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Mohammedroxx3's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Sonic Multi You lose a life if you get over 250 rings? lol
Zork Zero This is probably something only tRIUNE can fix. I'm not sure if the RGR plugin would allow you to use multiple roms/image files for one game.
Space Battle Final Ouch. My ears.
Jitter Not sure how to play this game at all. lol
Classic NES Series - Pac-Man This game doesn't load at all for me. How the heck does it have an assigned screenshot? XD
Sonic 2 Recreation - Part One Ugh. That last zone is so hard, especially when I'm playing it for the first time. :P
Pro Action Replay 2 (Program) Nothing but a black screen.
The Flintstones (LX-2) *sighs* Another not working mame game. :P
Galaga '90 Dang. I remember playing this years ago on my ps2 in some awesome namco collection thing. (forgot whats it called) Awesome game, but somewhat lags for me in this emulator. :P
Delta info Pretty much displays a syntax error no matter how much times you type "run" then press enter. :P

Mohammedroxx3's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
09-20-14 11:22 PM
Not as great as the arcade version, but not bad at all!
Hey guys. So, I'm finally back with another review. This is actually a game that I've been playing for a while since last weekend. One of my favorite kind of games on my favorite system. Let's get started on the review!

Intro: Not as great as the arcade version but not bad at all!

Well, pacman is basically one of my favorite games I like to play, which is why I like pacmania. I've played the arcade version of this before. Then I decided to try out the Sega Genesis version. The arcade version basically has better sound and graphics then the Genesis version but the gameplay is about the same to me. The Genesis version is still pretty good though. 

In this game, you play as pacman in a 3D maze and you simply run away from the ghosts and eat all of the dots to move on to the next level. One advantage you have compared to the original pacman is that you can jump! Equally, one disadvantage you have is that there are more than 4 ghosts! (In the later stages, there are tons of ghosts!) 

Graphics: 8

Not as good as the arcade version in my opinion, however, it's still pretty good. The graphics are bright and colorful. The arcade version is somewhat a little dull compared to this version but it's a lot more 3D-ish though. In the intro (A picture that comes up before the main menu), pacman looks like some crazy maniac. He's standing there in a weird position smiling as if he's on a sugar rush standing so close to the short green ghost and the green ghost is just staring at him expressionless and somewhat afraid. But I guess it sort of fits this game.

In the game itself, the graphics are bright and animated 3D. (In other words, not real 3D but sort of like a moving 3D drawing, but it's still good.) Each and every ghost in this game seem to have different personalities just by looking at their faces. (Like the yellow ghost looks afraid, the blue one looks bored and serious, the purple one looks very serious and mad, ... Read the rest of this Review
Dig Dug
08-23-14 10:27 PM
Simply fun like a lot of other retro games!
Hey guys. I'm back with another review. This time I'm going to review Dig-Dug for the Famicom Disk System. Let's go ahead and start!

Intro: A simple and fun game

After I have played this game for a while (and I've also played it a long time ago before), the first thing that came up to my mind was that this game is "Simply fun".  

The main reason it is "Simply fun" is because the objective of the game is really simple and yet it's a fun game. There are also a lot of retro games out there that are also simple and fun. (Pac-man, Mappy, Galaga.. etc, duh) All you have to do is to just eliminate all monsters in the level to move on to the next level. To do that, just press the "fire" button to shoot a little gun that will inflate your enemies and continually tap the fire button until your enemy explodes. However, be careful not to touch your enemies or you'll lose a life.

You play as the guy dressed in white and blue who can dig through the ground and fill his enemies with air. You're enemies are the monsters in the level. (The weird tomato looking guy with goggles on and the green dragon who can shoot fire while his wings glow). Now, let's dive into more details about this game. 

Graphics: 7

Well, just like how the game itself is simple, I'd say that the graphics look pretty simple as well. However, the graphics aren't really that bad. Just a black background with the 2nd ground showing layers underground in different colors. It starts out with a slight color of yellow, then turns orange and turns more orange-ish as you move down the layers underground. In future levels, there will also be light blue and green. You can basically see all of this in the screenshots.

As for the characters, there aren't much details shown but it's fine. The character you play as is just in the white and blue suit. As for your enemies, there is a tomato looking guy who keeps hoping around with goggles on and there is a... Read the rest of this Review
Hunchy II
07-08-14 04:11 PM
Surprisingly a good game....
Hey guys. I'm back with another review. This time I found something that was quite interesting for me to review. Just one thing to mention before I start, this is NOT for the red/green jersey for the TDV. I'm just doing my staff job. Now, let's get started!

Intro: All I can say is that I was surprised....
Normally, I don't really play Atari games. I have nothing against Atari games but I'm just one of those people who don't like it. Oddly enough, when I actually tried this game, I actually liked it. 

The game itself is pretty simple just like most Atari games. All you need to do is to just avoid all projectiles and collect all bells to move on to the next level. There are 14 levels in this game. You can walk left and right with the arrow keys and jump. You can also climb up and down ladders. I have to say that I liked this game. Now, let's find out why. 

Graphics: 6

Keep in mind that this is an Atari game so the graphics won't be very "stunning" or "beautiful". Though, one thing to mention is that the graphics for this game is NOT ugly at all. Each and every level in this game have different layouts and different platform colors, which is sort of cool and much better than having each and every level in the same color.As for the character that you play as (which is that yellow figure), he's actually a man if you were not able to notice that. To me, he honestly doesn't look like a hero. He looks like some fat man that just came out of McDonald's. Though, I don't have a problem with that. As for the red figure in the beginning of the game, that appears to be trapped but trying to follow the man, she is actually a woman. I honestly thought she was some kind of monster or creature at first. (Ok, I know I sound stupid saying this but I'm being honest. lol)As for the purple stuff that randomly gets shot out of the sides of each level, those are projectiles that you need to avoid. One thing that I liked about the g... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic 2 Recreation - Part One
06-21-14 09:09 PM
Definitely such a different recreation compared to the original....
Hey guys. Now, it's time to continue my reviewing for my staff role. This time, I'm gonna review a Sonic hack! The last time I reviewed a Sonic hack was probably around February so I thought, "Why not review one of my favorite game franchise that I haven't reviewed in a while?". Anyways, let's get started!

Intro: *Starts the game* Uhh... What? Sonic Advance  on a Sega Genesis??? (Not really....)

Honestly, when I started playing this game at first, I thought for a second that I was playing Sonic Advance . It was way too similar to Sonic advance  in many ways for a Sega Genesis. Just look at the title screen and the home screen and you'll already know what I'm talking about, but this isn't really some kind of Sonic hack where it would exactly be like Sonic advance  on the Sega Genesis, it is just similar to Sonic advance  in some ways, while having completely different levels and stuff, which I will go into detail in the upcoming sections of my review. I actually like this hack because I like Sonic advance , but I didn't like the gba, but I like the Sega Genesis.This hack has quite a lot of changes that it's somewhat a little hard to believe that it's a Sonic 2 hack. Let's go ahead and dive in to some more detail about this game. 

Gameplay: 9

There were quite an amount of aspects in this Sonic 2 hack that made me really like the gameplay of this game. Firstly, the physics are basically like Sonic 3 or Sonic 2's physics. (Honestly, it's a little hard to compare between Sonic 2 and Sonic 3's physics since they feel like the same to me.) There are also several characters you can play as: Sonic (alone), Sonic & Tails, Knuckles (alone), Knuckles & Tails, Sonic & Knuckles, Tails (alone) and RedHotSonic (which is a made up character, I guess) .  Each one with their own special abilities but a bit modified for some of them.

So, when you play as Sonic, he can do the spin dash (by pressing an... Read the rest of this Review
Pac-Man Remix
05-25-14 08:22 PM
Not Too Shabby? Maybe?
Hey guys. It has been a while ever since I made a review but now I got to make another one for my staff role. So this time, I decided to go into making a review of a random hack I find of any game in the RGR and I guess I'll review this game. Let's get started!

Intro: Pac-Man Remix? Is that a new song???

No, it is certainly not a song. Well, for what I'm reviewing at least. To simply explain it, this game is a hack for "Pac-Man (Tengen)" for the Nintendo NES, which can also be played on vizzed. There weren't really any drastic or amazing changes from the original, but it's still a somewhat worthwhile hack to try out if you like to play various pacman games. There were some new graphic/color changes, new maze, and even a new ghost! Which I will go into detail in the upcoming sections of the review. Let's go ahead and dive in!

Gameplay: 8

Well, what's the objective of the game? I'm probably going to be Mr. Obvious here and there in this review since everyone knows what Pacman is, but I have to say all necessary details to the best of my abilities whether they are obvious or not. Anyways, as you all know, you are pacman. (Obviously that little yellow/orange ball who can gobble up dots, just saying if you're somehow totally lost) What you need to do is to simply eat all of the dots in the maze and avoid all of the ghosts. You can also eat the big dots to be able to eat the ghosts for a short amount of time. Yeah, everyone knows this. 

Now, let's start going into some less obvious details. So, I have mentioned earlier that there was a new ghost. His name is "Steel". He simply looks like a gray ghost. But now, where's the pink ghost, "Pinky"? Well, he's actually gone. He was replaced with "Steel". Now, why do I mention this in the gameplay section? Because, when you eat the big dot, all of the ghosts will turn blue so you can be able to eat them, all except "Steel". He's the only one who actually can NOT turn blue no matte... Read the rest of this Review

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