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Dragon Warrior
02-02-15 01:39 PM
Original RPG
Dragon Warrior was the original Role Playing Game with a built in battery for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The game follows the story of a descendant of a famous warrior who is now tasked to defeat the new darkness in the continent.  The Dragonlord is your named enemy and you fight monsters, level up, improve your stats, and buy new weapons and gain information through various towns and cities, all in the name of the defeat of this terrible scourge.

The game is good for the time.  It doesn't age well and it's very one dimensional after you get the idea.  The story telling is basic but good enough to pass muster and the RPG side of things don't make you go fetch this that and the other.  Later RPGs, notably Dragon Warrior III, fall into a trap of "Get this for this particular person."  Dragon Warrior I stays true to home where every item you seek drives your own development, not that of random characters you don't see again.

GRAPHICS: The designs of monsters are good for the time.  They flipped the orientation and color to make three types of monster per image and it plays well because different monsters have different skills.  I remember being floored by the overworld map and how huge it was.  It also lets different cities have different themes and feelings.  There's a town surrounded by walls, there's a town destroyed long ago, and so on.  Each continent has different enemies and fun towns to investigate.  The graphics of the towns are respectable and the terrain makes sense. 

SOUND: Magic and battle sounds start to blend together and the music is repetitive.  There's nothing special here except it was the first of its kind.

ADDICTIVENESS: Personally, I hate the word addictiveness the same way I hate the word 'obsessed."  This game is not addictive only because it is fairly straight forward without much change.  You can explore, see new things,... Read the rest of this Review
North & South
05-27-14 08:14 PM
The American Civil War
Ice Hockey
05-20-14 08:38 PM
Skatin' for your Nation
Silent Service
05-20-14 06:26 AM
The Submarine Business
Silent Service is the major submarine simulator title for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The player takes command of a World War II submarine and goes into the Pacific hunting Japanese shipping vessels and warships.  There are simulators, single battles, and campaigns available to give different scenarios for quick play or a longer game.

Graphics - The graphics are decent.  The interesting piece is moving between the map, the damage station, the periscope, and the interior of the submarine.  You can use several different parts of the submarine to control different aspects of the game.  It also serves at a pause option.

Sound - The sound is horrendous given the other titles out at the time.  The usual sounds you'd expect, from pings of enemy sonar and crashing of firing torpedoes, are present but they sound terrible.  Even explosions and shots firing sound bad.  Except the introduction music which may be one of the best intro songs in NES history, the droning of the engines and the whine of the battery, should never have been used.  You're better off making your own explosion sounds.

Addictiveness - Silent Service is a game that will make you play for 30-45 minutes and be done with it.  It's a play, learn, check off the list kind of game that once you've done a few run throughs, you're all set.  You can try to challenge yourself with tonnage and total number of ships sunk and increase the difficulty but there is very little past the major game play that you can experiment or improve.  Once you're gone through a few patrols, you are going to say, "That was fun.  What a great theme song.  What's next?"

Story - The story is simple.  You're a World War II submarine captain and you're fighting the Japanese.  You can pick and choose targets, sneak around underwater, sink ships, repair your ship in Australia and continue patrolling.

Depth - The g... Read the rest of this Review
02-02-14 12:32 PM
Jackel - NES shooter
Jackel is a traditional NES up-scrolling shooter.  You command an Army Jeep and your mission is to rescue prisoners of war and destroy enemy bases as you go.  You are armed with an upward firing gun and a grenade launcher which upgrades to missiles as you progress.

Story: The story is basic and doesn't have too much depth.  You're on a mission to rescue your buddies and get them to helicopter landing pads to evacuate them.  Once they're gone, you can continue on with your mission to destroy various bosses and bases on the ground.  The truck is equipped with some firepower and you can improve it as long as you're not hit while driving.  You can use the vehicle to run over infantry but you have to shoot turrets and other tanks.  You're susceptible to air attacks as planes and helicopters fly overhead and drop bombs on you.

Graphics: The graphics are generic and you'll see the same sort of scroller combat simulator as most other NES games.  The game does move quickly and there are a tremendous number of enemies, debris, and bullets and missiles that can hit you.  The graphics do well to show the volume of artillery flying through the air at any given time and you fight in ruins, in jungle, on sand and beaches, and over bridges.  The scenery is engaging and adds to the flavor of the game.

Sound: The music is attractive and upbeat.  You may find yourself humming the songs and tunes after you're done playing and in the night while trying to fall asleep.  The generic beeps and boops of shooting and explosions are nothing special but the music does make Jackel a more entertaining game to play.

Addictiveness: The game is a challenge and hard.  You can play it over and over trying to beat it.  Once you have succeeded and checked it off your scorecard as "NES Game Done" it is unlikely you'll come back except for nostalgia.  Fighting through and succeeding is what will... Read the rest of this Review

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