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Crimson Pheonix 's Last Game Reviews
Pokemon Green (Pirate Version)
04-06-14 11:47 PM
Pocket Monsters(Pokemon) Green
         I call it Pocket Monsters (since it was exclusively released in Japan) but for the sake of most United state users I'll call it Pokémon. In Pokémon Green the graphics are plain and  not very descriptive at all. There is no battle area background during Pokémon battle's . The Pokémon sprites  are very detailed when the games camera is facing the opposite Pokémon towards your own in a battle but when your the trainer who is battling then the pixels on the Pokémon is a little distorted (and you really can't make it if its a Pokémon or a deformed blob). Also the Pokémon have this thin black almost pencil like outline to them, which is great  to me because it makes the Pokémon look hand drawn(me loving anime) but this not anime this is a game which means the pencil like outline is unwanted and doesn't add to the games graphics making it graphic wise a "poor"experience.There is virtually no color in the game, which makes the game dull at times and kind of bland.  The only bit of color you gaze your eyes on in the game are the towns but there's a catch, the towns in the game are different colors but what ever color the town is, everything in that town is that color which really isn't creative or makes for a nice fantasy experience.
         The sound in the game is alright, fairly decent although it could have used more sound tracks, but hey at least we have Pokémon cries that are individualized  and don't play the same sound for each Pokémon or sound tracks (that play one song)in an ever going loop.
        There really is only one reason why I played this mostly all day,because it is the first Pokémon game ever to be published,released etc. (really whatever you want to call it). This reason alone is the only reason I pushed myself in playing it for half the ... Read the rest of this Review

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