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Streets of Rage Why is this game free anyway?
Streets of Rage Fine... Way to ruin the innocent fun leggy...
Streets of Rage Hi David!
Pokemon Red When I play Blue on my GBA it is all blue, not the color of the city. ??? :/
NCAA Football first to comment! Go nebraska cornhuskers

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy
10-31-11 11:48 PM
Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duel Academy
Welcome to yet another one of my reviews. As you may have noticed, it isn't a Pokemon game this time.

I'll admit it. I owned a physical copy of this game. I played it a lot, too. A LOT. On the day I bought it, I had purchased it from a Sears, I believe. However, my mother needed to buy groceries for an upcoming party over the weekend. I desperately wanted to play this game, but my Gameboy Advance SP was at home. So, naturally, I spent an hour and a half reading the game manual, figuring I'd be a master of the game before even playing. I even stared at the Spanish and German sections of the manual, just in case they held any secrets.

Since I was already so good at Yugioh in my mind (I was a fairly avid fan back then) , and because I read the manual so thoroughly, it came as quite a shock when I lost to Jaden in my very first match. I figured luck had dealt him the cards of fate, so I challenged him again. The same result. I could not beat him. The game doesn't exactly start you off with the best cards, but it gives you three general start up decks that aren't half bad. However, I was a man who enjoyed a good trap card so I had to add plenty to my deck to improve it. I would later learn that having all the good cards did not ensure victory. If it did, Charlie Sheen would always win, wouldn't he?

The game starts you off simply, as the new kid in Slifer Red dorm. This dorm sucks honestly, and is filled with dropouts and not-too-good players. Don't dismay! Once a month, usually, an exam is given to test your skills. The first part is a questionnaire, basic trivia honestly, asking you about the effects of certain cards and how to perform fusions. The second is a section where it sets up a situation, and you have one turn to beat your opponent, using only the cards you are given. These can be played and practiced anytime. The third part is the practical exam, where you use one of your decks to play a duel, however, you want to complete cert... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team
09-28-11 08:02 PM
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
Red Rescue team is my favorite spin-off game, period. I love Ranger, Pinball, TCG, and I LOVE Trozei, but the mystery dungeon series were in a league of their own. I remember reading about it months in advance in Nintendo Power, and attempting to comprehend the fancy "Blast seeds" and "Warp Orbs". Nothing made sense at first, but I was hooked immediately on the Mystery Dungeon manga in Nintendo Power. Through six months and probably about 100 pages of manga, Nintendo Power published the storyline of this new Pokemon game, and it all clicked for me. I have to get this game... I was going to get to BE a Pokemon. Oh I saved and I saved, and I remember the day I went to buy it. Crisp autumn day, school had just started up again, and my best friend Aaron and I were playing on the playground pretending to be Treeko and Mudkip in a dungeon. We had called each other a lot that summer and were both highly anticipating the game which we were to buy that night. We went to Target, and emptied our pockets, but we left the store with two copies of Red Rescue Team. I was not disappointed upon going home. When I used Tackle on a Sunkern and for the first time ever knew that it was ME, the Pokemon, using Tackle, I had a sense of euphoria. I have insane amounts of nostalgia for that game, and remember talking to Aaron after a soccer game several days later about evil Skarmory and how cool Alakazam was. That game makes me think of my childhood so much and I spent so much time on it. I really should stop rambling, because if I don't I'll have to stop my review and go find that game, because it really meant a lot to me.

In case you have never played any of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, the basic concept is to complete missions, such as rescuing a Pokemon from floor 6 of a certain cave and finding items that Pokemon had lost at "around" the fourth floor of another. The missions could range in difficulty from rescuing a Bellsprout from the third floor of Tiny Woods to esco... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Shiny Gold
09-27-11 12:12 AM
Pokemon Shiny Gold
As I believe ignavusd said, Pokemon Shiny Gold is a great way to re-experience Johto in stunning color graphics with some awesome 3rd gen Pokemon to take along with the ride. A lot of people don't have Heart Gold/Soul Silver, and would love to remember some of that wonder that Johto brought them. Shiny Gold doesn't disappoint, and when compared to Heart Gold/ Soul Silver, it is great because you can use National Dex Pokemon from the start, rather than having to wait until post-elite four. It returns several quirks of GSC that were different from any other game, only deepening the nostalgia factor. These include Headbutt Trees, Kurk's Apricorn Balls, PokeGear, and the trademark Gold/ Silver story. (Go save the citizens in the radio tower!) But it isn't an exact clone and includes some slick storyline changes and a mysterious new rival with an intimidating name, Carlos. Shiny Gold is one of the best made Pokemon hacks I've ever played (on par with Emerald 386, Ruby Destiny, and Brown). Let's begin with graphics, as usual.

The majority of the game's appeal comes from the graphics to be honest. Remember Johto? Do you remember it in bright color? With brilliant trees and rusty towns? Seeing Sprout Tower and the Whirl Islands would excite any Pokemon fan to the point of hyperventilation and for good reason. Most people consider Johto and the second generation of Pokemon to be their favorites, and unless they have Heart Gold/ Soul Silver, it's been ten years since they have gotten a chance to be back where their love of Pokemon began, in the heart of the region west of Kanto. The maps use sprites and images from Fire Red for the most part, but the game excels at not looking like a copy of Fire Red with Johto Pokemon. It literally stands alone as it's own game, even to the point where it has been placed in cartridges and pirated off to people paying actual money for a game you are all fortunate enough to be able to play for free on Vizzed. The towns all look like... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Crystal
08-19-11 11:56 PM
Pokemon Crystal
Gosh does this game bring back memories. I recently had played through Crystal, which is why I decided to review it now. This game is all the greatness that is Gold/Silver and throws in Suicune and Unown. Yes please. Unfortunately, this makes getting Ho-Oh and Lugia tougher, but it is no matter, as this game is fantastic the way it is. I'm going to go straight into the review rather than droning on about it for 15 lines... Here we go!

Is there any better opening sequence than Crystal? The graphics are GBA quality during that sequence! The image of Suicune running, the Unown, and Crystal being spelled out by Unown! It was all fantastic then and now. Crystal also started something that is one of my favorite parts of a Pokemon game. Sprite animations. There is nothing like entering a battle and seeing the opposing move around like a real live animal would. While the animations are only a couple frames, they're magical and add some much to the game. They are a big reason I gave this game 10 for graphics. I really do think this game is beautiful for its time period. Some of the move animations were really great, and the maps were wonderful. I think this game looks amazing.

Sound. Considering the player is h=given a radio early into the game, its hard to imagine a low sound score especially when one considers the creepy Ruins of Alph music. Unfortunately, despite the awesome battle music and route themes, the Pokemon cries are still flat. I just expect so much more from Game Freak. I just wish my Cyndaquil would say "Quil!" at the beginning of every battle, rather than the weird scratchy beeps that are apparently the sounds Pokemon make. Cries always disappoint me, just not enough to give a low score.

If you've read some of my other reviews, you know my policy. Pokemon games get 10 addictiveness, always. These game suck you in, and once you become engrossed in the series, you're pretty much ne... Read the rest of this Review
Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga
08-19-11 01:03 AM
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga

Is it wrong I like the Mario and Luigi line more than classic side-scrolling Mario? This game is a masterpiece. A home run for Nintendo. They took classic RPG elements, our favorite plumber siblings, and a huge adventure, and topped it all off with a large amount of comedy. This game is funny as could be, and one of my top 10 GBA games. If you haven't played this game, then stop reading right now... AND PLAY IT!!!

The maps are littered with monsters who Mario and Luigi must defeat in turn-based battle. On their turn Mario and Luigi can:

Solo Attack: Jumping on the opponent hurting it in classic Mario way, hitting opponent with hammer, or using a fire(Mario) or Lightning(Luigi).
Bros Attack: special moves that do more damage through proper technique, but cost use up BP. 
Run: Run away from the opponent. You can still get hurt while running way and will lose coins, but it's the only way to escape battle.

Winning a battle earns coins(to buy items and gear) and experience. When you level up, your HP, BP(move energy), POW(attack power), DEF(Defense), Speed(to determine turn order), and, the strangest, Stache(increases critical hits and affects prices at stores.)

Many techniques can be performed in the field to reach new areas, like spin jumping, smashing Mario to tiny size so he can reach small areas, and Luigi turning into a surfboard. These all make exploring the Bean Kingdom a blast in this game.

They're beautiful. Seeing Mario in all his glory like this? It is utterly awesome. The maps can be colorful and bright, or dark and ominous. Most of the enemies are unique, ie. You probably have never seen them before, and I have to say, they look great. A nice little Easter egg: When Mario and Luigi get they're pictures taken at the very beginning, you can press the arrow keys to make them do different comical poses. It's little things, but it really ... Read the rest of this Review

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