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05-29-20 03:32 PM

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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a very welcoming family-friendly environment.

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kramer4077 - 05-15-20 10:05 PM
Thank you for the Viz! I hope you are doing well
TheFadedWarrior - 05-07-20 06:20 PM
Hey Rick, this is Ethan. I called earlier, but unfortunately it seems you were not able to pick up the phone. I'm just leaving a message to let you know that I have indeed disposed of the bodies. They're in the south end of Tahoe now, so no one should find them for quite some time. Cheers!
legacyme3 - 04-10-20 11:03 PM
I wouldn't have pineapple pizza if you paid me.
becerra95 - 04-10-20 10:41 AM
Lmaooo you got told by a normie to spellcheck your posts get wrecked
deggle - 02-14-17 09:38 PM
Not science
deggle - 02-14-17 09:38 PM
You do know that geometry is math right?
jlove92 - 02-10-17 07:52 AM
heeey log in
Lexatom - 02-01-17 04:15 PM
Btw thanks for not competing and sorry for mistreating you if i did
TheFadedWarrior - 01-31-17 06:53 PM
congrats on 10000000000 posts
Lexatom - 01-19-17 04:06 PM
sometimes y
Lexatom - 01-19-17 04:06 PM
aeiou are vowels
no 8120 - 01-18-17 06:08 AM
thank you for the screenshot rating
thing1 - 01-17-17 12:55 AM
You do realize that you are 10 posts away from 23k, right?
jlove92 - 01-16-17 02:52 PM
I like your name like that
thing1 - 01-15-17 07:40 PM
I'm ok to reschedule. I'm goof for this monday (cause it's a holiday), evenings, or weekends. You ttell me what works for you
thing1 - 01-15-17 01:08 PM
give me a holler via DM on Discod when you are ready for Hearthstone.
jlove92 - 01-13-17 11:24 AM
Lexatom - 01-12-17 05:12 PM
Lexatom - 01-12-17 04:24 PM
days not does
Lexatom - 01-12-17 04:24 PM
What does are you going to be offline.
jlove92 - 01-12-17 11:45 AM
somebody ate skittles
Davideo7 - 01-11-17 11:19 PM
Thanks for the donation
no 8120 - 01-11-17 07:21 AM
thank you for the screenshot rating
Lexatom - 01-11-17 12:03 AM
gg skrub
Lexatom - 01-10-17 11:45 PM
Anyway, sorry about stealing your blue. Maybe next time
Lexatom - 01-10-17 11:45 PM
im late
Lexatom - 01-10-17 11:45 PM
Happy birthday buddy.
gamerforlifeforever - 01-09-17 11:00 PM
I know this is late, but happy belated birthday
Lexatom - 01-08-17 08:37 PM
eh go ahead not like you can catch up to me overall lol
Lexatom - 01-08-17 08:24 PM
stop being mean
Mohammedroxx3 - 01-08-17 10:30 AM
Happy Birthday!
juuldude - 01-08-17 09:50 AM
Happy birthday zander!
Patrick Star - 01-08-17 09:13 AM
It is okay turning 23. Probs not as bad as turning 15:'( EVERYBODY IS GETTING OLD.
TornadoMudkip - 01-08-17 06:03 AM
Happy birthday!
MarioLucarioFan64 - 01-08-17 04:45 AM
Happy birthday! (I can't believe no one said that already) I hope you'll have a nice day!
Lexatom - 01-06-17 03:10 PM
Eniitan - 12-31-16 06:35 PM
Happy New Year! I know it early but I wanted to do it anyway! ^-^
tyranit - 12-31-16 12:40 PM
Congrats on 100k CP!
jlove92 - 12-08-16 01:18 PM
zandyyy I miss you. Why did you leave me?? My heart aches
jlove92 - 12-05-16 09:05 AM
jlove92 - 12-05-16 09:05 AM
darthyoda - 12-02-16 03:53 PM
He really is the best! I like how much he cares about his fans! It's unique... No one else does it like he does.
darthyoda - 12-02-16 03:27 PM
Oops... Double post
darthyoda - 12-02-16 03:26 PM
You love him, don't you! Man, each song he releases... They are the best... He's the best youtube artist right now.
darthyoda - 12-02-16 03:25 PM
You love him, don't you! Man, each song he releases... They are the best... He's the best youtube artist right now.
jlove92 - 11-17-16 06:03 PM
gamerforlifeforever - 11-16-16 03:06 PM
I'd like the forum to be prepared today if at all possible.
legacyme3 - 11-11-16 04:08 PM
Yup. Originally it was something like 80-90 bucks. After all the discounts and the gift card, it's knocked down to 35 or so bucks.
legacyme3 - 11-11-16 04:02 PM
Just thought I'd let you know I spent the 40 dollar gift card as a credit towards my Final Fantasy XV special edition pre-order. So now it costs me like 30 bucks total.
Mynamescox44 - 11-10-16 05:46 AM
Dude, your "Pokemon Confusion" post in the one election thread had me rofl X'D
jlove92 - 11-07-16 03:38 PM
-__-' you meanie. I didn't read the rules... I just saw, Ask a question so I did lol
jlove92 - 11-07-16 03:37 PM
There just answered it...
jlove92 - 11-07-16 03:34 PM
jlove92 - 11-07-16 03:14 PM
How did I break the rule? -__-; I am hopeless
jlove92 - 11-01-16 03:37 PM
where are you??
jlove92 - 11-01-16 03:37 PM
sonicthehedgehog57 - 10-25-16 09:36 PM
I do use amazon prime as well, it's AWESOME so far and definitely makes WELL WORTH the 99$ you pay for the 1 year subscription within only a couple purchases at times. I got it for my birthday (July 30th) of this year and have probably at least saved over 80$ on orders from it! Like you stated too also has some movies/series/cartoons can watch for free (not all but at least a nice variety/bunch) I haven't used the music so can't say much there but is nice addition too. But know you have audible books/recordings free, actual books can read on prime or kindle editions, photo storage. It's just amazing and to me all of that alongside the free shipping on most orders, that makes up/is very fair to me for what are getting.
jlove92 - 10-18-16 01:49 PM
Cool your name looks like fire hot Cheetos
jlove92 - 10-18-16 12:56 PM
go back to messenger potato
jlove92 - 10-18-16 12:08 PM
reading your Mets Fox article on your Facebook :-P
jlove92 - 10-18-16 12:05 PM
meow, no cold for you! *traps you in a sauna.
Eniitan - 10-03-16 03:35 PM
Could you please help me out to do with this problem? I was told its your area here is the link
jlove92 - 09-26-16 11:44 AM
lol all day long! oh no lol. How are youuu
jlove92 - 09-26-16 09:06 AM
nice profile picture!
jlove92 - 09-13-16 06:04 PM
For instance, there's one that says over 9000. 9000 what lol. I can't access them :?
jlove92 - 09-13-16 01:04 PM
I hate restricted threads
jlove92 - 08-22-16 02:31 PM
no it's just lucky. I guess I make a terrible serial killer you know with the whole going back to the scene of crime
jlove92 - 08-22-16 01:42 PM
For a month. lol
jlove92 - 08-22-16 01:42 PM
Then, I would have taken them all as well. ALL of them lol. and search for more, and come back same time next week LOL
jlove92 - 08-22-16 01:33 PM
That brought a smile to my face lol. Good job they deserve it! They don't get to pick who gets their food.
Eniitan - 08-22-16 12:40 PM
Looks like your posting whats the sudden occation.
zanderlex - 08-22-16 12:40 PM
Eh. Most other electronic places are even worse than Gamestop around here. I can go to places like Target or a few others and all they sell are full priced new games, or even old games for a very high price.
Divine Aurora - 08-22-16 12:35 PM
my good thats awful I see what you mean now..and gamestop just needs to rethink there objectives as a company
Divine Aurora - 08-22-16 12:33 PM
wow..yeah I'd say gamestop is something else..did you try like the electronic/entertainment department in like other stores like hhgreg
Divine Aurora - 08-22-16 12:24 PM
oh ok lol I over looked the adapter part ^^ but cool and also did you used to work for gamestop?
Divine Aurora - 08-22-16 12:18 PM
:'( it says it can't work on PS4, are you a PC gamer by the way?
Divine Aurora - 08-22-16 12:12 PM
(Content hidden from non-Trusted users!)
jlove92 - 08-16-16 08:01 AM
What's new?
jlove92 - 08-16-16 08:01 AM
What's new?
jlove92 - 08-16-16 08:01 AM
That sounds fun. I'm having bad allergies so I am sleepless and cranky.
jlove92 - 08-15-16 03:12 PM
Heyyy how are you??
jlove92 - 08-15-16 03:12 PM
Heyyy how are you??
Eniitan - 08-13-16 05:37 PM
hi zander I do hope everything is well with you ^-^
RunDST - 07-31-16 01:59 PM
Thank you for bringing Metropolismania for the PS2 to my attention! (remember that time in that PS2 games thread, lol) I've watched some footage of it on Youtube and it looks really fun! I have a new game to track now because of you, so thanks!
jlove92 - 07-25-16 03:05 PM
What? How do you get 31 white banners?? OMGOODNESS
Frodlex - 07-24-16 12:42 PM
See my last post for details on why you're keeping yourself up, lad.
kramer4077 - 07-24-16 08:19 AM
Hello!! How are you doing? How is the new job treating ya?
Mynamescox44 - 07-23-16 03:56 PM
Summon fail lol. I've been getting these a lot lately : /
Mynamescox44 - 07-23-16 03:56 PM
Summon fail lol. I've been getting these a lot lately : /
Mohammedroxx3 - 07-15-16 12:48 PM
"One job a day keeps the mommy away" lol. Good luck with your job.
Singelli - 07-13-16 08:23 PM
rough ruff!
Eirinn - 07-10-16 09:45 PM
Gotta know: what username showed up? As you may have seen in the stories thread, I've been having username summon glitches today too. :p
Lexatom - 07-09-16 10:14 AM
can i have a hug

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