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    Erick Davis
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    23 / 07-30-96

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sonicthehedgehog57's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Sonic Adventure 2 Adamsmiller00: There is no way to play this system at this current time.
Pacmania Hahaha Nice try dopeydonald362, but your score is not 999,999 its 192,160 which is the default score for 2nd rank on the game. You can't cheat your way out of this one.
Contra SavatoX: The R-Item Means Rapid Fire, it makes your guns shoot faster
Metal Gear 1 Davideo7: Yes it is this game is superior to the nes version cause this game actually has the robot metal gear in it unlike in the nes version where Metal Gear wasn't present in the game at all
Sonic 1 - Bouncy Edition i just noticed something the special stages in here control just like the special stages in sonic 4 episode 1
Super Donkey Kong Country 2 TheOmegaDragon: It's not impossible to pass the second level it's just harder. i'm on the third level so i know its not impossible
Super Sonic in Sonic 3D (Continued) Then Collect 50 Rings Again jump and press jump while in the air like in S3&K then you will transform into Super Sonic easy as that
Super Sonic in Sonic 3D Ok everyone who doesn't know how to get Super Sonic This is how it must go. You need to Give Tails Or Knuckles 50 Rings then you will be transported to a special stage finish it then you can gain an emerald. Keep doing this until you get all 7 emeralds
Monster Party me477777: and how many companies today copy things from other companies here's the answer ALOT. Plus AVGN hasn't even reviewed this game at all so he hasn't copied this from AVGN

sonicthehedgehog57's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Yoshi's Woolly World
11-30-15 11:33 PM
"Sewing and Stitching old style...amongst a new series!"
     *Hops down from atop couch cushion* Ahh it's that lovely festive time of year once more! Sitting around the dining table with friends and family, enjoying the time you're all able to spend together. That warm fabric like feeling inside, that just heats your heart and mind up...usually being compared to stuffed dolls and/or knitted plushies from mothers all around. (or a personal favorite store) We've all seen how such a sweet style can affect our feelings in such a childish way, especially when that big red company with the "Nin" to the "tendo" gave us that same experience with a smiling pink puffball in a whole new state. Many vibrant leaves of fall have come to pass upon this earthly ground; alongside, several cheerful snowy winters filling our youthful spirits with delight. This feeling and its time has come and past for many years now since the pink hero's venture in this field, leaving us to wait and ponder when we'd get to enjoy this feeling once more...and with whom this time? *quilted waves wash over as grunts echo in land* wraaarhhh-huuubuudaaahooooh :LOL: that's right! It's time for our lovely little dino-friend to enter this emotional and heartwarming style and landscape, possibly see what our star rod saving hero couldn't, and what he'll venture past that'll have changed/upgraded from our last look into this gameplay setting! What are you waiting for? Grab your pins and needles, your childish and determined atmosphere, and let's all enjoy this journey together! *Grabs Vizzed Icon and Sonic57 pose, heading off into fields* Waaaahhoooo...friends!!

                         [===]Crafting and tossing together, many levels of interest and design}_-_{

    Many of you will have noticed above that I have mentioned Kirby a lot, which may be confusing t... Read the rest of this Review
Manhunt 2
11-26-15 11:28 PM
"Welcoming a sequel, more gruesome and terrifying than before"
    *Distant banging sounds and screams heard* ...RAHHHHHHHH...STOP IIITTT!!! STOP ALL THE VOICES, JUST SHUTTTTT UUUPPP!!!! *Bashes head against wall* ....Carcer City, the infamous run-down town for housing one of the most criminal horrors our world had been forced to witness. One criminal secretly released from death row only to cause more havoc amongst the city, thanks to a corrupt snuff film producer named Lionel Starkweather. Many corrupt people working alongside Starkweather, were brutally murdered by that said inmate...James Earl Cash. More evidence of this sickening tale can be found online, with the court record open for all to see! With that horrific imagery and it's past shown to us, we turn our view to the backside of Carcer...where a whole new tale is about to be just as savage and unthinkable as before! (possibly even worse to some) We stare across the sky and are presented with the "Dixmor Asylum" institute, a place reserved only for those that are said to not even have a mind vailable to them anymore....becoming madmen and a threat to our society. The cameras and recordings now pan over to a new inmate in our series, Daniel Lamb whom was escorted into this establishment after an experiment went awfully wrong...leading his life to be forever changed and his company followers to betray him. Till one dark night, that havoc was about to break loose once more upon city streets below! A terrible storm has caused a ruckus in the compound freeing and fleeing several prisoners from their cages of death, one of which being Daniel and his hidden cellmate partner Leo Kasper. It's time to make those mutts pay for what they've done! *Sonic57 and User pick up syringes* We'll make "the project" pay for what they've done to me!  

                           /__/_/__Soaking up that terror from before, and... Read the rest of this Review
10-31-15 03:40 AM
"A dark and horrific story...leaving a stain upon one gaming star"
     Murderers and lunatics....we've all seen this in the daily news and are filled with disgust. What some people in the human body and mind will do, just to satisfy their grizzly desires! Fortunately for society, mankind has found ways to deal with such pests causing such horrific crimes that scar families and other surrounding communities. "Lethal Injection" This method had caused a lot of controversy before, just like the story and elements that this game passes along. Taking one manslaughter's life and killing him off through the inside out...literally won't even know what hit em; but now, the story is at a close...the prisoner is taken care of...and life can continue just like it was before. This is the Carcer City news channel speaking on behalf of the prisons report, farewell prison inmate...farewell...James Earl Cash!  .....*loud buzzer goes online* Hey, idiot! Wake up, you haven't keeled over just yet! Now, no need to worry about your condition in here as everyone outside thinks that you're already dead. Disagreements or not with my decisions; however, I'm you're only reprieve out of this place so you'll either trust me or be left to rot out your sentence! This "quality" option will be finished...before your criminal over... *fades to black, strangling sounds heard and blood splatters onto camera*

              /x\/xx\/XXX\ Can not compared nicely to other games on system; yet, still delivers some gruesome sights \XXX/\xx/\x/


    Now mostly anyone can tell that this game isn't as pretty as previous or later games you'd have seen on the system, for example like: "Shadow of the Colossus" or "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty" so it's strange to see an older game live up to a new one. Funny thing is that this is "somewhat" like how Rockstar creates their games/focuses upon... Read the rest of this Review
System Shock 2
08-01-15 01:17 AM
Merging a shooter based game, with the horrific nightmares of Citadel's past
    *melody of original game's intro plays* Greed and destruction...these 2 words echo down the shattered remains of what once was Citadel Station's great beginning's and ultimate conclusion. Due to that so called "greed" the head man up at this company became insane built with the intent of becoming a semi-god like figure not knowing just how much his plans would come to foil him in the his own despicable nature. What will become the nature of humanity after the loss of life/family during this horrific event? How can anyone EVER trust a company of this form again?! After not only causing devastation to the staff on board; but, the whole corporation's practice as well? With the cybernetic interface SHODAN losing her mind and nearly wiping out the whole earth, it's only a matter of time before anything can be trusted with A.I interfaces for a long time! Let's just hope they'll have learned from their mistakes, and we won't have to see this travesty unfold once more... *shows flashback* (Hacker) "These people are such idiots, you should never change an AI system like that and let "It" have all the control against your ship. It's not like I care though as if this comes to bite them in the behind...that'll be THEIR problem not mine!"
    ~42 years later~  Welcome home viewers and all, to the brand new relicensed Tri-op :) we promise a nice and reassuring journey this time around! We apologize for before; but, hope you'll trust us with our maiden voyage now...welcome aboa..bbzt......*signal comes in* this is dr. zero tails reporting. Something has come onto the Von Braun and hijacked our ship, not sure how long we can hold out for help, one thing though! Do NOT allow the Rickenbacker to leave for any reasons! Who knows what could be happening h....*signal cuts off* please respect the will of the Vizzed! *mechanical laughter heard deeper in* y-y-you can't leave my ex-x-existence i-irritant!  
Read the rest of this Review
System Shock
07-16-15 02:42 AM
"A diverse action-horror, that'll be gripped to one's interest implants"
    *Keyboard typing echoing in background* ....Hehe...such an easy system to break! Could never imagine that such a big company like Vizzed.Co could allow such a niche hacker like myself into their system so easily, easier than taking candy from an implanted baby. *hearing knocks on door as breaks open* ...nngh...just great the big boys security has come to stop me. Who knew some tiny information about Citadel Station up above would cause such an outbreak of panic, anger, and distraught amongst the people of this organization? *looks up at Davideo and ignores him talking, overhears helping out* ...yeah I care how you planned to take care of this space nugget and what Wait!... you actually want a criminal (in your eyes) to help you with something aboard the ship, the very same ship that cause me to be chained up like this in the first place?! Fine...I'll help you out (hehe here's my chance to gain some implants that'll "help" with my work) just show me which PC screen you plan on placing me upon and I'll start clicking away.
    *Starts typing into systems main functions* There you all have it, your new system has been changed to how you desired. Now take me to my reward, or I'll just go and take all that progress I just made back. A smart hacker like myself always makes sure to leave a back door open, specially when it's against users like yourself. *Sonic57 lead to medical bay, in coma from surgery* (Thinks to self) These people are such idiots, you should never change an AI system like that and let "It" have all the control against your ship. It's not like I care though as if this comes to bite them in the behind...that'll be THEIR problem not mine! *fades to black* Welcome back, Viewers!  Hope you're all doing well here, and that you'll enjoy your time on our o-o-ou...MY time on the ship! Enjoy this dream d-dre-dream...Nightmare of an adventure aboard Citadel Station :) *mechanical and menacing laugh... Read the rest of this Review

sonicthehedgehog57's Last 7 Game screenshots (129 total) (view last 250)

Donkey Kong Country
Misc: GLiTcHeS

Donkey Kong Country
Misc: GLiTcHeS

Level: Fourside

Sonic Advance 2
Level: Special Stages

Super Sonic in Sonic 3D
Misc: Special Ability

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