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09-18-20 03:51 AM
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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a very welcoming family-friendly environment.

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no 8120 - 07-05-20 04:12 AM
Happy Birthday
shandi23 - 04-15-20 11:56 AM
Hello ,i am Shandi Cabrera from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart. i just went through your profile today on this site then i pick interest in you and i will like us to know each other more to establish a good relationship and please try to write me at ( then i send you my pictures then introduce myself more better to you ok, thanks..
Momo Aria - 02-12-17 02:48 PM
and I'm not sure if I want to ask about the old farts???
Momo Aria - 02-12-17 02:48 PM
I love you
Eirinn - 01-04-17 04:48 PM
Hey now, did we have to go there? Why does it matter how old a fart is? They all stink, right? :p And yeah it doesn't seem that long ago, but at the same time I'm so used to having you to pester that it wouldn't seem like Vizzed without you. lol
Eirinn - 01-04-17 05:08 AM
I've been working hard to find a way to give us less sun to avoid such a future! So far I've discovered that pudding MAY not be a part of that equation. And congratulations! It doesn't seem like it's been that long.
Eirinn - 01-01-17 06:47 AM
I'll pay all of the Viz I have to to help you win this! The amount of disregard for ghosts these days is appalling! Indeed, too much sun can kill (skin cancer, heat strokes, accelerating dehydration), but no one has EVER died or even suffered from excessive exposure to the moon! Make night the new day! And happy new year to you too! You got there first, so does that mean you're from the future? O__O
Eirinn - 12-31-16 05:13 PM
D: Isn't there some sort of law against making a ghost get up at that time?? The sun is too much for a ghost! And you know...getting up at 4 AM has taught me something: the best time of day is when the sun is down, whether it's early or late. But I think we always knew that, didn't we?
Eirinn - 12-31-16 06:07 AM've been getting up early?? What the what is going on here???
Eirinn - 12-31-16 06:05 AM
PM. Weird, I know. I'm trying to get up at 4:00 AM from now on. So since that's still night time, do I get to keep my crazy night ghost status? It actually gives me much more work and game time because everyone else is still asleep during the first half of my day almost.
Eirinn - 12-29-16 07:58 PM
*to bed
Eirinn - 12-29-16 07:58 PM
Not good places for a fish to let her guard down. o__o I'm going to be changing my sleep routine up. I'm going to be now (8:00) actually. :o
Eirinn - 12-29-16 04:09 AM
Sleeping anywhere sounds good right about now! :p
Eirinn - 12-27-16 11:30 PM
Ah yeah I imagine. :/ And yes: red, blue, green, and white stars to look at and sleep under when you crash in the pasture!
Eirinn - 12-27-16 03:30 PM
It was great! And I got quite a few games actually. I'd list what all I got, but you didn't ask for all that. Lol It was six Games, a slim PS3, a new Dualshock 4, and moon and star projector for my room. How about you? How was yours? Get some goodies?
Eirinn - 12-26-16 09:17 PM
-__- Some people can be real pains. *sends out spook squad 1A*
Eirinn - 12-24-16 04:31 PM
Jury duty? Ugh Bad break. :/ How did the group work turn out? How dare they mess with the ghost fish! Do they not know who they're dealing with? Shall I sick haunting ghosts on them, O ghost guardian master?
Eirinn - 12-22-16 10:05 PM
Wooow it's been a month. I hope everything's okay in your pond. Have the villagers been throwing trash in there again?? And not much really. More of the same drama and finally me sitting here at peace and happy while the drama rolls on somewhere else now. Sit back and fail to fuel it long enough and it always goes away. So aside from being my overly happy self again not a lot has changed. How about you?
Eirinn - 11-20-16 11:12 PM
Okay, but promise to vote for me when it comes down to me and Kanye, k? xD Also that pudding sounds so...odd. o__O I must try this!!! I wonder if I can get it around here? What kind of place did you have it at? Chinese?
Eirinn - 11-15-16 08:16 PM
Yep. I guess it's up to us sane people to hold things together until it all settles down again. Of course if WE are the sane people...what's that saying for the rest of the country? xD
Eirinn - 11-13-16 09:16 PM
Yeah not too surprising. :/ People are being ridiculous. If you supported Trump or you supported Hilary, what's it matter? Aren't we all people? Americans? Isn't that enough? Sorry to hear you're having problems like that.
Eirinn - 11-13-16 12:27 AM
Lol At first I thought you said you had to take a test before going to Turkey. xD And life has been good, but so much drama. Just...meh. Trusted someone who apparently I shouldn't have. Lies told, secrets out. Bleh. Glad it's over and Thanksgiving is almost here because PUDDING!!!
Eirinn - 11-11-16 10:12 PM
It's never too late for pudding though. Also did they have you imprisoned in sch-sch-school again? o__o
Eirinn - 10-25-16 02:55 PM
Also I apologize. I should have warned you that the sun myth was caught on camera there and it was potentially traumatizing...
Eirinn - 10-25-16 02:54 PM
I don't see her anywhere. T_T And she's a nice cat, she's never hurt a fish and she used to refuse to eat any meat.
Eirinn - 10-24-16 07:40 PM
The sun myth got my cat!! T_T
Eirinn - 10-20-16 07:41 PM
Good idea! Oh Murray says tell you he said Moi.
Eirinn - 10-20-16 06:21 PM
What about mailing my phone to Po-po valley? Would that work?
Eirinn - 10-20-16 12:36 AM
Help! Murray invaded my phone! I tried to type "Mii" and it posted as "Moi"! What do I do???
Eirinn - 10-18-16 07:51 PM
I hope not, because I'd be tempted to eat myself. o__o And thanks! Pudding for everyone in celebration!
Eirinn - 10-13-16 12:35 AM
xD I've actually heard of a lot of people doing that. I know I do something akin to that with my more violent games. *gets mad and decapitates a troop of Uruks* It's not sad.
Eirinn - 10-12-16 10:52 PM
A match made in food heaven! :') So how's the gaming going in ghostfishy's ocean?
Eirinn - 10-12-16 09:49 PM
All pudding is good pudding. :3 I'd suggest Pistachio, Lemon Meringue, or Tapioca. Gah...I'm getting hungry now.
Eirinn - 10-12-16 08:56 PM
Also now I am adding pudding to the shopping list because of your comment. xD Thanks.
Eirinn - 10-12-16 08:55 PM
As long as they are not actual brains, then yes. And dontcha hate it when you're working on something frustrating and people start cutting onions next door like that?? Or when you're watching the final episode and your one of your favorite characters die...? *grabs tissue* Yep, those onions...
Eirinn - 10-12-16 12:22 AM
While it is a fad among modern zombies, eating one's brain, however pudding like, is highly discouraged by the national health institute. Please rest or play Harvest Moon while your brain solidifies back into it's usual semi-solid state. Also that paper thing would be seriously rage inducing...or tear inducing... Or both.
Eirinn - 10-07-16 01:09 AM
Yeah that pretty much sums us up. Haha Day time, night time, any time is pudding time. Also a pudding eating contest needs to happen someday. :3
Eirinn - 10-07-16 12:26 AM
Test? No, you need all the pudding you can get NOW!
Eirinn - 10-05-16 10:19 PM
Yaaay!!! This is why you are the head of the ghost guardians!
Eirinn - 10-05-16 09:37 PM
Ooh and that also sounds really fun too! :3 I need to try it! Can you play Harvest Moon inside of one though?
Eirinn - 10-05-16 09:13 PM
I'm awake! I'm alive! *turns off the music* Sorry about that. :p So far I'm okay, I just need another dark curtain and it'll almost feel like the good old times when I could stay up overnight. *sniffles*
Eirinn - 10-04-16 06:53 PM
Eirinn - 10-04-16 06:53 PM
Survival log, day 1: I've spent the day hiding in my room with dark curtains over one of the windows. I'm afraid to move from this dark corner because the sun myth's light is shining through the mini blinds on the other side of the room. It's so bright and warm. I'm scared!....*static* it's evening now. I'm finally able to move about. I survived another day, but I'm not sure how long I can keep this up. o__o seems heeelllp...
Eirinn - 10-03-16 07:44 PM
Oh wow. Also happy 1,000th day! A ghostfishy Vizzed is a better Vizzed!
Eirinn - 10-03-16 07:43 PM
Animal cruelty! T_T I hope someone flushes him! > And I suppose you have a least ghosts can still play Harvest Moon! :3 Also a sad notice: I have to change my sleep pattern so I now must live with the...the...SUN MYTH! T_T I'm scared, ghost!!!
Eirinn - 10-02-16 08:04 PM
Yay! :3 Thanks ghost guardian! *dives in air suit confidence* Hey, being a ghost doesn't seem all that bad. You seem to do well with it. Not that I'm in any hurry to do so as well...
Eirinn - 10-02-16 06:18 PM
Hahaha xD That comment was gold. Lol Also I risk my life every time I come here...I can't swim. o__o Can I get a suit like Sandy Cheeks has? I've proven to be a friend of fish kind!
Eirinn - 10-01-16 12:24 AM
Can't fight it...was that a Disciple pun? xD And of course it was! It's dangerous to go Alone! Take this! *sends ghost the ninja cow merf* Also I seriously need to eat there some day! Eat a meal at Harvest Moon while playing Harvest Moon on your 3DS/Vita! Oh by the way, I may or may not have named my baby chick Ghost yesterday. :V
Eirinn - 09-30-16 04:36 AM
Oh dear. We have begun HM picture exchanges. ._. Ghost after she finally gets to play SoS this weekend and binge games on it:
Eirinn - 09-30-16 03:21 AM
Extended weekend! Woot! Is that awesome?
Eirinn - 09-30-16 02:23 AM
Alright, you've signed up for HM Spoiler nightly. Click here to unsubscribe...or throw bricks at me. Either works I suppose. And Ikr? I mean we must be HMs biggest fans. Still no SoS updates for me? Is school still robbing you of Harvesting time?? T_T
Eirinn - 09-30-16 02:13 AM
Lol That entire comment should be quoted. xD I'll shut up with the ANB stuff though, lest I spoil the entire game for you. :p I really like how they changed things up though so yes, definitely recommend it. And constant loading screens is a surprise. Harvest Moon games always have quick load times.
Eirinn - 09-29-16 08:41 PM
That corny comment was beautiful. :') lol True too. Also I laughed at the toilet part. xD I can picture you pausing the game every few minutes on a rainy day to go to the little fish's room now. Haha And another thing about ANB: It's MUCH harder to raise someone's affection level than in the older ones, which is both a relief and frustrating when you try for a full season and get nowhere. Lol I was starting to wonder if I was doing something wrong. "Why you no like me, Iroha? T_T" But on Summer 1st the impossible happened! A purple heart scene! :')
Momo Aria - 09-29-16 07:23 PM
We totally should >.>
Momo Aria - 09-29-16 04:43 PM
Ugh I know T_T
Momo Aria - 09-29-16 12:33 PM
I haven't played HM in a while, I really wanna play Animal Parade again. I'm fine! Just have stupid school to deal with, how are you?
Eirinn - 09-28-16 02:13 AM
Sorry, I'm practically leaving reviews in each comment. xD
Eirinn - 09-28-16 02:11 AM
Well I just tend to run out of things to do and half a day to kill in most HM games after 64 is my only issue. Still this one does begin trying to remedy that after the first ten or so days. I don't have nearly the time I did before, but I still have some to spare. The stamina has lowered considerably and you are encouraged to water twice a day like in ToTT, so your stamina is a precious resource and raising a lot of livestock makes it impossible to do (unless eating boosts it significantly. I haven't tried much). As for the complaint from people about it being so slow paced in regards to the town being empty at the start, I actually feel like it helps add to the depth of the characters and encourages getting to know each one better than throwing you into fully populated villages does. And on that topic, I feel like they do a good job giving the characters depth, with exception of the three that live there when you show up (yes, only three villagers) and they basically fit the usual roles of store owner, shipper (a woman in this one!), and tutorial guy. So far I've had two people move in and even though one is a jerk at first, they both avoid the shallow pitfall that some of the others from games past had. No one feels like they're just there to take up space. Does that make sense? They feel more...real I guess.
Eirinn - 09-27-16 02:44 PM
Don't they understand how vital game time is to a healthy ghost fish life?? D: Call in PETGA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Ghost Animals)! As for HM:ANB, so far I guess I'm liking it more than I realized since I've spent hours in it already and have to force myself to put it down when I finally do. :p It feels like a compromise between old HM (64/BTN/FoMT) and new HM (ToTT is the newest I'd played before this). It IS slow, like I forage two to four times a day to pass the extra time it's so slow. Lol But let's face it, pacing has never been a strong suit for HM, especially since BTN came along. There are tons of titles to earn for catching bugs and farming etc. to keep you busy with something though, and the farming is an improvement over ToTT and feels much more classic HM. My biggest complaint is that it's so easy. :| I can make 1,000G a day almost without crops, then cutting one square of grass gives TEN pieces of fodder, grass grows every two days, the price of milk and crops are through the roof and seeds are dirt cheap, and I'm GIVEN eight bags of seeds and a cow for free at the start of the game. Oh and cooking has been made crazy simple. Example: Turnip Soup's required ingredients: Turnip. That's it. Crêpe's required ingredients: Flour. That's it. Lol But again, difficulty is never a strong suit for HM and that isn't such a bad thing. [/1000 word ramble]
Eirinn - 09-26-16 11:12 PM
Yes please do kick Kai out of the picture. :3 After HM64 I didn't care too much for him. Too arrogant. Has school been kind enough to let you back into your gaming reef?
Eirinn - 09-26-16 02:53 AM
But her brother had red hair, so she can at least tolerate me still, right? Not that she tolerated her brother too well. Also there's a jump button in ANB too. It's so weird...and seemingly useless so far since I can't jump down from elevated paths or over many objects aside from fences.
Eirinn - 09-26-16 12:52 AM
Hype alert: I am now officially playing A New Beginning for the first time. :3 So many customization options...and I can finally have red hair!
Eirinn - 09-25-16 07:37 PM
Indeed. :') May all children these days sing Disciple and obsess about Red songs. lol
Eirinn - 09-25-16 07:14 PM
I'm really liking that group so far. Especially loved the line "standing with one foot in the grave, not sure which half's alive". As for the sound: Breaking Now sounded a bit like a mix of Plus One back when they were actually good (long ago lol) and Manifest oddly enough. Face The Day sounds a lot like Thousand Foot Krutch to me too. Haven't tried the rest yet. Oh and those two Disciple songs you listed are two of my favorites. Watch It Burn was the first song my nephew ever sang. xD
Momo Aria - 09-25-16 06:52 PM
Eirinn - 09-25-16 05:35 PM
I'm looking them up now. :3 I'll start with the ones you listed first.
Eirinn - 09-24-16 09:40 PM
Never heard that one. And first my pudding gets stolen and now your ears are stolen?? What has this world come to??? Ragefu! As for that group, I haven't looked them up yet but I like rock and rap and that weird mash up of the two, or I like the mash ups I've heard anyway.
Eirinn - 09-24-16 09:09 PM
Is that what happened to my pudding stash? O___O And yes I have. I've only listened to a few of their songs though. I like One Day Too Late, Forgiven, Monster, Hero, it The Older I Get? Oh and Lucy. That is like the saddest song ever though. T_T
Eirinn - 09-24-16 08:56 PM
*going to sleep soon. No idea why that posted early.
Eirinn - 09-24-16 08:55 PM
I do know those! I like them all too. And sadly no Harvest Moon tonight. Too exhausted from my nephews, so I'm going to d
Momo Aria - 09-24-16 08:11 PM
*drops buckets of sunshine and autumn leaves on profile*
Eirinn - 09-24-16 08:07 PM
Whoops. The Ballad of St. Augustine and Battle Lines are two different songs despite how I wrote that.
Eirinn - 09-24-16 08:06 PM
*swims around in circles frantically* It's here! It's here! :3 Also you should check out some stuff by Disciple. They're "meh" more often than not, but their good songs are really good. A few to start with: Watch It Burn, The Ballad of St. Augustine Battle Lines, and Game On. :V
Eirinn - 09-24-16 02:10 AM
This from a seven year old. :p Also HM: ANB should be here in a few hours! Oh and out of curiosity... Since you like Red (understatement?) do you also like metal? The genre, not the streamer. Ragefu!
Eirinn - 09-24-16 02:08 AM
Oh dear. .__. My nephew has now informed me that if Popuri were real he would marry her. xD See? It's not just me that's obsessed a fan of her!
Eirinn - 09-23-16 01:37 AM
Yaaaaay!! Okay. I have found two ways, but I'll have to see how well they work for PSTV. Wish me luck! Cross your fins! Drink bubble tea! Do whatever you do for good luck!
Eirinn - 09-22-16 11:49 PM
But it's just so preeeeety... And pink... o___________o And all the Doctor ever does is tell me to buy a bodigizer or something. Those things are expensive! T_T Also I'm looking into alternate ways to record gameplay from my PSTV. If I succeed I'll post LPs of Back to Nature. :V
Eirinn - 09-22-16 09:53 PM
I only wanted them because Popuri is in them. I'M NOT OBSESSED! Ugh can't wait until Saturday! I want my game!
Eirinn - 09-22-16 07:52 PM
Yeah. I wish the wait was Already Over, but I guess we'll just have to wait until they make an End Of Silence. Oh I was looking at older HM games last night and saw Island of Happiness, Sunshine Isles(?), and Harvest Moon DS... Now don't Lie To Me: are any of those any good?
Eirinn - 09-21-16 01:13 AM
I'm sorry, I didn't read anything after "I heard she does". I went to pack my bags. :p And Ikr? I'm waiting on an announcement of a new album. In the Perfect Life it would be out already! If We Only had an announcement...Meanwhile I'll just keep Wasting Time until one comes along.
Eirinn - 09-21-16 12:31 AM
Will Popuri live there? O___O I mean...I'll have to watch that video now as soon as my data rolls over tomorrow. And I see you are still quick with the Red puns. :')
Eirinn - 09-20-16 10:54 PM
Oh my gravy, I just checked and ANB is being shipped from a town called Elk Grove Village. That sounds like a location you'd see IN an HM game. xD
Eirinn - 09-20-16 10:50 PM
*plays So Far Away* Hang in there, ghost! The HM break...I mean Thanksgiving break is coming! You can make it!!! How many more years of college do you have by the way?
Eirinn - 09-20-16 08:36 PM
Magical Melody? I only have the factory sealed copy and I don't want to open it. I need to get a used copy. I do like that they brought back a few of the old cast for it though. Too bad they don't seem keen on that idea anymore. Also do you get a Thanksgiving break?
Eirinn - 09-20-16 08:29 PM
I may be ridiculously excited about it. Haha I woke up to an email saying it had shipped and I've been counting the hours since. xD So hyped! How is SoS? Still slow and meh?
Eirinn - 09-19-16 11:18 PM
Magical melo... Magical beginning! :o Finally caved and bought it on Amazon just now. I paid $27 instead so I could get it hopefully this week. :3 So exciting! xD
Eirinn - 09-19-16 10:29 PM
Quick check turned up a kit costing $150. Never mind all that stuff. Lol Small screens aren't so bad! xD
Eirinn - 09-19-16 09:56 PM
Or Karen. :p And I'll let you know what I think. Do you know if there's any way to play 3DS games on a TV?
Eirinn - 09-19-16 12:28 AM
Oh I will at some point get one, or that's the plan, but only for a cheap price because Wii and Wii U HM games are all I'll use it for probably and there aren't many of those. Well also RF, but I include it in the HM comment even if it's a spin off. Also I like Rick. :3 I feel like he's misunderstood and only wants to protect his sister like his dad failed to protect him as is evidenced by the ways Lilia and Popuri talk about his attachment to her as well as Rod's running off on a foolish errand and leaving them, also it's hinted that Rick had too much work thrown on him by his dad who expected him to care for the family in his absence at an early age. Or I may read too much into it. Lol Oh and I'm getting ANB. I found a steal of a deal on it! $23!
Eirinn - 09-18-16 09:53 PM
And I shall name my child Pon! :') lol And no sadly Rick wouldn't let her give me a chicken/feed discount. T_T Oh hey, how was that one you were loving so much a while back...Animal Parade was it? Did it stay good throughout?
Eirinn - 09-18-16 08:07 PM
No joke: if they announce a Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons with Popuri in it I am legit buying it no questions asked. Heck, I'll preorder the special edition for $80 and buy the system for it! xD I'm not obsessed at all. Seriously though she easily had the best personality of the cast with the most (good) personality of all HM time.
Eirinn - 09-18-16 07:25 PM
Nvm. I just checked Seeds of Memories out: no 3DS port apparently. I was sure there was, but it looks like it'll be iOS, PC, and Wii U (of all consoles!). So I have no way to play it. However thanks to Rune Factory and backwards compatibility, I'll likely buy a Wii U after the NX has been out long enough for a substantial price drop. Like $150 or less price drop. :p Looks like it'll be AND or Return to Popolocrois.
Eirinn - 09-18-16 12:57 AM
Return to Pppolocrois (wish it was Popuri T_T) is similar to Rune Factory basically. ANB and Seeds of Memories are the two I'm looking at the most right now. SoM has my eye because it looks a lot like a return to old Harvest Moon games (though weird and lower quality graphics, and gameplay that looks indie). I didn't know all that about ANB though. Sounds pretty good! Return to Popolocrois looks interesting but also less HM like (which is fine).
Eirinn - 09-17-16 06:24 PM
What the huh? Why would you spend all that time getting them to marry you just to give them the boot? To quote Boig: Dat's messed up.'s saying A LOT when a Harvest Moon player complains about one if the entries being slow to start. xD Harvest Moon is notorious for being one of the slowest starting games out there (forced tutorials stink. :/) Well since I'm struggling on which of the three I listed to pick, which would you want to try? I honestly don't care because they all have a special appeal to me.
Eirinn - 09-15-16 12:12 AM
Really just about anything since Tale of Two Towns, but since I'll be picking one that you haven't tried then either A New Beginning (you haven't tried that, have you?), Return to Popolocrois, or Seeds of Memories (which looks funky. Lol).
legacyme3 - 09-15-16 12:03 AM
Everyone always watches me
Eirinn - 09-14-16 02:22 AM
Yes! The animals and crops! The true love that never fails! T_T lol I like the relationship part too, but that shouldn't be the main focus. :| Okay, I guess I'll try one of the other new ones and we can exchange thoughts then. :3
legacyme3 - 09-14-16 12:11 AM
Your profile has been boarded.
legacyme3 - 09-13-16 06:03 PM
legacyme3 - 09-13-16 06:03 PM

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