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04-04-20 10:28 PM

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11-28-13 05:56 PM
08-03-14 11:44 AM

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If you had a lightsaber or blaster from Star Wars, what would you do?


11-28-13 05:56 PM
PixelBrick is Offline
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If you had a lightsaber or blaster from Star Wars, what would you do with it? A blaster is a gun that fires lasers. And a lightsaber is a weapon used by Jedi Knights. It's basically a laser sword, but better. If I had a blaster, I would do a lot of things from the movie. I met these crude middle school kids who bullied me in 5th grade. I know this may seem dark, but I'd want to do this to them:

Skip to 3:00

If I had a lightsaber, I wouldn't really do much. But it would be nice to have. What about you?
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01-14-14 11:27 PM
EideticMemory is Offline
Link | ID: 960842 | 40 Words

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If I had a lightsaber I would train using it against targets like cans, buckets, and brooms. It would be so useful in emergency situations such as someone trying to break in. The lightsaber could disable him through the door.
Vizzed Elite

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01-14-14 11:41 PM
Bintsy is Offline
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If I had a light saber I would probably goof around with it like a derp and have fun.. I wouldn't do anything from the movies because obviously if I did that I could get into a lot of trouble. If I had a blaster I would probably do the same
Vizzed Elite
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01-29-14 12:47 PM
Patrick Star is Offline
Link | ID: 970310 | 61 Words

Patrick Star
Level: 76

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Well I would most likely hit myself/shoot myself by accident considering how clumsy I am sometimes but if that did not happen I would show everyone. I might give it to the police because with great power comes great responsibility so they could send it somewhere to be studied and they would most likely give them to soldiers in the army.
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01-29-14 12:51 PM
tornadocam is Offline
Link | ID: 970313 | 95 Words

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If I had a light saber I would train with it, learn sword fighting skills and martial arts with it. I would also want to be like Darth Vader with it. I know he is not star wars but I would also want to be as good as Zero is. Zero in the Mega Man series uses a saber and is very good with it. 
If I had a blaster I would target shoot with it. That would not be hard for me because I target shoot for fun anyway with my lever action rifle. 
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01-29-14 01:10 PM
mangalover9x9 is Offline
Link | ID: 970326 | 168 Words

Level: 22

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Well if I had a blaster then I would train with it until I could use it like a pro. Then I would use it to stop bank robbers. This is what I would most likely do if I had a blaster. Yes, I'm sure there are other uses for a blaster other than stopping a robbery in progress. As dark as this may seem I shoot the bully who teased me relentlessly in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade in the foot and say to him with a one-sided smirk, "Paybacks a *insert your word of choice* isn't it."

If I had a lightsaber I would study it and see how it works and try to replicate it. Then I would show my version of the lightsaber to some big  military company and sign a contract saying that they can manufacture them. I would then collect the money I get and build myself a new house in the woods and live the rest of my life comfortably.

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04-18-14 10:04 AM
tyranit is Offline
Link | ID: 1009310 | 34 Words

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I think if I had a blaster from Star Wars, I would give it to the U.S. Government to develop the weapons for American soldiers to take out enemy forces quicker than ever before.
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05-14-14 10:14 PM
GateKeeper_A is Offline
Link | ID: 1020679 | 111 Words

Level: 30

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I wouldn't give it to the government, but I'd sure be happy to sell either one to the government.  So long as I had enough money from the deal to live the rest of my life comfortably, with enough left over to open and run the book store I've always wanted, and still have just a little bit to put into my kids' accounts to put them through college, I'd be happy as can be.

On the other hand, if I got my hands on something like a YT-1300 transport or something similar, . . . Well, in that case, I'd probably take a really long joy ride, . . .

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-30-14
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05-14-14 10:20 PM
Sword Legion is Offline
Link | ID: 1020682 | 57 Words

Sword Legion
Sword legion
Sword egion
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I would be worried that every country in the world would be after me constantly trying to kill me.

I love lightsabers, but without the force on your side, a blaster is a lot better.

I personally would keep it around for personal use. . . and possibly hard times if they come.

*shudders a little bit*
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06-01-14 01:44 PM
Barathemos is Offline
Link | ID: 1028872 | 30 Words

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I would do what a normal person would do, live a normal life and use it to protect myself from people who are crazy and would like to kill me.
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07-20-14 10:45 PM
thing1 is Offline
Link | ID: 1053528 | 26 Words

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First thing I would do is to go out and kill everybody. I would help people, but still kill a few of my most bitter enemies. 
Vizzed Elite
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08-01-14 03:06 PM
apeman is Offline
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I would promptly accidentally cut of my own arms. And a leg. Probably another random appendage or two.
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08-01-14 05:31 PM
MattyIce is Offline
Link | ID: 1062054 | 112 Words

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If I had a blaster, I would carry it around with me like I do a normal gun. I would only use it in self defense, though (of course). The thing is, if I ever needed to use my blaster, I'd shoot the criminal in the leg or the arm...somewhere I wouldn't actually kill them.

If I had a lightsaber, I would use it similar like I would my blaster...for self defense. If something was about to fall on my head, I'd pull out my lightsaber and cut it in half before it even had a prayer. But just having a lightsaber, in my opinion, would be more than enough for me.
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08-03-14 11:44 AM
jyounger is Offline
Link | ID: 1062911 | 39 Words

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If I had a lightsaber with my luck I'll discover a treasure guarded by monsters and I would have a lightsaber and kill them the epic way(by having a dance off and using the lightsaber as a light machine) 
King of All Torchics

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