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GenesisJunkie's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Tearaway Tearaway is the perfect Vita game. It uses all the features of the Vita better than any other I have played on the system. Must own!
Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm Only played this for a minute but it seems really neat.
Pokemon - Mirage of Tales (beta 2.1) Pretty neat hack
Konami Krazy Racers Much better than the Mario Kart game on the same system.
Wolfenstein 3D Awesome game! If you own a Jaguar this is a must have.
Venture Great game!
Ax Battler - A Legend of Golden Axe Not too bad. It looks somewhat like a Zelda 2 clone. If you like that game then you will enjoy this.
Vampire - Master of Darkness Love this game! I play the SMS version more through.
GG Aleste Pretty good game. Very much worth the Viz to play it.
UFO Wars Not the best graphics for an Atari 2600 game but still really fun.

GenesisJunkie's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Alien Invaders-Plus!
02-20-14 08:04 AM
Alien Invaders-Plus!
   (Overall) Alien Invaders-Plus! was the first game that I got for the Magnavox Odyssey 2. Now, just from the name you should be able to guess what this is a clone of. That's right! A Space Invaders clone. I love Space Invaders, when I seen this game I just had to have it. My thought was "how could they mess up Space Invaders? It will probably be the exact same game just with a few little graphics changes." Well, it kinda is the same game (almost) with a few little graphics changes, but I have learned, you can mess up Space Invaders, you can mess it up pretty bad, but before we get to that I will give you a little history of Alien Invaders-Plus!.

Alien Invaders-Plus! was released for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 in 1980 (NA). Magnavox has almost no third party support, most, if not all of the games for the console were made by a few people. there are alot of clones one this console (just like the rest of the consoles of the time), and alot of really good clones at that. This is not one of the good clones.

"A fiendish new dimension comes to one of the most popular arcade games of all time!" (quote from the box). Yeah, this game is fiendish alright. Speaking of the box, what is with the four headed snake shooting lazers, I am almost positive that is not in the game, if it was it might have made this game a little better!

Alien Invaders-Plus! gets a 4.5 overall, lets dive in deeper and find out why!

Overview- Space Invaders clone, misleading box art, a big fat let down!

   (Graphics) I think we all know what Space Invader looks like, and that will give you some what of an idea of what this game looks like. Really Alien Invaders-Plus! looks like a kids version or a dumbed down version of the arcade classic.

The first row consists of big green balls, you can not kill the balls, they are just a shield to keep you from killing the alien invaders. The balls seem to be in the way every time y... Read the rest of this Review
Food Fight
11-11-13 09:04 PM
Food Fight!!!!!!!! (Atari 7800)
   (Overall) Food Fight was originally an arcade game released in 1983 and was ported to the Atari 7800 in 1986. You are a guy named Charley Chuck and all he wants to do is eat his ice cream! What is in the way of Charley and his scrumptious ice cram cone? In your way is some chefs, I bet they want him to eat healthy but hes not going to let them bring down his good times.

You are in a room with four chefs, a load of food on the floor, and your ice cream on the left side of the screen. If the chefs touch you, you will lose a life. You can hit the chefs with food (sure you could have guessed that from the name of the game!). Some of the food that will be flung are bananas, watermelons, pies, peas (that look more like oatmeal), and tomatoes. I have to say it is a blast throwing food in the face of your enemies. You can also fall into holes. The dark holes is where new chefs will come out when one is killed by taking a face full of food. You will be able to tell which ones you can step on and which you can't.

The controls in Food Fight are very smooth. I have played alot of games for the Atari 7800 that feel clunky and almost unplayable. The response time is perfect, what I mean by that is when you press down you go down as soon as you hit the button, you may wonder why I am even saying that but like I said before I have play very many games that have bad controls for this console.

The gameplay is fun and fresh. Who doesn't love food fights? Food Fight gets an 8 for Overall.

overview- Fun gamplay and good controls.

(Graphics) The graphics are pretty good for the Atari 7800. The Atari 7800 was made to compete with the Sega Master System and Nes but as anyone who is familiar with this console knows that the graphics just don't stack up. To set everyone straight I am not and will not compare this game to games on other consoles for this review, just other games for the system it was ported to.
... Read the rest of this Review
Shark! Shark!
10-15-13 09:16 PM
Shark! Shark!
   (Overall) Shark! Shark! was released in 1982 for the Intellivision and is one of the very few original games made for the console. A good majority of the games made, not just for the Intv but for all consoles of the time are just rip offs of other console games or arcade classics. Intv had very low expectations for this game, they put it out thinking it would be a fun game for the young kids. To their surprise Shark! Shark! became one of their best sellers and debatable the best game for the console.

I hope you are in the mood for sea food, and you better not save room for dessert! In this game you are a very tiny fish in a big fish's wold. You have to eat the fish that are smaller then you to grow and try not to get ate by the big fish. The biggest baddest fish in this pond is the shark. He is big, black, and very, oh so very hungry! So eat up and try to keep your tail fin out of the mouth of a large ugly fish that wants nothing more then to have you over for diner.

Shark! Shark! has been ported to consoles like the XBox 360, PS3, and a ton of Plug 'N' Plays. This game has seen more Flash game clones then any other. Anyone that plays alot of Flash games is sure to run into a clone of Shark! Shark!.

I give Shark! Shark! an overall of 8, but we will talk about that more at the end.

   (Graphics) The graphics are very good in Shark! Shark!. There are quite a few different different colors in this game. 

The background is water (of course, what else would you want it to be?), there is a sea floor with some plant life and bubbles that come up from the ground every little bit. everything looks very crisp and colorful.

What color are some of the fish? You are yellow, there are blue, yellow, pinkish (maybe red), brownish and the shark is black.

You can tell what most of the fish are, which seems to be a rare thing when talking about games from this time. Ther... Read the rest of this Review
New Super Mario Bros
10-10-13 06:32 PM
The New Super Mario Bros
    (Overall) We are going to be talking about the New Super Mario Bros. This is a released on the Nintendo DS in 2006. The New Super Mario Bros has the feel of some of the classic Mario games.

The map really reminds me of Super Mario Bros 3 and some of the levels remind me of Super Mario Bros (the first one).
The main reason I really enjoyed this game is because of the fact that it was made in the same style as the best Mario games ever made.It is side-scrolling platforming at its best for the DS.

There are some cool new power ups in the New Super Mario Bros. There is a giant mushroom, it makes you grow huge and smash any thing in your path! It is pretty much the regular mushroom just on steroids (and with out all the nasty side effects!). There is also a blue shell. What does the blue shell do? It basically turns you into a blue Koopa Troopa with Mario's head poking out. You can duck down into your shell and enemies can hurt you.

The controls are pretty simple in the game. You will only need to use two face buttons, one to run or use fire ball (if you have fire flower power up), and one to jump. You can also do a Ninja Gaiden style wall jump in this game!

You can play as Luigi in the New Super Mario Bros. I don't think it changes the story or game play at all.

New Super Mario Bros has some new enemies and the old enemies that you know and "love". Some enemies you may see in this game are  Amp, Ball 'n' Chain, Balloon Boo, Bob-omb, Koopa Troopa, Fire Chomp, Super Dry Bones, and many, many more.

There are some mini games in New Super Mario Bros, some that include Action- Snowball Slalom, Run, Bob-omb! Run!. Puzzle- Wanted!, Hide and Boo seek, and Loves me.....?. Table- Speed, Memory match, and Picture poker. 1 on 1- Jumping Brothers, Bob-omb sudden death, and Vs. Pair-a-gone. There are many more mini games to be played!

You can collect big gold star coins in levels (three per level... Read the rest of this Review
Lock \'N\' Chase
09-16-13 09:52 PM
Lock 'n' Chase Intv
   (Overall) Lock 'n' Chase was originally an arcade game made by Data East, it was later ported over to the Atari 2600 and Intellivision in 1982. After that it has been ported to the Game Boy, Wii, Playstation Network, and on the 3DS Virtual Console. We are only going to be talking about the Intv version in this review.

Lock 'n' Chase is yet another Pac-Man clone, a very early one at that. Data East is a very well know company, they have made plenty of great arcades and games for some of the best home consoles ever made. Out of all the Pac-Man clones I have played, and I have played a lot, this is on my top five.

In this game you are a thief and you are trying to get all the coins (pellets) and other treasures you can get your hands on before those billy club swinging cops get their hands on you. You are in a maze that is somewhat like the ones you will find in Pac-Man. The cops are on the side of the wall, two on one side, two on the other, unlike in Pac-Man where all your enemies are in the center.

Really if you have played Pac-Man then you should be able to pick up this game and play it without to much trouble. There are only a handful of things that differ. One thing you can do in Lock 'n' Chase is make a red line that blocks off the cop/s. If you get the hang of using the red line then you can corner in a cop or mutable cops and have a much easier time getting those shinny coins. The red lines do go away after a a minute or two.

What is with all these guys making clones of Pac-Man that are thief's? I have seen quite a few clones that make Pac-Man a thief, how did they go from a yellow circle that likes to eat to a thief that shoots lasers? I think it went something like this, "Ok, ummmm Pac-Man. Eats, eats, beats, ummm thief's. That's it!" Yea, I don't know if that's how it really happened but we can imagine.

Ok lets get back on track! After you snatch up all those coins and pretty valuables you will ... Read the rest of this Review

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