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01-22-20 05:59 AM

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12-02-16 04:20 AM
03-12-17 05:53 PM

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Who's your favorite youtuber and why


12-02-16 04:20 AM
Verkudara is Offline
Link | ID: 1317997 | 135 Words

Level: 39

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Im still deciding between MrWoofless, Vikkstar123, SideArms4Reason, and H20Delirious.
Woofless because he's a pretty funny guy and his minecraft factions series is entertaining cause his factions is pretty much dominates the whole server (i hate watching people struggling in game, it makes me salty).
Vikk because he's a consistent youtuber and the content that he uploads is entertaining. He's not so funny (he cringes a lot) but, his content is just my type (i like survival games, especially if its free roam).
Sidearms because his goofyness is so funny in my opinion and his series is enjoyable sometimes.
Delirious because, well, he's a super funny guy without a doubt. His videos is entertaining no matter what game he plays because he's just so funny.

So how about you guys? Who's your favorite youtuber and why?
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12-02-16 04:50 AM
yoshirulez! is Offline
Link | ID: 1317998 | 123 Words

Level: 103

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CP: 19488.7
VIZ: 86560

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I'll throw out some of my favorites

Pyrocynical - For news, his own perspective on the news, his gameplay video and generally higher quality commentary

yuriofwind - For videogame history, information, and commentary on Creepypastas

pannenkoek2012 - For intriguing research and study of the Super Mario 64 engine and the A Button Challenge

videogamedunkey - For gameplay videos

Vinesauce: The Fullsauce - For full vinesauce streams and obviously gameplay videos

Vargskelethor Uncut: Full Joel Streams - For same reason above

Beta64 - For videogame history, information and discovery of unused content and uncovering the unknown past of videogames

TheGamersJoint - For Kingdom Hearts related news updates

I Hate Everything - For news, reviews, and commentary

A bit generic but they're mostly interesting people.
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Registered: 01-27-10
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12-02-16 08:35 AM
Fyredove is Offline
Link | ID: 1318013 | 91 Words

Level: 73

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VIZ: 458868

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yoshirulez! : Okay, from time to time I forget things/people exsist, and yuriofwind is one of them. I used to love watching the videos/commentary on Creepypasta's he's read. I always found them hilarious. Which also reminds me, I should catch up with TheJWittz

Anyways. I only watch 2-3 people now, mostly just two. Which is just Markiplier and Captainsparklez. I used to watch a lot more, mainly Minecraft youtubers. But I just dont have the energy and interest anymore in their games/what they're doing for their channel. Such as Antvenom, Skydoesminecraft, Yogscast. 
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Post Rating: 1   Liked By: yoshirulez!,

12-02-16 02:34 PM
dark mode is Offline
Link | ID: 1318031 | 51 Words

dark mode
Level: 235

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VIZ: 3622112

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My favorite would be markiplier, mainly because I found out about him right when his channel was first starting off, so I really grew up with his stuff, and a lot of his videos lead me to do many of the things that I do today, whether it's write or game.
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12-02-16 10:04 PM
Baritron is Offline
Link | ID: 1318089 | 77 Words

Level: 25

POSTS: 13/181
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CP: 740.5
VIZ: 1071

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My favorite Youtuber requires a bit of story. My band director in high school is obsessed with all things Star Wars. He LOVES Star Wars more than anything. Hell, he even has a collection of Star Wars memorabilia at his house. Eventually he created a YouTube channel based around unboxing the Star Wars toys in his collection. Naturally, this became an inside joke amongst the band kids at my school.
Subscribe to him! (please don't comment anything rude).
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(edited by Baritron on 12-02-16 10:22 PM)    

12-02-16 10:41 PM
Ultimate NitroZ is Offline
Link | ID: 1318094 | 22 Words

Level: 7

POSTS: 3/9
LVL EXP: 923
CP: 210.9
VIZ: 6104

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Here are my favorites:

DenkOps - For excellent merchandise selling and awesome skills.
Kwebelkop - Great sense of humor and hilarious drama.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-08-16
Location: 238 Carrie Dunn Rd. Norlina, NC 27563
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12-10-16 09:38 PM
Oldschool777 is Offline
Link | ID: 1319139 | 90 Words

Level: 82

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CP: 5389.1
VIZ: 154616

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Oh gosh,just one favorite?

That is a tough question. And no,it sure as hell is not PewDiePie. One of my favorites is Alpha Omega Sin. He is a gamer and will offer a reality check to SJWs and PCs and remind them that the world is not perfect,but the world will not revolve around them. He offers common sense and seems to be a down to earth guy. Kids may not want to watch him,as he does use coarse language and sometimes says things that are of a controversial nature.
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Registered: 01-07-11
Last Post: 693 days
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12-12-16 08:54 PM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
Link | ID: 1319371 | 172 Words

Level: 101

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VIZ: 11759

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Kind of a tough question, even narrowing it down to one for each catagory, since I go to YouTube for several things. I don't visit that often, but there are a few things I like to watch.

For things relating to firearms, I come close to saying FPSRussia because it really is really, really entertaining to watch a redneck put on a fake Russian accent and blow things up with big weapons and explosives. iraqveteran8888 actually does serious reviews and experiments in addition to just destroying things, though. They have a little more variety.

Aside from that, the rest are all inactive... Two YouTube pianist that I hadn't discovered until long after the fact are zohar002 and Verdegrand. zohar uploaded a few really great piano adaptations of some videogame music, disappeared and never came back. Verdegrand had to stop playing because of a hand injury, which is a shame because he was pretty good. Now he has a second channel, TheUrbanOrb, I think it's called, where he just puts up gameplay videos.
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12-18-16 01:07 PM
HeavyMetalGamer is Offline
Link | ID: 1320071 | 70 Words

Level: 47

POSTS: 508/665
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CP: 2964.5
VIZ: 11200

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Mostly ones I been watching are smaller channels. Ranging from BraselTheGamer, ReplayAbility, XS Gaming Podcast (Xander Skullion), John Riggs, The Game Grinder, Power Metal Gamer, KidShoryuken, RewindMike, RGT85, and some others. When it comes to bigger channels. Razorfist (The Rageaholic), The Game Chasers, Gamester81, HeineHouseEntertainment (formally The Emu Review) and there are others as well. These are all great channels, and if you haven't heard of them, check them out.
Heavy Metal Gamer

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12-18-16 02:24 PM
papaslim is Offline
Link | ID: 1320079 | 41 Words

Level: 3

POSTS: 2/2
CP: 6.6
VIZ: 1424

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Banana Duck he does a series of altis life, he is hilarious I mostly enjoy the role playing everyone does. Also he has a funny accent its a version of cops and robbers, with tons of things you can do.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-18-16
Last Post: 1129 days
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12-18-16 07:16 PM
Oldschool777 is Offline
Link | ID: 1320106 | 53 Words

Level: 82

POSTS: 1643/2008
POST EXP: 124202
LVL EXP: 5170170
CP: 5389.1
VIZ: 154616

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Another favorite of mine is Crazy Russian Hacker. He shows ways around common problems with often little money or material. A bit like MacGyver in a way. He also does unboxings and MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) reviews as well as things you can get to improve your odds in a survival situation.
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Registered: 01-07-11
Last Post: 693 days
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12-20-16 08:14 PM
tornadocam is Offline
Link | ID: 1320339 | 199 Words

Level: 87

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CP: 40641.2
VIZ: 2836692

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I have four  favorite youtubers 

RoahmMythril is one of my favorites he has done and still does lets play of Mega Man games. He even shows were he messes up. His videos are sometimes funny especially when he messes up. 

Pinkkittyrose is another of my favorites she does lets play often with silent commentary of video games. If you need to learn how to play a game or get by a hard level she is the one to watch. She has played a lot of games. 

Thecarpetbagger- He often explores places in the American South, which is my area, he goes into great details and gives a historical perspective on what he is exploring. Some of the areas he has explored I have been too 

628Dirtrooster- Him and his family are beekeepers but sometimes they take on jobs such as removing bees or wasps. If its Bees they are called to remove they save the bees and the hive. They give awesome details and sometimes they are funny. In one video they ended up being chased by yellowjackets their commentary was funny. In another one they had to remove an indoor yellow jacket nest again their commentary was priceless 
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12-22-16 12:02 AM
Oldschool777 is Offline
Link | ID: 1320529 | 50 Words

Level: 82

POSTS: 1660/2008
POST EXP: 124202
LVL EXP: 5170170
CP: 5389.1
VIZ: 154616

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Another favorite of mine is Demolition Ranch.

He does gun vids as well as his second channel,VetRanch,where he and another vet help down on their luck animals.

I like that he is willing to do silly vids,like the can cannon,that launches a 12oz. can that is attached to an AR15.
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Registered: 01-07-11
Last Post: 693 days
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12-23-16 02:22 AM
~Pikachi~ is Offline
Link | ID: 1320666 | 77 Words

Level: 48

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VIZ: 61749

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Vinesauce's vinny and joel. and maybe rev sometimes. they're the type of youtubers that can talk over something boring and make it entertaining, occasionally telling little stories that sometimes get comic/animated versions from fans. always good fun when somebody made an animation about joel 'stealing' a kids pokemon cards

good fun though, if you dont mind swearing and on joels end some immature humor, id recommend you give them a watch. they're more streamers than 'tubers though
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12-27-16 02:15 AM
Oldschool777 is Offline
Link | ID: 1321127 | 25 Words

Level: 82

POSTS: 1708/2008
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LVL EXP: 5170170
CP: 5389.1
VIZ: 154616

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I like the Vsauce channels,they are fun an entertaining. I like looking at the tech,the things that other countries have,the discoveries,and the just plain weird.
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Registered: 01-07-11
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12-27-16 03:21 AM
Verkudara is Offline
Link | ID: 1321133 | 150 Words

Level: 39

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Wow, i dont know 80% of the people that you guys mentioned lol.
But lately, i've been enjoying some Rust content (a pvp survival crafting game) and i've got some new favorite youtubers.
Bumbo is one of em cause he's so funny and he plays a lot of pvp survival games (which is my favorite type of games).
Zuckles is another one of them, he's super funny and also plays some pvp survival games, but he play rust for the most part.
The last one is Brunt Force Trauma, they make cinematics stuff from a game, like, they literally made a film just by playing game, their content is frickin awesome, im not gonna lie, they're one of the most underrated youtuber imo. Their edits are amazing and their videos are superbly entertaining. Their are some flaws in their videos but most of the part, they're amazing. 10/10 would recommend.
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12-30-16 11:00 AM
Zlinqx is Offline
Link | ID: 1321425 | 436 Words

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Nowadays I come to youtube mainly to laugh so keeping that in mind I have a few favorites.

Jontron - Has been making funny video game/movie review (showcases?) for years now and they never cease to entertain me for the hilarious commentary and the hilarious sketches. Probably the most quotable show on the internet. Though I've ended up moving on from a lot of youtubers this is one of the very few channels I've been following for a very long time. If I had to pick a youtuber just based on quality videos he makes this would be it. The only bad thing I'd have to say is how rarely he typically uploads but if that's what it takes for him to maintain the quality he does then I don't mind. Jon is a man of many talents.

GameGrumps - Pretty much the only let's play type channel I ever watch anymore and I've watched quite a few different ones in the past. Feels a lot more natural than solo let's players. The main duo Arin and Danny are both hilarious and the other grumps all bring a different feel to the table. Though the old episodes that had Jon in them were great as well. Their back and forth banter is entertaining and I especially like the stories they tell. Their huge amount of videos seem to be a good cure for when I am really bored or just don't feel like doing anything else. 

penguinz0 - There's something about his completely dry delivery that just never stops being amusing. I guess you could technically describe him as a video game commentator but he is like non other I know of. It's hard to explain to someone who has never watched him before. 

SomeOrdinaryGamers: A little bit of everything mixed into one. Gives creepypasta readings both of  those good and bad which is how I first discovered the channel ages ago. Those are usually fairly entertaining. He also makes rants about the gaming industry and the internet which can sometimes be thought provoking. Probably the only channel on this list that isn't just pure comedy.

Escapist - Could probably just rename this zero punctuation because that's the only show that's still on there, not that I mind. Easily the show I've been following for the longest amount of time. It's just the right mix of cynicism, comedy and the unique visual style makes it even better. Not a great place for actual game reviews but amazing for watching someone hilariously point out the flaws in games and often times the gaming industry as a whole.
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(edited by Zlinqx on 12-30-16 11:05 AM)    

12-30-16 02:00 PM
Furret is Online
Link | ID: 1321448 | 43 Words

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GradeAunderA because the dude is hilarious. I always watch his videos when I'm tired bc I find stuff even more amusing when I'm dead tired.

Also shows that being a good YouTuber is more about your personality than the quality of your videos
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03-05-17 06:07 PM
Ghostbear1111 is Offline
Link | ID: 1331731 | 144 Words

Level: 60

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CP: 6531.2
VIZ: 551246

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zanderlex : I'm with you. Markiplier is hilarious, he generates a ton of videos and media, and he interacts with his fans. I don't care that I'm late to the party and I've enjoyed what he's created the past two years or so. I don't take YouTube seriously so I don't really follow anyone in particular but he and one other guy are fun to watch.

I love The Mighty Jingles. He focuses heavily on World of Warships and listening to his calming accent and the way he takes you through the play of a game or discusses the strategies and advantages of certain ships makes him sound like he knows exactly what he's doing.

His laugh is hilarious. It makes me happy when I hear him critique something good or bad in his very British sense of humor and laugh at his own jokes.
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Registered: 10-10-15
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
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03-11-17 10:50 PM
cooldragon1990 is Offline
Link | ID: 1332256 | 561 Words

Level: 25

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CP: 5733.4
VIZ: 20766

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I watch a few Youtubers... and I love every last one of them.

First off: Markiplier! Pretty obvious choice for a favorite. He is funny and helps me get through the occasional horror game. I am somewhat a coward, but I can play games like Resident Evil, and Silent Hill, I just get scared for certain games... Clock Tower is a good example!

2nd: CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos) He is pretty funny and likes to screw around in Garry's Mod or various multiplayer games. He is great for figuring out if you want to buy a multiplayer game or simply to laugh yourself sick. He is a master manipulater and is very good at the games he does. He likes to play with a group of friends. If you are feeling down, watch him to laugh! Like Mark, he has a certain level of trustworthiness to him that is rare.

3rd: SeaNanners OMG Banana Man himself! Like Chilled he is seemingly put on the earth to make you smile. Like Chilled he is very good at the games he plays and really really loves to screw with fellow players and even team mates. He has such hysterical/evil laughter that I have at one point joined along with and even narrowly come close to choking on my own spit from laughing too hard. Maybe not THAT funny, but you get my point. Adam is one of those guys that is just one giant kid and the games he plays alongside his girlfriend are really great.

4th: Mutahar (SomeOrdinaryGamers) This guy is known for reading CreepyPastas, Exploring the Dank/Dark/Deep Web and various games that are scary or small indie games. I think I became 20% braver by simply listening to him read creepy stories late at night. I still get spooked occasionally, but I have opened up and started playing genres and games that I usually don't play! If you want someone to read you a good campfire tale or simply to explore the Dark Web with, then he is easily your go to choice.

And with that, we have come to the end of the people I watch on a regular basis! Maybe you can check these people out if you haven't already!

Runner Ups: (people who I still watch but not as much as I used to or people I don't know enough to consider my favorite)

JackSepticEye: He is very funny, and the first time I watched one of his videos, both a personal friend and I were practically snotty and crying from the hysteria. I still occasionally check him out.

Minx: (MangaMinx/RPG Minx) Girl gamer from England. She is pretty interesting and less popular than others, but has a small following.

Neebs Gaming: Good for the videos I saw. Mainly the Joke videos and personal stories. I haven't checked out the regular videos. I have heard some good, if very horrible jokes that I can't repeat here. But if you like product reviews or simply some true life stories or blog style videos, I suggest you check them out.

Cry/Chaotic Monki/Cryotic: Guy known for a golden voice, and scary story readings. He is chill and down to earth. He seems to play all the upcoming games out there and is great. I have since stopped watching as much as I used to but he is still worth checking out!

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