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Dark sword Z's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Five Nights at Freddy\'s 2 The iPhone version of this game remove cams static make it more easy
Sonic Adventure 2 It will be run very slow
Half-Life first comment XD this game is good I hope it work
Lemonade Stand Lol I get here for Regular Show hahaha
Mega Man 2 The game is broken?
Mega Man X Armored armaglicth
Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask Moon face causes migthmares
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman hey isn't any way to play with other persons
Sonic the Hedgehog - Genesis looks like sonic speed down from 50 km/h to 6 km/h
Diablo There's no cow level

Dark sword Z's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
03-21-15 07:39 AM
After the stone Age.....
Age of empires II what a classic Windows Strategy game, thegame is okay is not really great but is not bad in that fact something whatmake this game very amazing is the multiplayer online matches

GraphicsOkay now we have some Windows 98 graphics here accordingwith the date of creation the game is great in graphics every sprite is great,the game sprites are colors and great designed, well we also have the graphicsof the maps and resources are look good, maybe some units just look okay butthe graphics still great, also notice the number of animals (like birds and fishes) have a great sprites by the way, well I only left to say about the mapsof camping, the ground are clear defined and look good in every terrain, also Ilove to see the Villagers sprites working those look’s amazing

Soundokay now here’s a bad point and I must say that, the gamedoesn’t contains any music, except some sound effects (Chat voice message, attackalerts and some sound effects in brawling) but all this small number of soundeffects are okay, also thinking about, there’s a great music in the intro butthe game still without a music (because you need to focus on hear enemyfootsteps)

AddictivenessOkay now we have here an advanced strategy game, like weknow strategy games are very addictiveness like other games in this time, isthe kind of game when you say “Okay I finish no more game for today… oh reachedthe castle Age…. 5 minutes more” just like that, that’s how addictive is, wellis like practice on Random maps and the camping is just a great experience, ifyou don’t want to become very addict, don’t try on online mode

DepthOkay now we have a strategy game…obviously is depth :VOkay now we have 8 differentcivilizations to play on online matches, random fight, full combat, the King game(I don’t remember the name) and the camping, also here’s l... Read the rest of this Review
Bomberman B-Daman
01-09-15 02:39 PM
B-daman Review
Hi Vizzed users Today I'm going to review a Bomber man franchise game
one of the less know led and played, I'm talking about Bomber man B-daman
is a game with a really basic concept and game play the game is only about
make a chain reactions throwing a ball to the bombs, using effect balls or just
direct to the center, but can 4 players play.

Graphics: The graphics of this games are just a common type of graphics
is not the type of graphics you see and say those are the best graphics ever
but there still be quite good quality, especially in the characters select.

Sound: The sound of the game is good quality, pretty simple, with out
any sound bugs, the exploiting sound of the booms are good and
not very noise.

Addictiveness: I still can't believe how the game can become to addictive the
going level by level getting more score and make the players focus to make the
right decisions, this is an arcade that make persons thinks every decisions only with
one shoot.

Depth: This isn't a really depth game, because is just an arcade but across more levels
more objects star adding like the speed slower or the bouncing corners, but you have
free level select.

Story: N/A

Difficulty: Understand every level mechanic is a really hard thing to do
every level have an different type of game play and way to defeat
also the booms moves can make hard to hit them in the right order
But even with practice is a hard game to play.
Chaos Seed (english translation)
01-02-15 01:07 PM
Chaos Seed (amazing but not well know)
Hi Vizzed users and guest, 
today I'm going to review a really hidden Snes jewel is a game unrepeatable, with out lie this is the best title that I ever played
I'm talking about Chaos Seed is a game that never sales out of Japan, is an a last of the Snes time games or the Super Famicon
because it never sales out of Japan, Is a game that make a perfect combine of 3 genders and I think there's nothing same than this
title, is a game that never was repeated and Inspiration has few is a very genuine game it mix the Action RPG, Strategy and
the building.

Graphics 9 : at the graphic level this game is excellent is something Best of the Snes close to the 32 bit
it don't have any type of slowdown's or graphics bugs, every sprites are amazing worked
like many of the last Snes titles but unlucky many of then never sales out of Japan

Sound 9 : Excellent sound, is really enjoyable the sound effects are really good done

Addictiveness 10: this title is a lot addictive you can't stop playing it is that type of game that you're playing and you say "Ok leave it now"
and you level up and is something like that  "Yes one more level, only 5 minutes more"

Story 7 :The game story we control a character that need to build an series of caves or wells to save some sort of Magic
to destroy the enemies monsters 

Depth 9:  a long game is really a big map and you can loose easy, there's a lot of items to obtain

Difficulty 9 :This game is a lot hard, is impossible beat it with out a guide, you need to think everything decision
 where to go, what use, how many material you need ?
is hard you take hours even day's beat it

Final words
At last I'm going to say don't miss out this title is a lot of hours of  fun but don't get to addict
Mega Man & Bass (English Translation)
12-25-14 08:29 PM
Snes power
Hi Vizzed users today I'm going to review the best game of all the huge Snes titles
No other than Rock man & Forte, a game that never sales out of Japan
this title is quite interest in aspect with a new features to refresh the mega man classic saga
the SNES have an incredible capacity to be  a 16 bit console who competent with 32 bit consoles
the Play station and the Sega Saturn, this is the game that probe the SNES true power so let's begging

Graphics 10: The graphics of this titled is the best of all SNES titles, using and huge amount of sprites
extracted from Mega man 8, that's an amazing fact because a 16 bit console using a 32 bit game sprites,
if you compare the MM 8 and this title you can't see to many difference... also the backgrounds are really expectantly
the effects of the Ice and the flames textures are quite impressive, Even this title have better graphics than they other SNES
games like Mega Man X or Mega Man VII, this game is they show the true SNES power.

Sound 8: The sound of this title is really good you can hear it clear and enjoy this title sounds
the game was release when the 32 bits consoles was who are over all the marketing, of course a 16 bits cannot
compare his sound with the Sound quality of the 32 bits console, even with out digital audio the game sound still be great

Addictiveness 7: this game is really addictive going and exploring all the game on a large amount of scenarios
followed with an amazing music and great graphics, you can easy become addict to this title
also searching the secrets and get new abilities will keep you playing for hours

Story 6: You know in Mega Man Classic games, you don't need to play the full title to know who is behind all but
this title offers a really great story not only with our new villain King who at the star we didn't get him real propose,
is because the title is similar to MMX4you can select a charac... Read the rest of this Review
Tapper (Budweiser, set 1)
12-08-14 06:46 PM
Tapper The Arcade
Hi Vizzed Board Today I'm going to Review one of the Greatest Arcades of all the times
Tapper!! The game of Serving Root Beer in the Wild West
The game is set in the old habit of the Bar workers slide the Drinks in the Table
to the customers

Graphics: 9
The graphics of Tapper was the better Graphics I ever see in a 80's game
Every Character Have a 16 Bit designed to be an Arcade game

Sound: 8
The game Song contains the classic Wild west Piano theme
 also includes clear sound effects and some extra themes

Addictiveness: 10
This is a really Addictive game of all the time, Be quick in your Duty to server to every Cowboy a Good drink 
Before they come to you and throws you out of the Bar

Story: N/A
Is an Arcade Game don't have History.

Depth: 8
A game only of Serving beer to Cowboys Don't sounds complicate.
what if there's 4 lines of clients, what if Cowboys will return the Empty jars and you have to catch them, what if You can't throws Drinks in empty rows or you loose, what if the cowboys leave you tip and you need to take it before it disappears, what if the cowboys take you and throws out of the bar if you don't server Beer, what if you go to a new locations every 2 levels and what if contain bonus levels...

Difficulty: 9
Hard to server to Cowboys the Drinks just in the right time
This game is really difficulty even the first level can be a challenge to beat
If you do not have good control of the game

Dark sword Z's Last Game Guides
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
03-28-15 11:34 AM
Age of Empires II FAQ, part 1 (Let's meet all)
Hello and welcome to the Age of Empires II FAQ for help those who are going to star
now first of all let's star rating the civilizations of the game

-Byzantine civilization 8.3/10
okay now the Byzantine is a great for star, is sure this is the type of civilization for
begginers in this game, they have all the technology make the number of strategies
very huge, make them hard to predict their movement and type of fight,
(can be ranged, direct or defensive the most used) chagens with every player
Type of civilization: defensive

good points
-Buildings gain +10% HPs in Dark Age, +20% Feudal Age, +30% Castle Age, +40% Imperial Age
-Camels, Skirmishers, Spearmen are 25% cheaper
-Fire Ships attack 20% faster
-Advance to Imperial Age costs 33% less
-Town Watch technology free

-Britons civilization 7.9/10
The Britons is an good civilization in long range combat, really good 
but is a little lack on defense, (especially weak against cavaliers)
type of civilization: offensive

good points
-Town Centers cost -50% Wood from Castle Age
-Foot archers have +1 range in Castle Age, +1 in Imperial Age
-Shepherds work 25% faster

-Celts civilization 9/10
this civilization is one of the best of the game, this civilization is used for his
great speed, also this is an excellent civilizations for attack and run, also have 
the most powerful siege weapons in the game with the greatest HP and fastest fire 
type of civilization: offensive

good points
-Lumberjacks work 15% faster
-Infantry move 15% faster
-Siege weapons fire 20% faster
-Sheep cannot be converted by enemies if within a unit's line of sight

-Chinesse civilization 8.1/10
Chinesse civilization is a power full economic civilization, is the civilization who have 
better economic bonus, is amazing to get resource's, and good in that fact,... Read the rest of this Guide

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Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2
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Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
Character Profile: Villagers

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
Character Profile: Technology tree

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