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Marcmoney's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Fire Emblem - Gheb Fe This is funny. :D
BC Racers This game is not working for me. :S
Super Bonk Wow, you can't run in this game. -_-
Pokemon Orange Don't waste your time on playing this game, it is not even playable yet.
GoldenEye 007 - Banjo Kazooie Map Pack The levels are too dark to play.
Fighting Force 64 This game does not work for me. :(
Action Version of Simon Says, An This game does not even work. Don't waste your time on it.
Cyborg 009 This game is not that bad. :)
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo I love this game!! :D
Monster in my Pocket Screw this, I can't even jump high in the second level. -_-

Marcmoney's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Evil Within, The
11-13-14 04:58 PM
The Evil Within Review
Overall - 10

The Evil Within is one of the most scariest games ever made. It has some gruesome scenes and suspense world. This game is much more like Resident Evil, but more scarier. I know that the creator of Resident Evil wanted to make Resident Evil 6 scarier and Capcom made a disappointment when they decided not to. So he decided to make The Evil Within to show what he wanted to do for Resident Evil, and so it happened. This game will scare you to death.

Graphic - 9

The graphics are very good. Enemies look so scary that you want to run away from them. The area looks realistic and horrific. Blood looks real and disgusting, which we all like.

Sound - 10

The suspense sound is very good. It gets you on the edge of the seat. Scary horror music plays while your in a town or building. Make sure you have the lights on cause this will freak you out.

Addictiveness - 8

This is the kind of game that would want you to start playing it over and over again until you stop getting scared on every encounters. Makes you want to explore every place and find everything. It sure wants me to beat the game and play it on harder difficulties as a challenge.

Story - 8

You are a detective that is solving a crime scene where all the cops are dead in a hospital. You look around and a white hooded person comes out of nowhere and knocks you out. You wake up and this is where the adventure starts. Very horrifying in the beginning before you get knocked out.

Depth - 8

This game has a fair amount of things. First of all, your inventory is pretty good. You get weapons, a bow that you can use different kinds of bolts, health packs, and other things that you can get. Next, the levels are pretty big and you can look around and grab ammo and other things. You can upgrade your character by running faster, more capacity for your weapons, more health, etc. Enemies are scary, and can sometimes run and "shoo... Read the rest of this Review
05-20-14 07:08 PM
ZombiU Reivew
Overall - 9.6

ZombiU on the Wii U was one of the games that I was looking forward to playing when the Wii U came out. I was very disappointed in the bad ratings and reviews about this game. I was confused because I find this game to be very fun and very interesting. Sadly, they are not going to make a ZombiU 2 due to people not buying this game. But I sure will change your mind about this amazing game because I know that it is not a bad game.

Graphic - 9

The graphics on this game is really good for a Wii U game. The zombies look very scary and the environment looked realistic. The effects were realistic as to killing the zombies. Great looking game.

Sound - 9

The sound effects were really good. You could hear a zombie from far away and the suspense sounding really got me on the edge of my seat. Since this was a first person game, you could not know what is behind you. The game plays horrifying songs and makes the game feel like an actual zombie game.

Addictiveness - 10

ZombiU is one of those games that I would play it over and over again just for the excitement. Especially when you play on the hard difficulty to where if you die, you start all over again. Love how they made it like this, kind of old school if you ask me.

Story - 8

The story was okay. You end up being in a world filled with zombies and you are not sure what to do. You find out that you are in London and there is a guy on the intercom helping you to figure a way out of this mess, watching your every move. Pretty good story and an amazing ending scene.

Depth - 7

This game does not have that many things to do. You just do the story missions and there is no side quests or other missions to do. The game does not have a big environment to go around in. However, there are some pretty cool things to do and have, for instance, you get a radar that tells you where the zombies are exactly located. Another thing is... Read the rest of this Review
Dead Rising 3
05-19-14 09:56 PM
Dead Rising 3 Review
Overall - 9.5

Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One is one of my favorite zombie games ever. It gives you that open world feeling and the zombies are even scarier. I love this game because you get to do whatever you want in a world filled with zombies, with a limited amount of time. I guarantee you that this game is fun to play.

Graphics - 9

The graphics in this game are very good, but I expected it a slightly more realistic version if you ask me. The blood and gore on this game look very amazing and really freaky. I enjoy seeing every bit of blood where it should land and every bit of bruises that you get where you get strucked by. Overall, the graphics are very surprising, but I have seen better graphics in other games on the Xbox One.

Sound - 8

The sound effects are really awesome and the characters voices are excellent. One thing that bugged me was that the voices and sound effects were just not together. The volume was kind of off. I had a hard time adjusting it until I found what I enjoyed it at. But the sounding was not the big issue to me for I care more about the graphics and the story. :)

Addictiveness - 9

I would definitely play this game again, however, the game did not last that long, unless you do the side missions, which can be pretty fun to do. Everything about this game made me want to play it over and over again, especially playing it on the harder difficulties.

Story - 9

The story of this game was very surprising to me. In the previous Dead Rising games, you would have to take care of someone by getting them Zombrex, which was kind of a pain to me. But in this game, you have a gift of not having to get Zombrex for you or anyone, which is the greatest thing ever. The story goes on to where you find some friends that have a way of getting out by using a plane. You help people out and get the things you need and then getting the heck out of there. Simple as that. However, the st... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario 3D Land
11-29-13 02:42 PM
Super Mario 3D Land Review
Overall - 10

Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS is one of the most popular and funnest games on the 3DS. This game brings back the old school style, but in 3D. I had so much fun playing this game and it is a very addicting game.

Graphics - 9

The graphics on this game are very good and colorful. However, it is just a tad blocky, but that is what you get on the 3DS.

Sound - 10

The sound effects are amazing. They are very classy and cool. The music brings you the good times when you play all kinds of Mario games.

Addictiveness - 10

The game is very addicting. What got me going was the 3D land. It was amazing and you could go anywhere. I really enjoyed playing it all day.

Story - 9

The story in this game is obvious. Princess Peach gets captured by Bowser and your job is to get her back. Not any thing different.

Depth - 8

Shockingly, the game you get from the usual Mario games are just eight worlds, sometimes a ninth world. This game however has more than eight worlds. This game as eight additional worlds that are just as similar to the regular worlds. This time, you get to choose to be either Mario or Luigi. This game has no end until you get everything 100%.

Difficulty - 3

This game is not too hard. It is in fact simple and easy. You may get some tricky levels, but most of them are simple and fun. The controls are not that hard to handle once you get the hang of it.

Wrap Things Up...

Super Mario 3D Land is a very fun game to play. I guarantee you that you will very much love this game, especially if you like Mario games. :)
Fallout 3
10-15-13 12:29 AM
Fallout 3 Review
Overall - 10

Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games of all times. I would play it hours and hours because for one it is an open world game and two, the story is awesome. This game may not be the coolest open world game to some people, but it is for me. This game has level ups and what not, very similar to Skyrim. I guarantee you that this game is awesome.

Graphics - 8

The graphics in this game is alright. It is a little bad, but I think that it is very decent for this game. Hopefully they will make a new Fallout game that will definitely have better graphics.

Sound - 10

The sound is amazing. I am not sure if there is music in the game, but you get to listen to a radio that you can have and listen to it while playing. Some stations will have people talking and some will have music. I enjoy the music a lot. The sound effects are my favorite. I like how you can kill someone or something in slow motion. Sounds very cool when you kill someone in slow motion.

Addictiveness - 10

Like I said, I could play this game for hours and hours. I cant get enough of this game. It is a really long game to play.

Story - 10

The story is my most favorite. You start off as a baby and later growing up to being a teenager. You are with your father and he has been the only one raising you since you were born. You live in a Vault with other people and everyone is not allowed to go out of the Vault. By the time you turn into an adult, things get real and you find out that your father has left the Vault and not really sure why. Everyone is after you and you are to leave the Vault to go find your father. And then this is where your journey begins. And that is where the fun begins for me. :)

Depth - 10

Like I said, this game is very long. There is main quests and side quests, which is why it is a long game. To me, it is very fun to do some main quests and then do some side quests to get level ups. Yo... Read the rest of this Review

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