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SuperCrash64's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Street Fighter 2 - Special Championship Edition This game was good on the genesis, but Regards it could've been done so much better. Someone actually did a hack of this game.. and fine tuned the colors much better imo:
Mike Tyson\'s Punch Out!! I saw teen's react to this and the Teenagers who played this game couldn't get pass glass joe.. #Embarassing
Final Fight 3 Ah I Remember the long play Videos I did. This game was such a pain on the hard difficulty.
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney 3 (English beta 0.03) If there's still a glitch don't expect them to fix it, I looked this game up. And Due to the official NDS release of Trials and Tribulations they cancelled this project.
Madou Monogatari I Wait NVM.. Actually it was Puyo puyo first, then this became a sub franchise. my bad :P
Madou Monogatari I Wow I had no idea, but if you play this and then Puyo Puyo, this was the game that orignated alot of stuff that's in the puyo puyo franchise.
Super Mario 74 I actually know of a place where you can make your Own SM64 hacks, and change the level designs and textures XD.
Mortal Kombat II Unlimited - Enhanced Colors This is how MK2 on genesis should've looked in the first place.(Rages fist at Probe Software TM)
Sonic 3D Blast Much better than the genesis version imo :)
Mario Golf Sorry, but some information on this game is false. Daisy, Piranhah plant, and Shy Guy are not in this game. I unlocked every character and imported the Gameboy Color ones. Just an FYI

SuperCrash64's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
10-14-16 09:24 AM
Extra! Extra! Amazing Paperboy gets criticized!
Many people consider"Paperboy" to be a true NES classic with difficult challenge, but great and addicting gameplay.  And there's others that completely hate the game and make it look like it's the end of the world*Hello Avgn*.

Paper-boy was made and released in 1984 by Atari Games.  The Game was so successful in the arcades,  it got multiple home ports,  some sequels to it, and according to Wikipedia this game was still referenced in some recent movies like Wreck it-Ralph.

Graphics: 7/10
Yes, the graphics on screen of Paperboy are pretty basic; but, it gets the job done. It's what you'd expect from a game about someone delivering papers; you have your houses, your traps, and you even have the annoying dog.  I think this game does a great job capturing the whole open world environment and it actually doesn't do too bad at simulating what a paperboy might encounter in real life.
This game also does a good job on agreeing with the plot.  This paperboy is so famous for his amazing skill and the game proves it as he has crowds of people cheering him onto finish the bonus course.

Sound: 6/10
The main course of Paperboy is the music in this version, it's nice and peaceful; it goes along with the setting of the town in this game.  From what I know at least, there's two songs that play: one song plays in the delivering part of the game, the other song plays through the bonus course. There's just one problem with the sound that doesn't quite keep it in line with the graphics; while the music is nice and peaceful, half of the time you won't be hearing it all that often due to hearing the crashing sound effect that happens when you encounter a trap.

Addictiveness: 8/10
This game is a port of an arcade game, so the objective is fairly simple: get the highest score possible while staying alive.  
Your goal is to get as many papers to Sub and Non-subscribers(You brea... Read the rest of this Review
Street Fighter II Turbo (beta)
10-12-16 04:32 PM
An interesting look at the beta of the Genesis port of SF2
Your familiar with Street fighter 2 Special Champion edition for the Sega Genesis right? Well did you know thanks to the awkward world of the Internet, we now have access to the beta of Street Fighter 2 for the Sega Genesis? Yep that's correct.
So in this review, I'm gonna be comparing the beta vs the final version, and giving my overall verdict on this game and whether you should look into it or not.

Graphics: 8/10
This games graphics showcases what the Genesis port of Street Fighter 2 could've really looked like, provided if Capcom did the extra work.  The final version has grainy, more red and dumbed down looking characters; however, the final also had more frames of animation, endings, and other details that weren't included in the beta. The beta though has much better looking eye candy, call me crazy, but I prefer sharper and crisper colors on Characters and Backgrounds over extra frames of animation.

I have to say out of all the Street Fighter 2 games available on the Sega Genesis, this one has the best looking graphics of them all.

Sound: 7/10
The Music and Voices are much better in the beta as well.   In the final version of Street Fighter 2, the voice overs for each character got strained out and sounded really scratchy, almost as if someone was yelling before they recorded the voices for this version of the game.   The voices and sound effects sound very similar to the sound effects that were used on the TurboGrafx16 version of Street fighter 2, so it sounds pretty good.
Unfortunately, the sound effects aren't perfect and some are missing like the announcer who says"You win". 

The Music while not perfect, it's certainly the closest to the arcade version of Street Fighter 2; to further drive that point home,  This is the only version of the original Street Fighter 2 that had the Heavy Damage Music(The music that would play when you were about to be KO'd)  But again, ... Read the rest of this Review
Hong Kong 97
10-09-16 09:50 AM
Ugh, where do I start.
Before I get into this review, I wanna note something. The only reason I'm doing this review is because other members on vizzed did a review on this game as well, but for whatever reason some of them actually gave this game a lot of good critiques.
Now I'm not one to bash people's opinions on their liking, but a lot of the reviews on vizzed about this game aren't accurate. I'm here today to explain the actual good and bad of this gem, so with that said onto the review.

This game's visuals would've been replicated and probably done better by a young child using paint.
Yes, literally; the game's graphics aren't unique, the developers at HappySoft were lazy and just decided to copy paste a bunch of random images together, with some random sprites and called it a day. There's no charm to this game, they even copy pasted a Coca-Cola background and decided to use it as a level.The images look bad, like they had to reduce the amount of color just to fit the images on screen and it makes them look pixelated and awful. 

The Graphics receives a 2 out of 10.

Now Normally, I'd have a sound section but this game is all about replaying the same repetitive music.
According to Wikipedia, this games music is an endless loop from "I love Beijing Tinanamen" and needless to say, this gets quite annoying; it's enough to make you put the game on mute.
For a game that's supposed to be about Bruce Lee's relative,  couldn't the programmers at HappySoft just use some proper Kung-Fu or other epic music? 
The Music receives a 1 out of 10.

If you play through the game and try to pretend the bad aspects aren't there, it's not bad game play wise.
The game is a basic 2D shooter at most, and it seems like it could've had potential as a High-Score game with it's never ending amount of enemies.

This is my main complaint with the gameplay:  Whenever you ge... Read the rest of this Review
Final Fantasy II
09-09-16 02:21 PM
Final Fantasy 2: A good game, but a bad entry for those new to the franchise.
Overall: 6/10:   Final Fantasy 2 is a very unique take on the franchise, and It's a game I'd say you should look into if your interested.

If your new to the series,  I'd avoid this entirely as it really lacks some of the finer elements that made Final Fantasy so good.   Something like Final Fantasy 7 or 6 would be better if your newer to the series.  

Final Fantasy 2 came out for the Japanese Family Computer in 1988,   and got an English translation the English translation got ported over to the Nintendo Entertainment System,  The Gameboy Advance got a port of this game which is called Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Dawn of Souls,  and lastly it got ported over to the PlayStation Portable.
Today I'm looking at the NES version of this game, both the good and the bad.

The Good:
Graphics: 7 out of 10.
The Graphics are a little bit better then Final Fantasy 1, there's more detail to the cities, a bigger map overall, more creatures, and overall more characters then the previous 4 from Final Fantasy 1.  What made Final Fantasy 1 so good is retained here,  each character takes turns battling with unique animations for each weapon you obtain.  

The Game play is actually very unique. It still takes the Turn Based Combat Formula that the Original Final Fantasy 1 had, but instead of Gaining EXP and Gaining Higher Levels; Your Character would grow stronger based on what Abilities You use: So for example if you use a lot of Magic, your Magic Points(MP) Will go up,  and if you use a certain weapon like a Sword or Axe, that character accuracy with that weapon will raise as well.

The Bad:
Replay Value: 5/10.
The Replay Value of the game suffers though because the game is very short,  there's a few dungeons and mostly repetitive fights.   Now I don't mind a repetitive amount of fights,  but it's meaningless here as there's no EXP system like I've stated b... Read the rest of this Review
Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers
07-31-16 10:03 PM
A super review for a super game
Overall: 7.8/10    Super Street fighter 2 is one of the better fighting games on the Sega Genesis,  It offers more content and more challenge versus the previous Street fighter 2 CE, but if you already own Street fighter 2 CE this is just a good alternative game. 

Graphics:6/10  Super Street fighter 2 is a mere update to Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Editon for the Sega Genesis, so with that being said this game looks remarkably similar.   All of the characters are there and look great, but  the fighters look pale in comparison to the SNES version of this game.    Each of the character also have new animations, new backgrounds for the various countries out there, and everyone has a different colored outfit;  Depending on which button you press determines which colored outfit the character will be wearing.   
The Graphics aren't too bad overall if you compare this game to other fighting games like Mortal Kombat 3 on the system, they both look good but grainy. 

Sound: 5/10 Super Street Fighter 2 is rubbish in the sound department.   The voices sound scratchy but surprisingly Capcom was able to fit all of the original voice samples on to the cartridge,  unfortunately all of the samples had be reduced on quality in order to make room on the game.  All speech is present and sounds good. 
Unfortunately, the music is the worst aspect of this game. The Audio pitch and quality is lower then Street fighter 2 Special Champion Edition.   The music for both the SNES and Sega Genesis had to be arranged from the original CPS2 tracks meaning they don't sound entirely faithful to the arcade music.  The worst part is that the SNES has the same soundtrack as the Sega Genesis version of Super Street fighter 2,  but the Super Nintendo version sounds louder and much better. 

Addictiveness: 8/10

This game really doesn't add... Read the rest of this Review

SuperCrash64's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Wade Hixton's Counter Punch
09-01-13 11:17 AM
Walkthrough of Wade hixton's counterpunch.
Introduction: feel stuck on this game, were you don't know what to do or how to get further off in the game? Don't worry I am here making this guide for everyone. That way they'll will have far less trouble.

(On a side Note to Posters/Readers:
This is not plaragisim. I've spent weeks on end playing this gem to get it were I could make a guide. All of this is 100% original. So no false acussing me or this guide of being Plagiarized. Just thought I'd make that clear, before one of you try to bash this thread.)

Guide format:
Bold for specific instructions
(italic and bold for side note's)
The enemies difficulty will go in this order:
Green for easy enemies.
Dark blue for medium.
Orange for Hard.
Red for very hard.

With that said. Let's get started.

First off what you should know:
the controls are similar to punch out in retrospect. Because Like "Punch Out!!"  You have to use the two main face buttons "aka" A & B.  A controls you're left punch, and B Controls you're right.   Unlike"Punch out!!"  You have actually two powerful punches to help you along with combo's.  The Strong Punches are Best used right after you hit you're opponent three times, while he/she is stunned.

Some questions in this FAQ you may ask.

(A) Does the character automatically get tko'ed after you knock him/her out three times?
Sadly not. This game works a bit different then the so called"Punch out!!".  If you are able to get you're opponent down for the ten count, then it's mostly a matter of luck, and Tedious also continuous parts on knocking him/her down.

(B) how do you unlock the special moves and how do you pull them off?
First off.  You earn credit after each successful victory if you win each fight. Credit is used to buy The special Moves. Once you buy the Special moves. It will teach you how to pull them off.

(C) Where do I f... Read the rest of this Guide
Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!
07-28-13 09:45 PM
Mike tysons punch out guide part 1
Howdy, Man What a shame! No one can make a decent walkthrough for This classic and that's really a darn shame, because This game is pretty much a Cake walk!.

This is gonna be my guide for it. I will give it seperate parts, because I haven't finished this game yet, but Hopefully these tips can be useful ;).

First foe Glass joe (lol Didn't mean to rhyme)

Alrighty, Starting out with the first fight of glass joe, Once he starts out, he'll do a stance/warm up, for about 42 seconds according to the meter, While he's doing that, start hitting him with face uppercuts, once he blocks, start going for body blows, and once he starts blocking the body blows, ?Then repeat 1 and 2 over again, once 42 seconds are up, he'll try to come out with a taunt, wait a few seconds after he's done taunting, then quickly hit him with a face uppercut.  If you do this right, There's a chance that glass joe will be knocked out in 42 seconds flat, How I know, I've pulled it off.

Legit screenshot of me Knocking out glass joe in 42 seconds below: (It's also on the gamepage screenshots, if you don't believe I actually did it.)

Alrighty Next foe. Von kasier:

This guy is one of the simplest characters to get a tko in a short time.
My record 55 seconds flat

Alright, He'll try and do a normal punch, once he does that the first time, dodge it, then face uppercut him repeatively, then try hitting him in the face, he'll try to do the normal punch a second time, try to repeat what you did the first time, then he'll start doing it a 3rd time, If you have a star uppercut,  Just dodge punch him once, he'll make a flashy weird animated face, once he does that, instantly do a star uppercut. 2 Once he gets back up, he'll try and do a few barrage punches, dodge and combo him with face uppercut, then hit his face, then once he tries that the second time, hit his face again, then once he makes that weird face, uppercut him, once he get... Read the rest of this Guide
Mortal Kombat II (rev L3.1)
07-16-13 09:52 AM
Combos and Some advantages for mk2 -arcade-
Now this isn't exactly a walkthrough, This is gonna be some combo techinque's, that I have learned, I'd figured since they are so easy to do, why not post them, Alrighty, This guide is gonnna be based on combos and advantages, with certain characters, With that said, let's get started, This game may not work like mk3, but I have figured out some neat juggle combos that will help you through out the game.  

Now before I get started... 

Disclaimer: Before trying any of these moves or combos, Make sure you have learned how to do the special moves, as they follow up with some combos in this guide,  and if you don't know what you are doing, then this guide may not be so useful. (on a side note some of these combos require some distance and time to master, I didn't exactly learn these combos when I had instantly started playing this game, so I've figured I best note that) ;)  (Another side note.. a lot of these combos follow up with jump kicks, and other stuff etc)

1st kombatant. Liu Kang
 Combo:flaming heat air attack,  This combo is pretty basic but it does do quite a bit of damage,  First Jump into the air near you're foe, then hit him with a high kick, then instantly follow up with a fireball attack,(side note: if you're opponent is in the corner and you pull off this combo, it gives you a chance for a low fireball or dragon kick to follow up this attack) 

Combo: Bycicle Air combo:  Another basic combo for liu Kang,  Just hold the low kick button for around a few seconds, That will perform the bycicle kick,  Then follow up with the dragon kick, by pressing forward, forward high kick, This is a short combo,but a rather useful one. 

Alright  advantages and techinal counters for liu kang. 

When up against scorpion, Sometimes scorpion will try to throw a spear and uppercut you,  Avoid it by Going into the air and pulling off a... Read the rest of this Guide
Mortal Kombat (rev 5.0 T-Unit 03-19-93)
03-15-13 09:51 PM
Combo's and guide for mk1 characters

 1st liu kang 

 Double kick combo. This combo is actually 2 moves in 1  

1st jump close to your opponent. then follow up with a high or low kick. Then instantly follow up with liu kangs flying kick

Combo corner only When your opponent jumps up and hes in a corner this is a very powerful combo

 1st  Jump near your foe  . then kick him. then land on the ground do a high kick . after that follow up with a fireball then finish off with a flying kick 

Advantage 1  When your opponent fires a projectile either block or avoid the projectile then instantly  do a flying kick 

Advantage 2 This will mostly work on Kano . When ever kano Does a spinball attack. block it then jump up and kick him. Then follow up with a flying kick or fireball 

Advantage 3 this will some times work with 2 kicks or 1 . 

When raiden does his superman move. block it and as soon as raiden begins to land . instantly do a flying kick. if hes two spaces near you then follow up with a kick. then flying kick 

Advantage 4 Goro and Goro morph only. 

When you go against goro . this trick can be a darn good combo against him. First  attack him with a fireball then instantly do a flying kick. 

However that move will only work if goro does not fire a projectile back.

Alright next Scorpion has only 1 combo but will not work against goro. shang tsung in standard form. and goro morph

1st jump at your foe  and kick him. Then follow up with a spear. then uppercut him 


This is 1 advantage that works on kano and Raiden. Whenever kano does his spinball. block it. Do a kick then do a  spear as he falls. then uppercut him.  

against raiden wh... Read the rest of this Guide
Mortal Kombat (rev 5.0 T-Unit 03-19-93)
03-10-13 05:52 PM
How to fight reptile in mk1 mame
Reptile is a hidden character  , who is also a ninja just like scorpion and sub zero. but hes green. hes not a unlockable character just 1 that can be fightable.

So in order to fight reptile . Go to the pit level. wait for shadows to come across the moon. once that happens start trying to earn a double flawess . and do a falaity with out using the block button. Then a message will appear. and it says. You have found Me ! Now Prove yourself. 

For those that dont know what his appearnce looked originally heres a gif image to help. he does these two stances.


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