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    Michael Beckett
    Ambridge, Pennsylvania
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    24 / 08-14-97

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TheBWoods15's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Tetris (nintendo) Yes! I beat the game's preset high score in only one try. I am truly a Tetris Master! Love this game.
Yogi Bear - Great Ballon Blast The first Game Boy Color Game I ever owned.
Batman - Chaos in Gotham This is a really good game. I'm surprised it's not more popular.
007 Shitou - The Duel Fun Game! Not too hard, but not too easy.
Windows 98 NES Still waiting for the update. I hope they add a PowerPoint program. I need it for some of my classes.
Sonic Adventure 5 words: Ahh Yeah! This is Happening!
Sonic Blast They basically tried to make a Console size Sonic game on a hand-held system.
Sonic Blast SEGA always had a way of pushing consoles to their limit and creating the best Sonic game that could be made on the system. This is the pinnacle of Game Gear Sonic.
Sonic Championship Stupid alternate names. No wonder I couldn't find this game for months.
Sonic Labyrinth #MakeSonicLabyrinthGreatAgain

TheBWoods15's Last Game Reviews
Sonic the Hedgehog - Genesis
08-06-16 03:55 PM
Sonic Genesis (or the Unexpected Virtue of Incompetence)
   Man am I going to get a lot of heat for writing this review. But I believe I have a unique opinion of this game, and I would like to share it with the world. I have had my share of rage quits with video games that I found irritating, and almost unplayable. But for some reason I find some room for love in my heart for this under-rated yet sadly over-hated Sonic Anniversary port. I agree that Sonic Genesis has its flaws and is much different from the predecessor it is trying to recreate, however as a game in itself, I find that it has some good qualities that can make it enjoyable. Just enjoyable in a different way than you would find in a standard Sonic game. Please allow me to explain my reasoning as I break down the game, and provide my opinion-driven evidence.

   Graphics: I am actually not troubled by the screen crunch and the zoomed-in effect. I feel like it had to be done in order to make the game playable. The SEGA Genesis version had a lot more room for larger scenery, and the size of the screen was based on the size of your Television screen at home. So whether you are playing on a tiny TV the size of a bowling ball, or a huge projector screen, The game would be stretched and shrunk proportionately to the screen's size. And although the Game Gear's screen was small, it was still at least twice as big as the Game Boy Advance's screen. And they could barely fit 8-bit Sonic 1 on the Game Gear let alone the Genesis version if they ever even tried it. The Master System version was a little zoomed out and hard to see, but it was playable. The Game Gear version was a little zoomed in but was still playable. It was just a matter of the player adapting to the differences between versions that helped them enjoy the games better. Apart from being a little absurd, the zoomed-in nature of Sonic Genesis is tolerable for me. For one thing the scenery is much clearer and you can see the detail better. If you notice how smooth and seamless the... Read the rest of this Review
Jungle Book
01-18-16 01:34 AM
A Truly Underrated Game
The Jungle Book is the second Game Boy Color game I ever owned. I bought it from a Media Play store. Remember those? They were like giant Game Stops with all types of media. And I still own it to this day. I would like to share why I think this game is so good, and I hope that it will gain a lot of recognition and popularity as it deserves to.

Graphics: It's the Game Boy folks. The quality of the graphics is very limited. Despite all of that, this game pulls it off pretty nicely. All of the sprites are clear. You can see the length of Mowgli's black hair even in night time areas. so everything is distinguishable. There are "Story book" cut scenes are slightly pixelated (I don't know if that's the right suffix), but they are very well drawn. I gave 9 Bagheeras out of 10

Sound: Have you ever wanted to here the 8-bit version of Bare Necessities or any other Jungle Book tunes? Well you've come to the right place. The music is never too soft or too loud, and it's so catchy that it makes the game twice as enjoyable. The sound effects are cool. They are definitely not annoying. Every sound serves its purpose loyally. I gave 9 Baloos out of 10.

Addictiveness: I my gosh! I beat this game in one sitting. And this is the first time I played it in like 5 years. That is how addictive this game is. All of the levels are fast-paced. Most of the in-game puzzles are based on how fast you can get from one point to another. Plus this game gives out lives like free candy. By the time I finished I had 82 lives. And you can go back to previous levels throughout the game so you can probably get 99 lives. maybe even 999 lives. I don't know how high it goes. So by the time the levels start to get difficult, dying is laughable. You will feel so powerful! My reaction everytime I died was "Oh no! I died! I only have 63 lives left! Whatever will I do? *laughter*". Just try it. I guarantee you will not regret it. I gave 10 King Louies out of 10.

Story: The who... Read the rest of this Review

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