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03-29-20 12:37 PM

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11-02-15 04:18 AM
11-08-15 02:14 PM

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A Magic Carpet Ride

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11-02-15 04:18 AM
huntra1291 is Offline
Link | ID: 1217248 | 707 Words

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   First off I want to say that as a kid I have never seen Aladdin. I'm serious. I never saw the movie as a kid. The first time I actually saw the movie was after the Passing of Robin Williams (Genie). Boy I had no idea what I was missing out on. The first time I saw the film last year I was hooked from start to finish. But I am not her here to talk about the film (though I know full well that I could). I am here instead to give my thoughts and opinions on the Sega Genesis version of the game.

   So what we have here is Aladdin the video game, which is based of the movie of the same name. Developed by Virgin Games and Disney Software and published by Sega was released on November 11, 1993 for the Sega Genesis.I for one absolutely loved playing through the game. But does that mean its for everyone? Well lets find out in my review of Aladdin.

  Difficulty 6: The difficulty is what I have come to expect from a lot of Disney games. Some levels are easy to go through while other levels prove to have a little challenge to them. The game isn't hard but its not easy either. Its great fun to say the least.

   Depth 7: The games Depth is amazing. All the major film locations are there from The Cave of Wonders to the Sultan's Palace all are faithfully translated over from the movie.

   Story. 10: The games story follows that of the movie. To paraphrase the story it involves a street wise kid named Aladdin who goes on a fantasy adventure with his best fried a monkey named Abu (whom I fell in Love with right away) to stop the Sultan's evil adviser Jafar from taking over Agrabah.

   Addictiveness 7: I put the addicting factor somewhat in the middle. I felt that its not to addicting to play through multiple times but still addicting to pull off the shelf and play again from time to time.

   Sound 10; The sound is amazing. The music is pulled right from the movie. From song like A Whole New World to the Robin Williams sung Never Had a Friend Like Me are all faithfully taken from the film. This is clearly music you will be singing long after you turn off the game.

Graphics 10: The game is beautifully detailed. Disney animators did a fantastic job of pulling the locations from the film and putting them in a video game format. I can't stop praising the game enough for its looks. I never once got tired of looking at the backgrounds as I was playing.
   Overall 8.3: The game is just a joy to sit and play through. I never got bored of playing it at all. But it does get low marks due to the fact that it could have been a little more addicting then what it was. I still say give it a play through if your a fan of the film or just a Disney fan in general. It might just surprise you.

   Final Thoughts: Usually in this section I give a summery of my review and give a final thought on the game. This time is going to be a little different.

   I want to first take time out to say I am a huge fan of Robin Williams. He has always made me laugh many times over. He gave so many memorable characters in his amazing career. From playing Mork on Mork & Mindy. To starring as Mrs. Doubtfire and to voicing the Genie from Aladdin. He is a true comedic legend many times over. Robin you are gone from this world forever but in the hearts and minds of fans the world over you are still alive within us and with in the many roles you have graced for us. Thank you the for the laugh and the characters you have us over the years.

   I would personally like to dedicate this review to not only Robin Williams but to his family as well for sharing him with the world. We love you and we miss you. Keep them laughing in Heaven Funny Man.
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(edited by huntra1291 on 11-02-15 04:19 AM)    

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11-08-15 02:14 PM
janus is Offline
Link | ID: 1218410 | 78 Words

Level: 116

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Nice homage to Robin Williams . It's true that no one else could have done Genie this good.

Anyway your review was good, with solid structure and good details about the game. Don't be shy to go into details though; talk about the frustrating rocks falling when escaping the Cave of Wonders; mention the realistic sound effects (the taunting scimitar guard who says "Come one")... This will give you higher marks for your review (and, eventually, more CP).
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The unknown

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