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Galaga - Demons of Death
12-25-11 04:18 AM
space shooter, Galaga
Galaga is a really awesome game, it's one of the original space shooting games, it offers much fun, and it will give you a fair challenge.
This game is honestly my second favorite space shooter out there, I've had lots of fun playing it, although I have ragequit the game several times due to being at a high level several times and lost due to losing my nerve when getting to the high levels and I would die. :P
The game has great game play, which makes it addicting, and even though you may die, you just want to pick up the controller again and keep playing because you think that you can beat your high score this time.

Galaga for the NES has pretty much the same quality of graphics as all the other quality games on the NES at that time. The only problem is that I didn't really see much of a difference in the levels, or the enemies.

The sound in Galaga is of course 8-bit, so it's not all that great sounding to your ears, but the sound effects are pretty good for a NES game, the crashes sound like crashes, the shooting sounds like shooting, and the theme is pretty catchy! :)

This game is really fun to play, and for me a game that is fun to play is addicting. Arcade games were meant to be addicting, and this game was originally an actual arcade game.
I could play this game for quite a few hours before I get really bored.

Sadly there isn't any kind of story to this game, you're just fighting aliens in space in you little space ship, more than likely trying to save Earth from an invasion.

Although all the levels looks identical, you can pretty much play this game forever until you lose all of your lives. Some people have gotten extremely high score, which they must have been at least past state 50 to get. I'm this game has quite a bit of depth to it.

As I said before, I'm not the best at this ... Read the rest of this Review
Home Alone
12-24-11 02:17 AM
Alright so this week's game of the week was awarded to Home Alone for the NES. This game was apparently made way back when Bethesda didn't know very much about making console games, because it's not... all that.. Great... if you know what I mean :P. If you don't know what I mean then I'm saying that the game is pretty much terrible.

This game is very loosely based on the movie Home Alone, although if you've seen the movie you of course know what the story of this game is, but if you haven't seen the movie, good luck trying to find out the story while playing the game. It gives you absolutely no background story as to what's going on, so I guess I'll fill it in for you. Two thieves break into a house while the kid is the only one there, and the kid pretty much tortures them. Great movie, by the way. Although I can't come close to saying that about the game. Sorry Bethesda, but this game really came to disappoint.

Nothing in the game is actually "broken", but at first I had no idea what the heck* I was doing until I Googled how to play it. The gameplay is quite simple, you run around, pick up these little squares, which are supposed to be the 'booby traps' for the thieves, and when one of the guys gets to close you drop one of the 'traps' behind you to make to guy fall so you can get away. Another big issue for this game is that there aren't any levels... you just run around the same house for 20 minutes(real time) trying not to get caught by these guys. Although, like pretty much every single NES game out there, this game is pretty hard. It will give you a pretty good challenge, but at the cost of playing a bad game :P.
Sims 2, The
10-01-11 02:16 AM
A okay GBA game with the title "The Sims 2"
Even thought that this version of the Sims obviously doesn’t quite match up to the PC versions of the game play in most aspects, none of the hand held remakes of the Sims games do, It still brings a fairly nice atmosphere of the Sims to Gameboy. Although they could have added some differences to make it more likes the PC version. Such as the story, now I don’t know why almost all hand held Sims games have a story to them, but they do, the Sims is supposed to be about doing whatever you want, making your life the way you want it to be.
The thing I do like about this game that is way different from the PC version is that you actually get to control your sim, instead of the point-and-click style, which only really works for the PC.

I really don’t think that the title of the game should have been the Sims, as it really has nothing to do with the Sims. The Sims is a life simulation; this is more of an adventure game with a few qualities from the Sims.

Overall this game is a semi-fun game to play if you’re bored, but it’s no real Sims game. It has nice qualities like its graphics. They are GBA graphics, but they are pretty good for GBA 2005 :P. It may not keep you entertained for hours on end, as it didn’t for me, but it’s really not a half bad adventure game with the title “The Sims 2”.
Super Mario Bros 3
07-27-11 08:40 PM
Super Mario Bros. favorite :)
I actually never got to play this game until a few years ago, when I got it on the Wii, but it is still one of my favorite Mario games of all time.

Since this is one of the later games to come out on the NES, or course the graphics are gonna be nice. But I take a personal liking to these graphics, they have nice detail for the NES. The graphics for this game just catch my eye for some reason.

The sounds are what you would expect from a NES game not really the best quality, because of it's time. But the music in the game is very catchy! I even sing along with the music of each level, as I play. haha.

Nintendo did a great job keeping me addicted to this game, mostly because of the graphics and I just love retro platformer games, and this game is the best one :). I played for like 7 hours straight each day for like a week.

As for the's not really creative. it's always the same thing in Mario games, with a few small twists in it. Princess Peach gets captured by Bowser, and it's Mario's job to save her. But hey if it aint broke don't fix it, and that's exactly what Nintendo did.

SMB3 is quite a long game, with a lot of fun challenging worlds to play in. I honestly never actually was able to beat it, but I did come pretty close. Only a few worlds away. The game offers a variety of words, from rolling green hills, to deserts. Each level is fun to play, and surprisingly doesn't seem to getThere repetitive, like some platformers do. There are also quite a few surprises in the game :D, some secrets to find out, and some other easter eggs.

This game is challenging, but not like get you frustrated, get up and slam the controller around, and scream at the game challenging :P, but "Hey, this level is hard. I MUST BEAT IT!" kind of challenging. Just be careful not to make stupid mistakes while playing, like jumping randomly, and running through the whole level. It doesn't go well if you do that in Mario g... Read the rest of this Review

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