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04-18-19 05:39 AM

Hellfront: Honeymoon (PS4) Game - Playstation 4

Hellfront: Honeymoon is a Tactical RPG game developed by Thunderful and published by Thunderful in 2018 for the Playstation 4.

Hellfront: Honeymoon

Hellfront: Honeymoon Title ScreenHellfront: Honeymoon Screenshot 1Hellfront: Honeymoon Box Art FrontHellfront: Honeymoon Screenthot 2
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Hellfront: Honeymoon Game Description

HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON is an intense twin-stick action strategy game, to be enjoyed with friends over a six-pack of fruit juice. One screen, one winner!


1-4 Player Pick-Up’n-Play local matches
Tight-as-hell PvPvPvP combat.
Short, intense matches. It never drags!
Play solo or co-op missions or go all out DEATHMATCH!
Speedrun and compete on the leaderboards!

Recipe for a nice evening:

1. Purchase snacks and fruit juice.
2. Put 1-4 humans in a couch.
3. Launch HellFront: Honeymoon.
4. Happy gaming!

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