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04-25-19 11:25 AM

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01-01-19 01:44 PM
01-11-19 10:30 PM

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What Were Your Best Moments of 2018?


01-11-19 10:25 PM
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zanderlex : I've actually never heard of Guardian's Crusade to be quite honest. Twisted Metal was one of my favourite games to play with my dad when I was growing up. He always beat me (obviously) but the character designs for the drivers and the vehicles are burned into my brain forever. I wonder if they'll ever make a good modern Twisted Metal game.

I don't know if the Yugioh game you played was the same one I did as a kid, but I actually still have the one I had back then called Yugioh: Forbidden Memories.
I played that a lot as a kid and actually beat it. Which is silly because when I try to play it now, I can't even beat the very first guy you duel against. I don't know what happened to me but my Yugioh skill is depleted.
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01-11-19 10:30 PM
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Kiyo : yeah it was that YuGiOh game. Decades ago I saw it in a gift shop and I pestered my parents for it. They gave me money but didn't actually expect me to get it and it was $30.

I got it and I probably played for hundreds of hours. YuGiOh is life.

Guardians Crusade is my most favorite game of all time. Its pokemon but funner.
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