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xxdougiexxfreshx's Last Game Comments
Pokemon Liquid Crystal (beta 3.3) Pokerus is a virus that affects your Pokemon. But don't be alarmed! It's a good thing! First thing: EV's (Effort Values) are points awarded to Pokemon through battle, Super Training, and vitamins (like protein and calcium).
Pokemon Slyveon Hack (beta) Are we ever gonna get an update with this

xxdougiexxfreshx's Last Game Reviews
Pokemon Fire Red Omega
04-06-14 12:32 PM
Omega Pokemon Fire Red Omega
Okay everyone welcome to my Pokemon Fire Red Omega Review. This will be my first ever review so you'll just have to bear with me on this, but I figured this should be my first one since i am making a walk through for it as well. 
I have spent many hours of my life playing many Pokemon hacks. And I have to say this is one of my favorites. I'm not gonna explain way I rated graphic sound and story the way I did. Now lets get into the reason we are here.

Addictiveness: 8
This is Pokemon there is already a level af addicitivness to but now.....
Now we have a change to set up a solid team even before you get into Viridian Forest. With the chance of find many diffirent types of Pokemon on every single Route we come across. Get the first 3 Gen. Starters form random NPC's so don't forget to talk with them. Get all the Legendarys 

Depth: 6
There is just more to do in this game period. You can catch all but 9 Pokemon (none of them are legendary). But you have to keep in mind it's still the same old Pokemon story to go with it. Some of the NPC trainers have been updated to say different things and there are even some that were added to the after game. New starters for you to work with

Difficulty: 8
The creator of this game jumped up the difficulty for us. All our favorite gym leaders 6 Pokemon. Our rival is no longer a complete pushover you will need to use your brain a tidbit to beat him now. The Catch rate of Some Pokemon was dropped to make em hard to catch (there are 3 at a 1). Stat increases on some of the Pokemon. Level grinding is a must or you can find your self behind 10+ in a blink of an eye

Overall: 9.7
This game is everything I've always wanted in a Pokemon game. But i'm still not going to give it a 10, not because it's not great but it is still a Pokemon game. This game has all we love about Gen. 1 with the prettyness of Gen. 3 and some difficulty

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Pokemon Fire Red Omega
02-08-14 05:30 PM
Pokemon Fire Red Omega Walkthrough
Look for something in Fired Red Omega? You came to the right place.

Basic info.
This is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red with a little bit more difficulty.
You get the National Pokedex from the start

Pallet Town


Your home
Prof. Oak's Lab
Rivals Home

Magby-Lv. 5
Smoochum-Lv. 5
Elekid-Lv. 5

Rival- Starter- Lv.5

First thing you need to do is check your PC for the potion. Next you need to head outside and go North into the grass. Before you step in the grass Prof. Oak will stop you and take you to his lab and will give you a Pokemon. After you and your rival choose a Pokemon you can head on your way but your rival will stop you and battle you.

Route 1

Potion-Get from the first person you see

Pokemon Lv. 2-5
Nidoran (F)
Nidoran (M)

Really not to much to do no this trip on this road since you have no poke balls.

Viridian City

Potion- Head west towards Route 22 at the end of the white fence go north
Oak's Parcel

Pokemon Lv. 4-6

Pokemon Center
Poke Mart
Gym (Locked Up)
Random House

First thing first hit up the Pokemon Center. After that is finished you can wonder around and notice that you can't leave due to the old man laying down in the middle of the road. So just go to the Poke Mart and you will receive Oak's Parcel. Once you have it in hand head down to Pallet Town to Oak's Lab to give Oak his Package.
Side Note: Later on when you get and can use Cut outside of battle you can return here and have the guy (the one from where you got the Potion) teach one of your Pokemon Dream Eater.

Pallet TownRead the rest of this Guide

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