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Heavy Barrel (US)   Rank 2/2 : 12,800
Captain America & the Avengers   Rank 3/3 : 427,443
Final Fight (World)   Rank 3/3 : 235,801
Double Dragon (Japan)   Rank 3/5 : 9,500
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cafeman55's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Twin Cobra (World) i agree, i have the genesis version but i didn't know about this version of this game.
Mortal Kombat so today i was playing mortal kombat and one of reptiles quotes Look at La Luna i had no idea it meant look at the moon.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons so yesterday i hit one of the rocks and i got a ruby, and sold it for ten thousand bells, i was like coool.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf so yesterday Cole said he was gonna show up at my house at 1:00 pm he didnt show up, then i talked to him again he said oh i completedly forgot
Animal Crossing: New Leaf so today Isabelle braught me a letter, that never happens when i played this game.
Double Dragon II - The Revenge i always wonder why this one you can play 2 player and not the 1st double dragon
Double Dragon i tried this game it get fruseration because of hit detction, but i love it because the levels and hud are just like the arcade, thats about it.
Final Fantasy III well i'm one of those peaple who thought this was final fantasy 3 untill i saw this review on youtube
Casper Outside Xtra brought me here, and this is a good game. i honestly didn't know this game existed until now.
Haunted Castle (version M) brought me here its a good game.

cafeman55's Last Game Reviews
Death and Return of Superman, The
07-25-14 01:51 AM
the gameplay is good, the music not so good
the graphics are ok just your typical beat em up game the detail is pretty good on the backgrounds

the sound is ok, but the music is pretty terrible i mean i don't know
what blizzard and sun soft were thinking in the music department it would
have been a decent game if they just put the superman themes in there.

A faithful rendition of the comic series of the same name. Superman
is dead after Doomsday kills him and then you alternate
between the Cyborg, Eradicator, Super boy, and The Man of Steel i love
this idea because it gets the gamer to think who is the real superman?

the game doesn't have much to offer but it sure takes awhile to beat

the difficulty can get you can be really hard at times in the game.
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior
04-07-13 01:02 AM
street fighter 2 the world warriors (snes)
Capcom did a great job of transferring this classic fighting game from the arcades to the super Nintendo entertainment system

graphics: the detail is good on both the character and the background

sound: the music is really addictive and the sound, when your throwing your opponent on the wooden boxes or punching some barrels really sounds awesome

addictiveness: you will want to play this game again and again mostly cuz its fun to play when in vs mode against someone else even if you loose its still very fun to play

depth: all the fighters are in the tournament for different reasons so this makes it twice as fun because you get to see all the characters endings

difficulty: I had this game when i was 12 years old and let me tell ya it gets easy at first but later on it gets tough especially when your up against the 3 bosses Balrog, Vega and M Bison these bosses are no pushovers so your gonna die a lot when you face them
Double Dragon (Japan)
01-22-13 01:37 AM
double dragon arcade

I'm editing this so I hope you guys don't mind it was uh not good when I wrote it before

the graphics are amazing even the animation, the sound is incredible even the music sounds nice heck I can hum these tunes at my work,
the controls are simple you have your jump button kick and punch, the story is ok just your typical save your girlfriend from those thugs, the depth well its alright not a lot to do really if your pretty good at the game I'd say you[ll beat it in an hour, now difficulty the thugs can be pretty hard especially the abobo's overall this game is awesome one of my favorites.

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Casper (psx),   Godzilla (tgcd),   Godzilla (tgcd),   Godzilla (tgcd),   Godzilla (tgcd),   Godzilla (tgcd),   Final Fight (World) (mame),   Final Fight (World) (mame),   Street Fighter (World. Analog buttons) (mame),   Street Fighter (World. Analog buttons) (mame),   Mortal Kombat II Challenger (hack) (mame),   Mutation Nation (mame),   Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910522) (mame),   Renegade (US) (mame),   Violent Storm (ver EAB) (mame),   Nintendo World Championships 1990 (nes),   Double Dragon II - The Revenge (nes),   Nintendo World Championships 1990 (nes),   Nintendo World Championships 1990 (nes),   Double Dragon (nes),   Raiden DX (UK) (mame),   Double Dragon (Japan) (mame),   X-Men (4 Players ver UBB) (mame),   Captain America and The Avengers (Asia Rev 1.4) (mame),   Captain America and The Avengers (Asia Rev 1.4) (mame),   Captain America and The Avengers (Asia Rev 1.4) (mame),   Samurai Shodown + Samurai Spirits (set 1) (mame),   Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (World) (mame),   Samurai Shodown + Samurai Spirits (set 1) (mame),   Samurai Shodown + Samurai Spirits (set 1) (mame),   Samurai Shodown + Samurai Spirits (set 1) (mame),   Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (World) (mame),   Crime Fighters (US 4 players) (mame),   Crime Fighters (World 2 Players) (mame),   Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (UK 2 Players, set 1) (mame),   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (World 4 Players) (mame),   Samurai Shodown V Special & Samurai Spirits Zero Special (NGM-2720) (mame),   Raiden (mame),   The Simpsons (2 Players World, set 1) (mame),   Smash T.V. (rev 8.00) (mame),   Commando (World) (mame),   The Combatribes (US) (mame),   Captain Commando (World 911202) (mame),   Street Fighter II Koryu (mame),   Ninja Commando (mame),   Donkey Kong (US set 1) (mame),   Samurai Shodown IV - Amakusa\'s Revenge + Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin (mame),   Samurai Shodown IV - Amakusa\'s Revenge + Samurai Spirits - Amakusa Kourin (mame),   Double Dragon (Japan) (mame),   Violent Storm (ver EAB) (mame),  
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