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05-29-11 11:20 AM
10-19-12 05:12 PM

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05-29-11 11:20 AM
Totts is Offline
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Does hell exist, is there such a place?

Is there an inferno where lost souls go?

Does everyone here believe in hell?

Is is possible to believe in Heaven and not in hell?

What are you views?

Is there such a place as hell?

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-23-10
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05-29-11 11:23 AM
cameraguy256 is Offline
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The only remark i wish to make in this thread is, If there is a hell for those Sinners to burn in eternal darkness of flames for all of eternity... Then I'll probably be the one of many going there
The Voice of Satan

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05-30-11 09:10 PM
play4fun is Offline
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Yes, I believe in a place called hell. The Bible makes clear descriptions of what hell is like, and Luke 16 and the end times prophesies in Revelation describes the realness of hell.

If you believe that God is a just God, then having a heaven without a hell would not make logical sense. Everyone here has some type of conception that makes a judgment that certain people deserve to go to hell, which means that they have the mindset that there is a moral standard that qualifies a person to go to heaven or hell, and that there are people who they do not want to see in heaven because of breaking their self-conceived moral standard.

cameraguy256 : Just curious, why would you think that way?
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05-31-11 12:25 AM
NotJon is Offline
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Does hell exist, is there such a place?
A: It depends on what your idea of Hell is. Buddhists for example would likely equate this plane of existence as Hell. Reincarnating without end is like torture. However, Nirvana is when they cease reincarnation and are free from the cycle. In essence, they stop existing. That is their form of Heaven. To each their own as they say.

Is there an inferno where lost souls go?
A: The perceived Christian idea of Hell has been shaped by medieval artwork and other media. I only know of flames being used in the Bible to give an idea of what the place contains. However, I don't think works like "Dante's Inferno" give accurate depictions, Christian-wise anyway.

Does everyone here believe in hell?
A: All I know is, I know nothing.

Is is possible to believe in Heaven and not in hell?
A: It's like believing in only good or evil. If something is good, then wouldn't the opposite action be bad (i.e. giving money to charity, stealing money)? Without one, the other can't really exist. If that were the case, then there would be no need for a Bible. Everyone would just do whatever they pleased and since it would be deemed as morally just, they would all be entitled to Heaven.
However, I suppose that you could believe that God loves us so much that he wouldn't want to damn us to Hell and instead put us in purgatory or something.

What are you[r] views?
A: I prefer to not answer.

Is there such a place as hell?
A: New Jersey (I kid ).
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05-31-11 12:15 PM
DeltaEdge is Offline
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Since this is a christian forum I will use the christian idea of hell. Like God and anything mentioned that occurs after death, there is insufficient evidence to prove it. You need faith to believe in God and He clearly states in the Holy Bible, that Satan was cast down into hell and so if you believe in God then incidentally, you must believe in the existence of the devil, and the devil resides in hell. And as for heaven existing without hell, no it doesn't and if it hypothetically did, then there would have never been sin, therefore no temptation unto Adam and Eve, therefore everything would still be perfect and evil would not exist, therefore the devil would not exist, therefore hell would not exist and good would be undefined. Just the standard. (I didn't mean to sound like an outsider at the beginning of this post but yes I am a christian and I believe in God and Jesus Christ.)
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Registered: 04-24-11
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06-01-11 01:13 PM
POKeMAD is Offline
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I do not like religion much as it seems to cause too many arguments i believe that people should believe w/e they want to.

I know this sounds wierd but i reckon you go through heaven and hell then get re-incarnated then when the whole universe ends the good go to an eternal heaven (just the mostly good) and the REAL badguys go through purgatory then go to heaven.

in my opninon even really horrible people have an excuse whether it be the way they're raised or w/e. Those without an excuse will go to hell like voldemort, hitler, etc...

the hell i talked about before the eternal heaven or hell isn't liek a burning wasteground where the devil burns you alive for eternity but rather you experience all the bad things youve done to others as yourself and in heaven you just experience all the good youve done to others. in the eternal heaven it can be w/e you want it to be .

I knwo this sounds far-fetched and im probably crazy but i believe in that... kinda :p
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Registered: 05-28-11
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06-01-11 01:50 PM
icrazy is Offline
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I believe there is heaven and hell
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06-01-11 09:18 PM
Bintsy is Offline
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Yes I believe in a heaven and a hell. My daddy though died for 5 minutes once cause of a heart attack he had and he saw something though and he still won't tell me the whole story. But I'm still wondering about if there is a middle because in my mind I think well Isn't earth a middle. If not then is there a middle for souls after that person dies. I guess I will never know to the end.
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06-08-11 03:49 PM
smotpoker86 is Offline
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First off , I would like to say I do not believe in hell as I am an atheist. I would like to change the topic slightly and talk about the origin of hell. Hell is a European  word to describe a Judaic tradition. The Greek word Gehenna was taken from the Hebrew valley of hinnom, and today we call Gehenna hell. Although some things changed, such as a devil (or Hades from prior Greek beliefs) it is safe to say Hell is an almagantion of both Judaic and Greek beliefs.Originally, the valley of hinnom was the place Jewish people took their children to be sacrificed to Moloch. This practice was carried out  approximately in 1000 BC  during the reign of king Solomon. It was also practiced from the 7th to 6th centuries BC. After the sacrificial practices ended the valley of himmon became a huge garbage dump, not much different than our modern garbage dumps. The major difference is they didn't have the technology we do today, so instead of using machines to bury the garbage they just burned it. This fire was kept burning all day everyday. ( Valley of himmon is just south of Jerusalem, which was and is still a major Jewish city. Thus they had a lot of garbage to burn) Along with garbage they would also put the bodies of dead animals and criminals into this dump to burn. This is where the idea of sinners(criminals) burning in hell comes from. Imagine hell for a minute, one of the first things you will think of is a lot of fire. Basically the point I'm trying to make is, our interpretation of hell stems from an event that occurred on earth and has really no truth behind it. This doesn't necessarily mean that hell doesnt exist, we cant prove whether it exists or just mean that what we "know" of hell is nothing more than fairy tales added onto an actual event.If you would like more information on this I will be happy to point you to biblical passages and other studies on the topic.
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maximus extraordinarius

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(edited by smotpoker86 on 06-11-11 11:22 AM)    

06-11-11 11:52 PM
warmaker is Offline
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If there is a Hell, I should expect to go there.  I also expect it's where all the fun people are.
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06-12-11 12:13 AM
billythekidmonster is Offline
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Hell is for all people that have sinned. That is all people, that means we are all going to hell. Well except this one dude died for us so we don't have to go to hell. Know who that is kids? JESUS. Yes sir, Jesus died for the sin of the world. Then if you believe in him you will not burn in hell. Simple as that.
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06-12-11 02:33 AM
Snowchu is Offline
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I don't believe in Hell nor Heaven, but I do think there is some kind of afterlife that does resemble them both. 

If there is any kind of Hell out there, when I die, I'll probably go there to rot. Heh. =)
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06-14-11 07:21 AM
POKeMAD is Offline
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Bintsy : isnt the middle between hell and heaven purgatory where like semi-bad souls go before they  go to heaven ?
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06-18-11 10:52 AM
cooleo is Offline
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yes it say's in the bible that there is such a place so yeah i do
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12-16-11 03:08 PM
hxcgamer is Offline
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God created a Hell,and a firmament in Heaven. So therefore I do believe there is a place called Hell.
And I believe in God with all my heart,and no one can change my mind about that!!!!!!!!

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12-16-11 03:29 PM
rcarter2 is Offline
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hxcgamer : Whoa, calm down . Nobody here is trying to sway anyone. This is just to post your opinion. Don't need to get so hostile about it.

I honestly am not sure if I believe in Hell. I believe in Heaven, and I fall under the category of those who believe that God loves us ALL people, and would not condemn them to an eternity in Hell for decisions in a life that is long as the blink of an eye in the time frame of eternity. Although a lot of people have denied me as a Christian believer for this, I believe that even though the Bible was written under God's influence, it has the influence of man. But that does not make it less of a Holy Book to me. 
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(edited by rcarter2 on 12-16-11 03:32 PM)    

12-16-11 04:22 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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rcarter2 : the modern day version of hell is very different to the original anyway,so the people that call you unchristian are somewhat ignorant.
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12-16-11 09:01 PM
hxcgamer is Offline
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Recorders:I know. I was just making my point across. And I believe there is a Heaven and  a Hell.
It says so in the Bible itself.  Just like God had created Light and Darkness.

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01-02-12 05:15 PM
yoshpit222 is Offline
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I believe in both...for there cannot be one without the other, although I also believe in a sort of "middle" between the two as well.
I believe in ghosts and spirits, so I think that the "middle" between heaven and hell would be having your soul stuck wandering on earth. A ghost.
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01-02-12 05:25 PM
Someone70 is Offline
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I believe Hell exists. I don't think the Bible particularly states that there are flames there (though it does say that people in it will be thrown into a "Lake of Fire" at the world's end). I've seen a couple interpretations of Hell as just a lonely, dark place where people are always in pain.

I believe that there are only two places you can go after you die: heaven or hell. Where you go depends on whether or not you believe and accept Jesus' death on the cross as payment for your sins. It does not depend on whether or not you lived a good life, gave to the poor, helped the community, etc. Those things are good, but they will not influence your final judgement.

I don't think it's possible to believe in heaven and not hell, not if you're a Christian anyways. If you don't go to heaven, then you go to hell and vice versa. Saying there's only a heaven is like saying there's only good in the world or that there's only one path for the rest of eternity. If that was the case, then what does it matter how we live our lives on Earth?

Now, after the end of the world and Judgement Day comes (I forget the name of the actual event), then everyone in Hell will be destroyed for eternity. I suppose that's what most people would equate to eternal death. Like I said before, it would be a trip into the Lake of Fire, and it doesn't sound pleasant to have your soul burn to death.

So yeah, that's pretty much what I believe in terms of heaven or hell. Both of them exist, but hell won't last forever.
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