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PoundDotBlam's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Crazy Climber 2 (Japan) Never played this one before... what a great game.
Moon Shuttle (US) Another good blast from the past in the arcades... but I will say this game didn't show in many of them (in the US).
Crazy Climber (US) What a memory this game was! the controls were something different. I remember this game was one of my favorite in the Chuck E Cheese.
Perfect Weapon My god I've been searching for this game for at least 2 years and I found it... I have been dying to comment on this game because when I had the original, it would take like the longest time to load between scenes... like more than a minute... :)
Star Castle (version 3) I am stoked that this game works now. This game is 26 years old now... I saw this first come out in the arcade in 1980 and people would line up to play it. Spinning shield around a mothership... great game... no joystick, only buttons.
Star Wars (rev 2) What a blast from the past... Haven't seen that game in 23 years... hard to play, but the nostalgia is awesome.
Castlevania II - Simon\'s Quest This game is not that bad
Crossbow (version 2.0) Is there no way to slow down the gun?
Trivia (UK Version 5.07) I was wrong... this game works... operator error. :)
Jungle Hunt (US) This is the version that was in most of the arcades I went to here in the US.

PoundDotBlam's Last Game Reviews
Pick Axe Pete!
10-02-15 07:08 PM
Blast from past Pick axe pete
I knew a lot of people with Ataris and Intellivisions... but I only knew one kid who had an Odyssey.  I didn't know until watching AVGN that this system was the Odyssey 2... anyway Pick Axe Pete was a pretty good game... it had very funny movement, and jumping/ducking was ridiculous... I think it's a very interesting game because of how old it was... but one thing I noticed after playing it after so many years, is how smooth the game is.  

Check it out...
Fantasy Land (set 1)
09-25-12 02:43 PM
Fantasy Land - Wow!

(*edited*  Please note this game is a under the MAME games)

I started looking up games on a site that lists the games by date, and Fantasy Land shows up as a game that was designed in 1980.  If you look at the game, it is amazing how detailed the game, is and how way ahead of its time it was!

Perhaps I am missing something... maybe this game was redone at a later date and the original is not as detailed (maybe someone has more data) but I invite anyone to please play this game if you haven't and realize if it was created in 1980, it might actually be one of the best video games of all times (with respect to when it came out)

Fantasy Land

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