHW FBBR VKZS TVTS Dragon Defeated, 1st Crest, and 1st Urn
FDQP QRMB FGNH GTKL play as ultimate gargoyle
QFFF KNRR DDLR XGTQ Ultimate Passcode (New Stage)

Demon's Crest Threads

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Demon's Crest Guides and Walkthroughs

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Comments for Demon's Crest

nysteve 11-11-14 - 06:41 PM
 why stop at N64 shoulda made one for gamecube and wii and wii-u too :)
BeGood,LoveMom 05-07-13 - 02:41 PM
 they SOOOO should have made a demon's crest 64
DoomGuy96 02-05-13 - 09:24 PM
 When I started playing off top this game made me want more.... and so I'll play the whole game!
rka0917 09-13-12 - 02:02 PM
 Not many people seem to realise that the you need to find hidden stuff to get the whole game...oh and the VERY LAST final boss is unhuman!!!
YAYO 05-08-12 - 02:54 AM
 KDGY KRMV DDXR XWKQ the best code :)
DargetDorn 05-06-12 - 12:44 AM
mythkiller5000 04-17-12 - 02:07 PM
 i finished it in 10 min with some codes!
mythkiller5000 04-17-12 - 02:05 PM
 this cant be the full game!!! its too short and not all theslots are filled in the menu!
juan reynoso 04-13-12 - 12:19 AM
YAYO 04-05-12 - 03:59 PM
 aqui sinkope xD
CloudDragon 02-04-12 - 10:01 PM
 I just beated 4 bossess?! this game is so easy
Hanna84 12-15-11 - 07:00 AM learning curve
nesrules8 11-01-11 - 08:44 PM
grinder7896 10-29-11 - 01:50 PM
sinkope 09-11-11 - 11:42 AM
sinkope 09-11-11 - 11:14 AM
sinkope 09-11-11 - 11:14 AM
 algun español¿¿
LonelyRME 07-02-11 - 11:04 AM
 wait til he fires then jump, wait for his head to go down then fire
juz 06-23-11 - 09:13 PM
 how the hell do u kill the damn dragon
Skindelien20 05-13-11 - 01:46 PM
Zhalera 05-03-11 - 07:48 AM
liljoey20 04-07-11 - 08:48 PM
 this game is bad ass i beat it a million times for super nintendo now ima beat it on here!
qaz123qaz 01-30-11 - 02:27 AM
 this game is pretty bad ass. i cant believe i never heard of it.
aron303 12-08-10 - 09:14 PM
 damit i cnt even get past the very 1st part!!!!
wild scorpion 11-19-10 - 10:49 PM
 i forgot how play this game