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Fallout 4
11-25-15 11:35 AM
Fallout 4 Welcome Home
Fallout 4 is a game me and many Fallout fans alike waited so long for, so here i am to bring you my review of this game after the playing non stop

Graphics: Bethesda's games never were graphical showcases they were more about the gameplay and immersion. The game uses an updated version of the Creation Engine which is the engine that runs Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online. Compared to the past Fallout games it is like night and day how good the graphics are but critics say the game doesnt look "next gen enough" even though the games looks great already but if graphics had to suffer for the game to run as smooth as it does then i am fine with it.

Music: The ambient soundtrack composed by Inon Zur is fantastic and way better than his previous works for Fallout 3. The ambient soundtrack really feels like he gave it his all to make it sound as phenomenal as it does. The radio soundtrack is alright most of its songs are from Fallout 3 and dont have a lot of new songs and the radio dj is boring and unbearable compared to Three Dog from Fallout 3 and it feels the same five songs are repeated so i probably havent heard the whole soundtrack but i always find myself turning off the radio to listen to the ambient music or using the Spotify app for music.

Voices: Unlike Fallout 3 and New Vegas where every NPC sounded the same, in Fallout 4 it feels like each NPC has a voice actor and brings a bit of immersion into the world

Environment: each little thing has its own unique sound and the growls of mutated animals and the crack of a hunting rifle sound so good and it makes me feel like im in the wasteland.

Addictiveness: the game has plenty to do and a huge wasteland to explore so you will be sucked in

Story: this is the weak part of the game, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas had very boring stories and Fallout 4's stoory is boring but not as boring as the others.
The game starts on the day... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon HeartGold Version
09-24-15 11:00 AM
Pokemon Heartgold was released in 2010 and is the remake of Pokemon Gold which was originally released on Game Boy Color; there is also a remake of Pokemon Silver called Soul Silver as well. Pokemon Heartgold was the last good pokemon game released on the Nintendo DS (in my opinion) because Black and White 1 and 2 were a disappointment and the first pokemon game i own that i never beat.

Graphics: A pokemon game with bad graphics is impossible because pokemon has its own unique art style and has an awesome graphics engine which works very well for pokemon.

Sound: The sound is awesome, the original soundtrack was remade and later on in the game you can get a "Game Boy Pocket" item that lets you switch to the original soundtrack. Pokemon games always have a unique sound but can feel repetitive after heard for the millionth time

Addictiveness: Pokemon is like a drug once you play it, you cant put it down and the end of the game will leave you wanting more.

Story: You start in the Johto Region and its like any other pokemon game, Battle through the regions gym leaders, stop the evil organization in the region (in this game you fight Team Rocket) and go to the Pokemon League to be the pokemon champion. Even though the story seems the same in every Pokemon it seems as if each story is unique in its own way

Depth: The game comes with a pokemon themed pedometer called a Pokewalker where you download your pokemon to it and the way it works is that as you walk your pokemon levels up and the pokewalker if im not mistaken has an app where you can catch pokemon and an app where you can get items.
The game connects Johto and Kanto together allowing you to journey to both regions.
The game has a new thing called the Pokemon triathlon kinda like a Pokemon Olympics :P
The game has 451 Pokemon but 42 can only be gotten if you trade pokemon from the past games and some special legendary pokemon from wi fi events. <... Read the rest of this Review
Fallout 3
09-16-15 08:44 AM
Fallout 3
Fallout 3 was released in 2008 by Bethesda Softworks, the same company who is famous for the Elder Scrolls Series. The game is set in 2277 in a post apocalyptic Washington D.C.; two hundred years after a nuclear war destroys a United States who couldn't get out of the 1950's culture.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty bad, the game uses the Gamebryo engine (the only game i can think that uses that engine is Rocksmith) which is not the best engine if you want good graphics. Fallout 3 wasnt a graphical showcase, it wasn't suppose to be but they were good for an RPG as big as the game was at the time.

Sound: Awesome. Each enemy,animal, and weapon has its own distinct sound. From the rattle of a Radroach to the sound of a hot laser firing out of a laser rifle, the games' sounds seem to immerse you into the wasteland. The game has radio stations that play music from the 1950's just to have some tunes to listen to as you wander the wasteland

I may have had over 200 hours in my first playthrough but this doesnt include the other countless playthroughs ive done. You may not be able to put the game down once you get it; the game is that good.

Story: Dad have left the Vault's protection from the wasteland to complete a project him and your mother worked on before you were born. You have to fight through the Vault who wants to kill you over your dad leaving and accidentally caused a radroach infestation which caused civil unrest in the vault. After fighting through the vault you walk out of the cave the vault was in to see the huge wasteland of Post Apocalyptic Washington D.C. Now you have a huge wasteland to explore while you find your dad and complete his project with him.

Depth: There is always something to do and places to, you may think you discovered everything in the wasteland but you are wrong. The wasteland even has little bobbleheads scattered across the wasteland for you to find and custom weapons you... Read the rest of this Review
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
09-15-15 09:27 AM
Halo The Master Chief Collection, the collection every Halo fan has waited years for. Halo The Master Chief Collection was released in 2014 by 343 Industries. The game has Halo 1-4 with the brand new Halo 2 Anniversary and recently released Halo 3 ODST as downloadable content. To show how far graphics have gone over the years 343 allows us to switch graphics from new to original for Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2

Halo Combat Evolved/Anniversary: Halo Combat Evolved graphics were awesome for 2001, it showed what Xbox could do when it first launched and the Anniversary graphics uses the Halo Reach engine and Anniversary was released on Xbox 360 but Anniversary for the Xbox One looks beautiful in 1080p 60fps

Halo 2/Anniversary: Halo 2's original graphics were revolutionary for 2004; it pushed the limits of the Original Xbox and did so successfully and the graphics aged really well and can hold up to this day.
Anniversary graphics are...fantastic. Halo 2 Anniversary is the most beautiful game of this generation if not the best looking game of all time. The marines look realistic the environment looks realistic; everything has a bunch of detail and it seems 343 has been developing it for a long time. Anniversary includes CGI cutscenes which looks beautiful but id prefer if the cutscenes were done in the Anniversary engine

Halo 3: It looks the same as it did on Xbox 360 besides the enhanced lighting and a little bit more detail overall it seems they didn't tweak the game much but we can now play it in 1080p 60fps so, the game doesn't feel a bit slow like it did on Xbox 360

Halo 4: just like Halo 3 there wasn't really any tweaking from the Xbox 360 graphics but the game still looks beautiful

Sounds: Overall the sound is fantastic, each game uses its original sounds. Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2 and Halo 3 soundtracks' were composed by Marty O'Donnell, a phenomenal composer. The remaster... Read the rest of this Review
Halo Triple Pack
09-14-15 02:31 PM
If you can find it, Grab it
Halo Triple Pack is the ultimate Halo collection for the Orginal Xbox. Bundled with Halo Combat Evolved,2 and the Halo 2 Multiplayer map pack; Halo Triple Pack will bring you hours of nonstop fun campaign wise and multiplayer wise if you have some friends to invite over

Halo Combat Evolved: When it came out the graphics for its time were extraordinary and in my opinion can hold up to this day as well
Halo 2: Its graphics was a huge step up from Combat Evolved graphics and it holds up to this day
Both engines are superb for their time and aged very well

Awesome music composed by Marty O'Donnel to the explosions,gunshots and the screams of your enemies as you lead them to slaughter, the sounds in both games are superb
Halo Combat Evolved: The sounds are awesome and hold up to this day, the music is a masterpiece
Halo 2: The sounds are a step up from Combat Evolved and are just superb; the music is nothing but another masterpiece
Both games have awesome sounds and the soundtracks are ones we will remember

Addictiveness: 2 phenomenal Halo stories packed with each games multiplayer with a map pack slapped on top, if the multiplayer for Halo 2 still worked id be surprised you would leave your house

Story: Halo, a story that will stick with us till the end. Halo Combat Evolved takes place after Halo Reach (chronologically) and the UNSC cruiser Pillar Of Autumn escapes reach and stumbles across a halo ring. You are placed in the boots of Petty Officer John 117 a biologically enhanced super soldier known as a Spartan, also known as the Master Chief. The Autumn gets board and you are ordered to get an Hologram AI known as Cortana who will be your companion across these games of the Autumn. John crashes on the Halo ring and explores it and uncovers it secrets.

Halo 2 picks up where Halo Combat Evolved leaves off; John is on one of Earths orbital stations and the covenan... Read the rest of this Review

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