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Blacksmith84's Last Game Reviews
Super Mario Bros 3
01-02-20 08:52 PM
Super Mario Brothers 3
I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on Super Mario Bros 3 as a fresh faced young child all of 4 years old,it was during the motion picture "The Wizard" and it was before it was available here in America and it became the must have game of 1990 and I had begged my Mom for it from the minute I had seen it. Luckily my birthday was coming up and it's all I had been asking for for months.

I still remember putting the game into the NES and booting it up. It all played out like a live play before my very eyes with exquisite music and so many rich colors that weren't always something we were so used to with the NES. Nintendo truly packed this game full of so many secrets,power-ups,levels,sub-games,and enemies that everything seemed like it was almost too much for my young head to comprehend. Slowly but surely as I grew older this game stayed as an all time classic for me and every once in awhile I pop this game back in just to experience it all over again. Now I just make sure to fully beat it without using the whistles so that I truly get to experience the game as the developers would have wanted us to..or at least what I feel they would have wanted us to. Plus when I was a kid one of the legends was that there was a World 9 if you beat all the levels in order without skipping any of the levels using clouds or whistles.

I dunno where I read or heard it but it was long before the internet where it could have been verified but it also represented a more simple and just plain innocent time where kids on the playground would share rumors about the latest NES game and you really could never verify if it was true unless you tried it yourself.

Maybe I'm looking back with rose tinted glasses but until the day I die I'll always look back on this game fondly and always love it. I hope you will love it as much as I do as well.

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