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06-14-21 09:03 AM
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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a very welcoming non-family-friendly environment.

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Tama10 - 12-01-20 03:57 AM
Happy birthday.
no 8120 - 12-01-20 03:28 AM
Happy birthday
Minuano - 08-18-20 09:25 AM
you double gay
Spicy - 06-20-20 07:28 AM
"i know you're working on your essay but seriously i need to talk to you" lmao i really didnt give a s*** back then huh
Spicy - 06-20-20 07:27 AM
you gay
Minuano - 06-12-20 04:22 PM
you gay
Spicy - 02-16-17 01:28 PM
you know what its about
Spicy - 02-16-17 01:27 PM
i know you're working on your essay but seriously i need to talk to you
Spicy - 02-16-17 09:22 AM
still working on that?
Spicy - 02-16-17 09:22 AM
essay zlinq essay
Spicy - 02-16-17 08:59 AM
Spicy - 02-15-17 02:43 PM
knulla dig
Spicy - 02-15-17 02:43 PM
oh yeah i figured.
Spicy - 02-15-17 02:10 PM
steam dammit
Spicy - 02-15-17 02:09 PM
big up henrik larsson
Spicy - 02-15-17 01:50 PM
steam min gay
Spicy - 02-15-17 08:19 AM
de stoomboot
Furret - 02-15-17 07:07 AM
Spicy - 02-14-17 01:15 PM
steam ja
Spicy - 02-14-17 06:23 AM
var är du
Spicy - 02-14-17 03:55 AM
jag talar i grunden svenska nu
Spicy - 02-14-17 03:47 AM
Jag tänker jävla klappa
Spicy - 02-13-17 01:49 PM
who even needs swedish
Spicy - 02-13-17 01:24 PM
are u done yet i need to talk to you
Spicy - 02-13-17 12:44 PM
big up emil forsberg
Spicy - 02-13-17 09:06 AM
i try to but you reject it
Spicy - 02-13-17 09:03 AM
u stupid
Spicy - 02-13-17 09:03 AM
i think dreamfilm is a swedish thing
pokemon x - 02-12-17 11:22 PM
Did now know there was a thread for that.
pokemon x - 02-12-17 01:33 PM The thing from before it's happening again
Spicy - 02-11-17 01:24 PM
Spicy - 02-11-17 01:24 PM
see i didnt even use google translate ofr that one. im picking the language up zlinq it wont be long until im better than you
Spicy - 02-11-17 01:24 PM
steam min bror
Spicy - 02-10-17 01:50 AM
i f***ed it up
Spicy - 02-10-17 01:49 AM
could i have 30
Spicy - 02-10-17 01:49 AM
Could I have 30, please?
Spicy - 02-09-17 02:37 PM
could i have 30k please
Spicy - 02-09-17 02:33 PM
kan jag vänligen ha 30k, sir?
Spicy - 02-09-17 02:29 PM
i feel like a vandrare right now
Spicy - 02-09-17 02:28 PM
i need it to change my name
Spicy - 02-09-17 02:28 PM
Snälla ge mig 30k
Spicy - 02-09-17 02:14 PM
kille men jag behöver pengar för att ändra mitt namn ning
Spicy - 02-09-17 02:12 PM
Jeg vil have det nu!
Spicy - 02-09-17 02:11 PM
Ge mig din jävla pengar
Lexatom - 02-08-17 07:37 PM
The hated boss who beats you down and beats you down and never lets up....yeah. Big bad Lex is here.
Spicy - 02-08-17 09:25 AM
hej kompis steam?
pokemon x - 02-07-17 04:27 PM
To make more aware view my comment on here.
Spicy - 02-07-17 03:42 PM
hej kompis hur är detta krypa
Uzar - 02-06-17 09:17 PM
Grand Dad can heal all wounds.
Spicy - 02-06-17 03:40 PM
okej snubbe
Spicy - 02-06-17 03:30 PM
did that mabe mean maybe
Spicy - 02-06-17 03:30 PM
dat is de f***ing bedoeling jij tering mongool
Spicy - 02-06-17 03:23 PM
hey boy är svenska eller engelska?
Spicy - 02-06-17 03:18 PM
hej jag är inte gay. men min bror, kommer du på steam?
Spicy - 02-06-17 02:56 PM
Jag går så hårda slag
Spicy - 02-03-17 01:55 PM
its back up
Spicy - 02-03-17 01:46 PM
Spicy - 02-03-17 01:46 PM
oh server maintainance
Spicy - 02-03-17 01:44 PM
is steam disconnecting for you as well
Spicy - 02-03-17 12:38 PM
al ben ik zwart als roet 'k meen 't toch goed
Spicy - 02-03-17 12:33 PM
Jag vill att du kommer på ånga
Spicy - 02-03-17 12:27 PM
zie ginds komt de steamboot uit spanje weer aan
Spicy - 02-02-17 04:02 PM
what are you doing
DylanMcKaig - 02-02-17 07:30 AM
why does postman3 not like you =).
Spicy - 02-01-17 02:59 PM
patar4097 - 01-22-17 06:19 PM
THANK YOU!~!@!@!@!@!!@
Spicy - 01-20-17 04:33 PM
what does jag är extremt rövknullad mean
Spicy - 01-20-17 04:14 AM
is you forget?
Spicy - 01-20-17 04:13 AM
are you forget what happened at 11 september?
Sword Legion - 01-20-17 12:05 AM
What are your favorite bands?
Sword Legion - 01-20-17 12:05 AM
What are your favorite bands?
Sword Legion - 01-19-17 12:31 AM
Sword Legion - 01-19-17 12:19 AM
I have upgraded my mindscrew.
Sword Legion - 01-16-17 04:58 PM
Oh. You mean my "Unussual Notice?"
Sword Legion - 01-15-17 09:39 PM
Nice Userpic.
Spicy - 01-14-17 07:41 AM
why did i like a post you made in april
Spicy - 01-14-17 05:17 AM
Eirinn - 01-10-17 04:34 AM
What? How on Earth did something like that happen? Wow, weird summon glitches, amirite?
Uzar - 01-08-17 11:33 PM
Stunfisk can literally take on any gen 2 pokemon
Uzar - 01-08-17 11:23 PM
Lexatom - 01-07-17 02:29 PM
Not to worry, good luck on yellow
Mohammedroxx3 - 01-07-17 02:28 PM
Mohammedroxx3 - 01-07-17 02:19 PM
Hey Zlinqx, a random curious question... Why are you a part of the ask anything in TOF if you already have your own ask anything? I definitely have no problem with it and it's completely fine but I'm just curious/confused. (And I'm not suggesting we should remove you from the TOF ask anything.)
Lexatom - 01-07-17 02:00 PM
well poop lol. you can have yellow again. My goal right now is to get my first rainbow so I don't necessarily need yellow.
Sword Legion - 01-07-17 11:50 AM
That has been known to happen with me.
Sword Legion - 01-07-17 12:47 AM
Ugh, not embryos. Just fetuses.
Sword Legion - 01-07-17 12:47 AM
Everyone presents themselves as best as possible. What I find shady is the many people who claim to be scientists and then teach things like human fetuses being dog embryos, or that the earth is actually flat scientifically as of 2016. However, if they want to look like an expert, I won't call them out for it. Instead, I will attack their argument, and potentially display why they are NOT the proper authority which they claim to be. I beleive that is the proper way to go about things.
Sword Legion - 01-07-17 12:36 AM
Even experts only are giving an opinion. The difference is who you consider authorized to talk about a topic. This is a personal thing for you, not something concrete
Lexatom - 01-07-17 12:29 AM
It's ok, I think I left my yellow standings at 666 words 2 days ago lol
Sword Legion - 01-07-17 12:21 AM
When you believe something. You present it as best as you can. I know how you feel, but I understand that people also need to make what they believe look good. What's important is the real meat in the end. You are not trying to mislead people if you actually beleive it. Every opposing belief seems like mischeif if it's presented well or in a positive manner. You should see how I react to things said by President Barack Obama. It's a matter of perspective. You should put that aside and judge it for what it is than the shell of which it comes in.
Sword Legion - 01-07-17 12:12 AM
you should always make things look professional. I don't trust many articles that look professional, but that doesn't mean I criticize them for trying to make it look good and actually quoting statistics ect.
Sword Legion - 01-06-17 11:58 PM
Well, just about everything I read online doesn't bode well with me, but I read it all anyways, and tons of it.
Sword Legion - 01-06-17 11:35 PM
If I could say one thing, it would be this. In America capitalism does override consumer protection in places it shouldn't and our laws tend to be a lot more about what's convenient as opposed to what's right. Some of our safety laws for. . . roofing for example are way too over the top.
Sword Legion - 01-06-17 11:33 PM
Wonder what you would have thought about this.
Lexatom - 01-06-17 11:25 PM
yeah i gave up 30 min ago haha i just wanna watch bob ross and sleep now. so night, grats on yellow.
Lexatom - 01-06-17 06:58 PM
i need competition and im bored. but don't go TOO crazy < 3
Lexatom - 01-06-17 06:55 PM
Thought you were going for Yellow/Red with that article.
Lexatom - 01-06-17 06:53 PM
Lexatom - 01-06-17 06:53 PM
nice try
Lexatom - 01-06-17 06:53 PM

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