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11-22-19 05:39 PM

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06-06-09 10:14 AM
04-22-11 08:21 AM

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PC or Console

What do you like more, pc or console
44.4%, 16 votes
52.8%, 19 votes
2.8%, 1 vote
Multi-voting is disabled

11-01-10 12:54 PM
natethefox is Offline
Link | ID: 268718 | 23 Words

Level: 37

POSTS: 26/304
POST EXP: 6364
LVL EXP: 320880
CP: 3499.6
VIZ: -4601

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I have a console and a PC. so I would say...both? (well actually I pick console on polls so things aren't that bad.)
the one formaly knowen as Mrkirby77 or Nate the fox

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-09-09
Last Post: 50 days
Last Active: 8 hours

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11-01-10 03:07 PM
8bitgamer is Offline
Link | ID: 268789 | 15 Words

Level: 39

POSTS: 156/352
POST EXP: 8263
LVL EXP: 387284
CP: 169.5
VIZ: 18847

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Console games are better because they're easy and fun. PC games are boring and slow.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-23-10
Last Post: 2657 days
Last Active: 466 days

11-01-10 11:27 PM
Zamiel is Offline
Link | ID: 269066 | 21 Words

Level: 99

POSTS: 1918/3029
POST EXP: 119784
LVL EXP: 9976968
CP: 79.2
VIZ: 157318

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
8bitgamer : Most games are on both console and pc these days so i don't know what you are talking about.
Vizzed Elite
 Vizzed's Plague Doctor 

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-31-10
Location: under your bed....
Last Post: 2250 days
Last Active: 1736 days

11-05-10 03:23 AM
Nathan09 is Offline
Link | ID: 270657 | 85 Words

Level: 22

POSTS: 60/97
POST EXP: 2793
LVL EXP: 55720
CP: 27.3
VIZ: 4986

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
i like pc's better because the pc has always been here. i had ps2 but we got the ps3 when it came out. i've been looking for games that sound good but the really good old ones were on a ps2 and people are throwing them away so i can't buy one so i just hope they make remakes. but usually they would be available on pc unless it was nintendo ( but that's where vizzed comes) so that is why pc is more better.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-30-10
Last Post: 2429 days
Last Active: 2363 days

11-05-10 03:45 AM
NotJon is Offline
Link | ID: 270658 | 47 Words

Level: 107

POSTS: 592/3496
POST EXP: 180797
LVL EXP: 12747811
CP: 69.9
VIZ: 127144

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Neither. I can't enjoy games on a PC or even on a console through my TV as much as portable systems (especially GBA and DS). I've always been like that, even when the top of the line portable system was the Game Boy Color (my first! memories!!)
Vizzed Elite
More Not than the average Jon

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-24-09
Location: Paterson, NJ
Last Post: 2513 days
Last Active: 2479 days

11-05-10 07:24 AM
hackerman is Offline
Link | ID: 270675 | 13 Words

Level: 124

POSTS: 83/5147
POST EXP: 140083
LVL EXP: 21236255
CP: 1042.9
VIZ: 2623

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
i like pc better because i can download emulator for consoles on pc
Vizzed Elite
2nd Place In The June 2011 VCS 7th Place In the July 2011 VCS

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-02-10
Last Post: 2656 days
Last Active: 985 days

11-07-10 01:07 AM
GameGod13 is Offline
Link | ID: 271513 | 10 Words

Level: 7

POSTS: 5/7
LVL EXP: 1064
CP: 1.0
VIZ: 1358

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-06-10
Last Post: 3302 days
Last Active: 2152 days

11-13-10 07:21 PM
flambeau is Offline
Link | ID: 274440 | 97 Words

Level: 63

POSTS: 274/1089
POST EXP: 61205
LVL EXP: 2070997
CP: 12.0
VIZ: 61736

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I prefer consoles because you don't need to worry about plugins, up-to-date drivers, video cards nor any specifications. You just plug and play

PS2: Fine.
Mega Driver with 71 games: Nice.
Super Nintendo bought at the fair for US$ 25,00: Double Nice.
Turbo Game VG9000T bought at the same fair for US$ 5,00: Just Great.
Black Mega Driver 3 found in a trash can with 4 cartridges: works like a charm.
Long in the tooth Atari: running smoothly
Xbox360 Falcon bought for US$ 700,00, used for 6 months: May devil be with it and guard it.
Trusted Member

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 10-19-10
Last Post: 3240 days
Last Active: 2655 days

12-07-10 10:30 AM
crlcan81 is Offline
Link | ID: 290482 | 29 Words

Level: 9

POSTS: 10/14
POST EXP: 1201
LVL EXP: 3055
CP: 29.0
VIZ: 26521

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I usually prefer PC over Console anymore, but I prefer books over the two. A good book can take you to places that no game can ever, even now.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-29-10
Location: Iowa
Last Post: 2474 days
Last Active: 522 days

12-07-10 06:55 PM
guevara212 is Offline
Link | ID: 290714 | 43 Words

Level: 24

POSTS: 110/115
POST EXP: 2284
LVL EXP: 74207
CP: 2.0
VIZ: 51882

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I would rather play on a pc but the cost of buying and installing graphic cards id a real hassal i would rather play on a console that is already ready to play a game with no requirment other then meory and updates.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-23-09
Location: Califorina
Last Post: 3271 days
Last Active: 1919 days

12-08-10 09:52 PM
gameface138 is Offline
Link | ID: 291293 | 26 Words

Level: 65

POSTS: 813/1124
POST EXP: 30716
LVL EXP: 2219553
CP: 89.1
VIZ: 53552

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I pick Console cause it has way better pick up and play ability., and you dont have to wary about system requirements and things like that.
Trusted Member

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-24-10
Location: fairfield il.
Last Post: 1242 days
Last Active: 303 days

12-08-10 10:14 PM
oscar601 is Offline
Link | ID: 291301 | 17 Words

Level: 14

POSTS: 2/35
POST EXP: 1184
LVL EXP: 11878
CP: 83.8
VIZ: 16929

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
id pick pc becouse with a pc you can play retail games on the computer,plus theres internet

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-18-10
Location: auburn wa.
Last Post: 2393 days
Last Active: 1293 days

12-08-10 11:33 PM
Nksor is Offline
Link | ID: 291314 | 64 Words

Level: 131

POSTS: 1790/5856
POST EXP: 228223
LVL EXP: 25901511
CP: 1131.8
VIZ: 127948

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I think PC is the best. Not only has there been some legendary games over the years, you don't have to buy specific consoles to play PC games, just one: the PC. Plus, the reason you got the PC probably wasn't for the gaming... most likely it was for the internet or developing, so the gaming thing is an "add on" in a way.
Vizzed Elite

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 09-30-10
Location: From:
Last Post: 838 days
Last Active: 141 days

03-04-11 11:32 PM
blickluke is Offline
Link | ID: 343368 | 56 Words

Level: 7

POSTS: 7/7
LVL EXP: 1045
CP: 0.0
VIZ: 7882

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
PC, less annoying kids that spam mics and chats, almost all games on console but alot more just for PC
always £10 less for games, fps games theyre are more skilled players and less noobs in general

plus i have a high end PC so i like how i can play really well on games :3

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-04-11
Location: Scotland
Last Post: 3184 days
Last Active: 3014 days

03-05-11 08:19 AM
jimmy247 is Offline
Link | ID: 343435 | 28 Words

Level: 25

POSTS: 78/126
POST EXP: 3323
LVL EXP: 80069
CP: 3.0
VIZ: 5311

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
PC, on consoles you need to buy and buy all theese games but on PC you just need todownload the games you want ometimes buy but mostly download
King of Mario

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-12-11
Location: Naples,Florida
Last Post: 3165 days
Last Active: 3165 days

03-06-11 06:55 PM
iceycold724 is Offline
Link | ID: 344105 | 90 Words

Level: 39

POSTS: 27/354
POST EXP: 18202
LVL EXP: 376059
CP: 0.0
VIZ: 12247

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
when it comes to the newer games that are released for both PC and consoles, consoles win because most computers are not as good at playing games as the consoles are. Consoles are specifically meant for games, PCs aren't. Which is going to play the game better? Probably the console. For retro games, PCs work well enough to make it less of a hassle to play on them than on the console. However, since most of the gaming I do is on new games, I'll have to go with consoles.
the coolest of the cold

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-01-11
Location: New Jersey
Last Post: 3083 days
Last Active: 2759 days

04-18-11 05:31 PM
LeonardoIV is Offline
Link | ID: 370879 | 36 Words

Level: 8

POSTS: 4/11
LVL EXP: 2078
CP: 16.0
VIZ: 4153

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Easier to control the game.
More features.
Mouse + Keyboard.
Doesn't require discs much.
Easier to browse through the Internet while a Console can't.

That's all I can think of at this time.
Why am I reading this?

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-02-11
Last Post: 3139 days
Last Active: 3013 days

04-19-11 11:17 AM
Bobbynibbles is Offline
Link | ID: 371330 | 68 Words

Level: 53

POSTS: 508/706
POST EXP: 33365
LVL EXP: 1112321
CP: 3.7
VIZ: 383

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I voted for console for one reason. PCs may require an upgrade in its specs before you can play a game you just paid $60 for. With consoles you don't have to upgrade it to play games. I do realize that the console game may not be as pretty as the PC game, but you don't have to worry about not being able to play a console game.
Perma Banned
Who are you to wave your finger? So full of it Eye balls deep in muddy waters F**kin' hypocrite

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-07-10
Location: Florida
Last Post: 3036 days
Last Active: 3034 days

04-22-11 08:21 AM
hackerman is Offline
Link | ID: 373274 | 34 Words

Level: 124

POSTS: 1549/5147
POST EXP: 140083
LVL EXP: 21236255
CP: 1042.9
VIZ: 2623

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
well there are a lot of good games for the PC but i have to say console games have a lot more variety i have nothing against the PC i love the PC too
Vizzed Elite
2nd Place In The June 2011 VCS 7th Place In the July 2011 VCS

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-02-10
Last Post: 2656 days
Last Active: 985 days


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