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thephantombrain's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Legend of Zelda - The Stone Legion, The Blue Wizrobes + all doors sealed = angry thephantombrain! Fun hack though.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (set 1) In what way, shape or form is the "Easy" cavern easy?
Galaga '90 I suck just as bad at this as I do at the original! lol
Clu Clu Land This game is difficult enough without the rubber bands.
Ice Climber He jumps 10 foot straight up and 1 foot forward *smh*
Platina (super mario bros hack) This game was fun.
Sonic Generations It's a 360 game, too new for Vizzed. You're just seeing a list of submitted reviews.
Mario 256W (256 worlds) What's the trick to level A?
Super Mario Frustration (forever) I can see that this is beatable, and I keep thinking (((I used to do these short long jumps, no problem))) Is it possible that the original Nintendo controller was more responsive than my Logitech USB model? Or am I just REALLY out of practice?
Night Stocker (set 1) I finally figured out how to set up the analog stuff but how the heck do you destrpy the main enemies? Anybody EVER figures that out PM me?

thephantombrain's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
10-03-13 10:12 PM
Maybe dry land really doesn't exist.
There are many people that I have encountered in my travels that consider the movie Waterworld, which was released in 1995, to be a terrible attempt at post-apocalyptic science fiction. However, I remember seeing the movie in '95 and thought it was entertaining. Maybe my taste in movies is corrupted or possibly other people bow too easily to the opinions of critics. Whichever statement is true, apparently I have now become a critic which strikes me as very ironic. Waterworld the game was released on Super Nintendo, Game Boy, PC and the Virtual Boy. Apparently, there was also a version released on the Sega Channel but never physically released on the Sega Genesis. Even still, there was a totally unreleased rendering for the Sega Saturn. I have never played any of these other versions but I seriously hope that they were more appealing than the Virtual Boy release that I am about to attempt to be impartial to.

Because this game is an adaptation of a movie, I feel that breaking format to address the story is actually mandatory. In the movie, sometime in the very distant future, the polar ice caps have completely melted and almost all of the land on earth has been completely covered by water. Survival in this Waterworld by us bipeds, is eked out aboard sailing vessels and small floating cities called atolls. In this world of water there is also a group of bad guys called Smokers. These Smokers burn cigarettes and fuel for their jet skies and motor boats. Smokers seem to only care about one thing, finding a mythical place called dry land and pillaging it's resources. The main characters in the movie are a little girl named Enola who has a mysterious tattoo on her back that might indicate where dry land is, a mysterious loner who is half man half fish and has a tricked out sail boat, and the ruthless leader of the Smokers. Unfortunately, none of that information can really be calculated into the score of the game story because none of it was retold for the player.... Read the rest of this Review
Platina (super mario bros hack)
10-01-13 09:11 PM
Shock and awe.
Looking for a game that breaks the mold of the "Mario saves the princess" story line? Well, look no further! Platina is a Super Mario Bros. 1 hack that was released in January 2003 by a hacker named Mana. It's obvious from the screenshots that Mana put some time into the creation of new content but are there any other novelties to be found?

Pinks, purples and greens are the major colors used in these brand new levels. While this may be an immediate turn off for some players, I found it to be a refreshing change from the tried and true original palette. These colors are primarily found in the new terrain tiles which are done very well. My only real complaint about the new graphics is that the background, which consists of stars, notes, and cyclones, seems tacky. The final graphics addition that I noticed comes in the form of a 1UP and is simply a blinking "1UP". Platina took away a majority of original SMB graphics, which were a 10 by default, and replaced them. The new pipe tiles look good and they work but I'm deducting a point for the background which leaves the total graphics score at 9.

The sound of the grandfather of side scrollers, is the six song score composed by Koji Kondo and it's definitely a 10. Platina offers nothing new in the soundtrack or sound effects so I'm deducting a point. Because of this missed opportunity this hack has earned a 9 in the sound category.

Platina capitalizes on the addiction quality of it's predecessor by putting Mario in situations that can be overcome with a lot of practice or trial and error. It was while playing this game that I perfected some new moves. Some of the new moves that I perfected are what I will affectionately refer to as "the rocking jump", "the leap frog" and "the fast fall". Having to perfect my skills was for me a direct indicator of my addiction. Also, I wanted to see what else the creator would come up with to challenge me. In the end I was not disappointed and classify
this s... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario Bros - Ninja Insanity
09-23-13 08:05 PM
Only the most skilled shinobi need attempt this difficult mission.
Released in 2008, this Super Mario Brothers 1 hack was created as a “response to the various video game hacks such as Super Mario Frustration” according to its creator DanteRules of TANE Productions. Does Super Mario Brothers - Ninja Insanity have what it takes to contend with Frustration and similar hacks?

The graphics for SMB1 were iconic and I consider them to be a 10 and because this new version does not take away anything from those graphics it loses no points. With any creation such as this there is also the opportunity to offer new graphical content and Ninja Insanity does have some limited additions. The mushrooms, the goombas, the hammer brothers, toad and many more all get noticeable modifications by TANE. These changes fit with the far east theme. I was slightly disappointed that Mario was not clothed in black because with all of the other changes that occurred, this one seemed almost mandatory. Also, there are no noticeable changes to the background or other world elements. I’m tempted to deduct a point from the graphics score for my disappointment in Mario’s attire but it’s obvious that the hacker put a lot of effort into the changes that were made so I’m leaving the graphics at 10.

Almost anyone that has ever played the original game can hum its music from memory and the sounds were memorable as well, which makes that game a perfect example of a 10. SMB-NI loses one point for missing the opportunity to make any changes to those original sounds and music. Admittedly , I don’t know much about hacking ROMs but I am certain that these changes are possible. I would have loved to hear some music with a Japanese influence and similarly any martial arts sounds. 9 is my final score for sound.

Super Mario Bros. 1 is, to this day, the most addicting game I have ever played and ranks as a 10 for me. When I think about what the reasons are for that high of a rating, I come up with replayability, ... Read the rest of this Review
Star Strike
08-19-13 07:49 PM
They want to eat our brains!!!
This game will make you question your sanity. You might laugh, you might curse and you may even go catatonic. Star Strike was one of the last games that was developed for the Sega Mega CD console in 1994 but it was not released. Six years later it was purchased by a company called Good Deal Games, finished and released to appeal to retro gamers. (Hey, that's me!!) 

Trace is the main characters name and he is a rookie star fighter pilot from earth. The earth fleet is defending humankind from the invasion of the Protoids somewhere in the vastness of our galaxy. These Protoid creatures regard humans as an excellent source of protein and our brains are even considered a delicacy. Upon arrival to the front lines, Admiral Rakin assigns Trace to Blue Fighter Wing under the command of Captain Raimer. Trace is also introduced to Head Mechanic Terry York and the other pilots in his squadron named Cosmo, Snoopy and Tara. [spoiler]Tara is hot![/spoiler] (Also, fans of the television show Warehouse 13 might recognize the actor playing Snoopy as Eddie McClintock.) When the squad is sent on a mission, space travel is accomplished by piloting through a device called the MLR or Magnetic Launch Ring. The MLR accelerates the ship to 12 times the speed of light. With all the details and supporting characters that are put into the story, I'm giving it a 10.

The graphics are FMV or Full Motion Video and were filmed by a production company named Stargate Entertainment. It looks like they had a pretty decent budget to work with. All of the space sequences are done with miniatures that are well detailed. There are too many sets for me to count but I particularly like the interior of the fighter cockpit. The pyrotechnics are believable. However, the Protoid actors are wearing sculpted masks and gloves which gives the game a B-movie feel so I'm deducting a point. Also, I think the sequences where the ship is going to and traveling in light speed are compu... Read the rest of this Review
Super Maria Sisters 8k
08-19-13 12:52 PM
If you've got 5 minutes to kill...
...then you should try out the game that features Mario & Luigi's hot cousin, Maria. When I saw that this game actually existed, I knew that I had to see what it was all about. Super Maria Sisters 8k is probably the 1st grade exploration into game design of a Super Mario Bros. fan. There are 3 versions of the game (and I won't be writing a game review for each of them) but 8k seems to be the most well developed one of them all.

The graphics are comparable to the average classic Atari 2600 game, which historically had extremely short programming timetables. Someone put some time and passion into SMS's design. To start with it has a title screen; It's been a long time since I've played the Atari 2600 but  I know that a lot of the original ROM's didn't have one. Also, the player character, Maria or maybe her sister, has some elaborate construction. Yes, she's still blocky, there's no texture and she's all pink, but you can tell that it might be a girl. The final and only boss is probably a distant relative of Bowser and it is a pretty good rendering of a giant lizard. There is very little level detail, which isn't surprising because it seems like all effort went into character development. Some fellow gamers might disagree with a graphical score of 8 but I'm comparing it to other games for this console.

There is no sound but I know it's possible. So, in this category the SMS won't receive a grade. Although, I'm tempted to rate it as a 1.

Unfortunately, there is zero replay value. After, 5 minutes or less Bowsers sister has been dodged and the game is over. There are no secrets to find, that I know of, and no technique to perfect. Addictiveness is a 1.

There is no story but none of the Atari 2600 games had one, to my knowledge, so I wasn't disappointed.

I wouldn't call this a deep game so I start the point value at 1.Add a point because of the differences between all 13 levels. Dodging and evading are the overa... Read the rest of this Review

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