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kyuremu's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Reshef of Destruction did you turn protected mode off?
Pocket Monsters Silver (pokemon) japanese
Legend of Zelda, The - Dreams in the Hourglass not translated at all
Pulseman (english translation) i'm glad this is up i can finally play it
South Island Adventure (Sonic 1 Hack) interesting :)
Chu Chu Rocket no music so that kinda sucks
Monster Race - Okawari i wish this could get a translation patch
Pac-Man (Tengen) by using the arrow keys Zebulon XD
Jurassic Park Institute Tour - Dinosaur Rescue it plays in english although the instructions are in japanese. fun game its like Jurassic Park meets Game and Watch
BattleBots - Beyond the BattleBox dope

kyuremu's Last Game Reviews
Monster Rancher Advance 2
04-19-11 01:05 AM
Fantastic Game
This is my favorite GBA game merely for the fact that it improved so vastly on MR1.
I loved the monster selection and move variety in this installment.
Overall this is a must play for anyone who wants to spend hours in a game.
Goof Troop
04-18-11 10:31 PM
Goof Troop
In this game you play as either Max or Goofy as they try to defeat the evil Captain Pete.
The environments look refreshing and never bland.

Controls are simple yet intuitive.

As you progress you gather items that will help you proceed such as hookshots, lanturns, and bells that will attract all the enemies towards you.
Though each level offers more than 2 items to use, being restricted doesn't ever feel like a problem, it just takes a gameplan.

This game is fairly lengthy in terms of explorable rooms and exotic locations, and the puzzles are quite challenging at points.
Boss battles are very memorable.
Be it the battle music or the lush landscapes where you're fighting, something will keep it locked away in your memories.

This will always be the greatest co-op game from my childhood.
2 player co-op availability definitely made this game greater when playing with a friend.

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kyuremu's Game History
Super Mario World 2 Plus 2 (snes),   Super Mario World 2 Plus 2 (snes),   Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians (old version) (gba),   Pocket Monsters Silver (pokemon) (nes),   Legend of Zelda, The - Dreams in the Hourglass (nes),   Wario Land II (nes),   Pulseman (english translation) (gen),   South Island Adventure (Sonic 1 Hack) (gen),   Chu Chu Rocket (nes),   Mother 1 and 2 (english translation) (gba),   Pokemon Topaz (gba),   Pokemon Platinum (gba),   Pokemon Amsterdam (red hack) (gb),   Pokemon Amsterdam (red hack) (gb),   Pokemon Amsterdam (red hack) (gb),   Pokemon Generations (red hack) (gb),   Pokemon Neo - Adventure (red) (gb),   Pokemon Neo - Rocket (blue) (gb),   Cubix - Robots for Everyone - Clash \'N Bash (gba),   Duel Masters 2 - Invincible Advance (gba),   Duel Masters 2 - Invincible Advance (gba),   Hugo - The Evil Mirror Advance (gba),   Serious Sam Advance (gba),   Medal of Honor - Underground (gba),   Tony Hawk\'s Underground (gba),   Naruto - Ninja Council 2 (gba),   Naruto - Ninja Council (gba),   Star X (gba),   Dark Arena (gba),   Dark Arena (gba),   Avatar - The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth (gba),   Avatar - The Last Airbender (gba),   Monster Rancher Advance 2 (gba),   Spy Muppets - License to Croak (gba),   Muppets, The - On with the Show! (gba),   Muppet Pinball Mayhem (gba),   Hardcore Pinball (gba),   Sega Rally Championship (gba),   Super Smash TV (snes),   Alien 3 (gb),   It\'s Mr. Pants (gba),   Lion King, The (gba),   Yu-Gi-Oh! - Reshef of Destruction (gba),   Yu-Gi-Oh! - World Championship Tournament 2004 (gba),   Star Fox (snes),   Crash Bandicoot Purple - Ripto\'s Rampage (gba),   Spyro Orange - The Cortex Conspiracy (gba),   SSX Tricky (gba),   Donkey Kong Country 3 (gba),   Donkey Kong Country 2 (gba),  
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