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05-27-16 02:38 AM
05-27-16 02:38 AM

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NaLu shipping!


05-27-16 02:38 AM
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Well guys I had the green go to do this I had to ask first. I love anime shippings in many ways. But my most fav shipping is Natsu and Lucy from fairy tail! I know there has been some big fights about this in a way. Because there are some NaLI shippers out there aka Nastu and Lisanna. I personally don't see them ship well because it shows. They don't spend or hang around with each other like they used too in the past. And Lisanna can clearly see that her love for Nastu was a child's crush at the time. Also that it clearly states Lisanna is not in much main fight or storyline places with nastu. So I ship NaLu wholeheartedly because I grew with the series you can clearly see that they grew to both love each other! Plus I love Nastu and Lucy they are cool characters from fairy tail. there has been some people who said lucy is weak. she is not weak I repeat she is not! there has been at times with her magic she saved the guild in many ways! she is one of the most powerful celestial wizards out there! and followed closely by Yukino. And also I really do hope they end up marrying. It has to happen! Like there has always been a lot of NaLu moments in the episodes funny wise or love wise. You can clearly see as nastu will always do anything to protect Lucy his princess

There has been many main story plots where Lucy is either captured or as the main alongside with Nastu. As they always have fun adventures together. And I feel those feels for them! XD

I don't dislike Lisanna in any way I love her too shes cool! but she ships well with someone else I would say, but don't wanna assume of just yet. XD

Anyways am I the only one who love this shipping?

ZeeTee edit! ~closed due to creators request~
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