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11-12-19 04:22 AM

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06-09-16 04:14 PM
07-16-16 09:33 PM

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E3 2016


06-14-16 02:49 PM
Eirinn is Offline
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Last year "We are not showing the NX this year, but we will next year at E3"
This year "we are not showing NX this year either"

Why you lie to me Reggie??
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06-14-16 05:38 PM
Pringur0 is Offline
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I personally think Sony won this year. They just had so many hits.  Resident Evil 7, Kojima's new project, a new Spider-Man game, The Last Guardian getting a release date, and Crash 1-3 remakes, the only thing that didn't really interest me was CoD.
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06-15-16 09:00 AM
Linkums is Offline
Link | ID: 1276554 | 533 Words

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My first day of demos is done. I'll try to give a quick rundown so far:

Oculus Rift Touch - VR Sports - Hockey
Pretty cool, but not mind-blowing. I was a hockey goalie and had to block shots with my stick and glove (can't move the rest of your body). After enough saves, you transfer to a player and have to swing with good timing to make a shot. You can unlock new features like fighting, which involves throwing a few kinds of punches at the other guy. I had the game crash on me once, but they assured me it'd be fixed for release.

Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero (Multiplat) Video
Plays like other Shantae games, but has more linear levels rather than metroidvania. Can replay stuff with upgrades to find things though apparently. Transformations included spider and monkey and these could be upgraded with hidden objects. Combo of 3D and 2D graphics looks really nice.

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity (PS4) Video
Fairly standard hack-n-slash dungeon crawler, but with Touhou characters, equipment, leveling, etc. You and the enemies often have bullet-hell-like attacks, so that's cool. Music is also nice.

Bound (PS4)
Really really stylish and cool looking. Holy poop, I love the art direction. Gameplay isn't bad either, though it's pretty much just simple 3d platforming.

Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) Video
Seems a whole lot like the first game, but I haven't played that. You get an AI partner to help at points and there are some new moves. I was really bad at the controls though because my camera inversion wasn't what I wanted and it's tricky to control at first anyway. I actually softlocked (got stuck, but didn't technically crash) the game when doing a move the staff person suggested. Pretty sure that was just a demo glitch from having a move you wouldn't normally have there though.

Everything (PS4) Video
Hilarious weird game where you can control any object in the universe, from dust mites to galaxies. You can hop around with them, interact, dance to procreate, and just... you never know. It's surprisingly fun to explore and mess around with. There's a library of things you've been and you can choose to be one instantly at any size or be a random object you've been. Also there are unlockable cheat code-like options.

Abzû (PS4) Video
Really really pretty and fun to explore. It's like Journey underwater and it does in fact seem to have goals beyond just exploring. I want to see more of it. :3

Rain World (PS4, Steam) Video w/ developer interview by me
Long time coming kickstarter game that's a 2D survival platforming adventure game. You have to eat enough and find shelter before the next rain cycle and use your knowledge rather than upgrades to explore more of the huge game. It's quite cool and challenging.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X (PS4, Vita)
It's a lot like "f 2nd" but has some differences in how things are unlocked. Gameplay also has "rush" icons where you have to mash. The game's already out in Japan, so just check it out that way.

Plans for day 2: Zelda, Recore, PS VR, other hall of other 3rd parties
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07-16-16 09:33 PM
Beastmode64 is Offline
Link | ID: 1287622 | 56 Words

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I didn't go to any of the conference's or play any of the demos but I did watch Bethesda's conference and my oh my am I excited for the new Elder scrolls game. Its not really new but its a skyrim re master and I'm interested to see what this game has in store visual wise.   
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