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orionfoxgibson's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Rickroll A 6.4 game. LOL.
Strider 2 (USA 991213) I have a new Joystick (Ment for Flight sims.) I have tested multiple controler combos. I am now building a "Fight Stick". "Ho. Ho. Ho. now I Have A..."..something. Good Luck To All. Peace.
S.T.U.N. Runner (rev 6) Miss this game
Legend of Zelda - The Stone Legion, The Level 2 for the show. New puzzles. Hope I can figure them out. It's been a long time since I was Ten years old.
Legend of Zelda - The Stone Legion, The Level one done and I'm having fun. Can't wait for the next stage. Good Luck To All. Peace.
Legend of Zelda - The Stone Legion, The I will clear a whole weeks worth of week-ends to play and enjoy this. Thank You Gentlemen. Peace.
Run Saber having issues with the the graphics. If I move forward? The main character sprite vanishes. If I move backward? The sprite is visible. Good Luck. Peace.
Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake Good Thing I already have a copy of this on my H.D. 360 Disk. I was going to do a Photo Strategy Session for this place. Oh well.
Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake Can't Get the Controls to Function Properly. No Inventory Button, Or Item use Button, Or Weapon Button, Or Even a Codec Button. Only Move and Punch. No save state button either. This thing can not be played.
Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake Talk about a pain. This game was too ahead of it's time.

orionfoxgibson's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
05-10-13 06:21 PM
Happy Birthday.
The only "L.J.N." game that can be completed with Skill.
As opposed to most L.J.N. Games this one might have been tested before releasing for playability.
Not much to say about this game other than it makes little sense.
They got the main characters looks right and some of his powers.
They got the the story aspects down in an o.k. if not repetitive manner.
Unfortunately the gameplay suffers and the maps and foes look incomplete.
If a person employs a fair amount of memorization?
Then one can complete this thing.
The amount of chances a player gets are few to start up but if one explores a little then they can find power-ups and 1-ups and Continues littered in secret rooms.
The obsticals serve as the main challenge. The foes can be delt with in a similar manner.
Avoid them like zombies in resident evil. ... Remember to duck though. They shoot.
The only main two foes you need to worry about are Magneto and Sabertooth.
(You'll know them when you see them.)
I would talk about controls and limitations on tools to get the job done and upgrades that can be found.
There is no timer. (Unlike most N.E.S. Games. So explore, and have fun.)

The Scores???
Graphics: Are Terrible. But at least they still hold up in an N.E.S. still Without Glitches.
Even with this??? I give them a Four.

Sound: Three.
It is that bad. If you do not go nuts listening to this? Then you are not human.

Addictiveness: Four.
It is not really addictive for the modern generation. It is only addicting if you need to complete a game. (No matter how bad the game is.)

Story: Three.
It is Wolverines birthday.
Unless you have read the comics? You will have no Idea what that means.

Depth: Three.
You can go around saving the entire crew of X-Men but They end up freeing themselves anyway.
Just run the obstical Course and eliminate Magne... Read the rest of this Review
05-06-13 03:05 PM
"I hope someone was watching because I have no intention of doing that again."
The Games No One Knows About.

This Game has a counterpart on the Genisis That has better graphics but I stuck to this one.

Note: Go to Google and Print up a map of the Caribbean Islands In The Gulf of Mexico. Be ready to get a fun geography lesson. This game uses real locations. So, if you want to get around just type up the location on google maps. (I have mine memorized.)

I dig games like this that actually teach a bit of history.

Lets start with a Brief "How to survive the first five minutes" section.

Create your character at the start. And... "Fight."
The Fencing Sections have an Ego Gauge instead of a typical life bar.
The more hits you take the less confident you perform.
The Thing that stops most players is that you have to keep an eye on the crew numbers all the time.
If that drops?
So do your stats and ability to win.

If you have won you have a Boat.
Then you can begin.

This game constantly can drain a person due to the fact that you have to weigh and measure your stats and crew constantly.

You are forever hitting the "Select" button.
Is the Crew Fed.?
Is the Crew Paid.?
Does everyone have enough room? No.
Time to Hijack an Extra Boat. (Oh excuse me. "Borrow" another boat.)
Be Certain the flag is not friendly.

This game has so many options and leaves the story very mutable. (Like the Modern Sandbox games.) You can deviate from the main story to do what ever you want.

I love games that can give a person a sense of freedom.
If I wanted... I could talk all day about this game.

I give it a seven.
They are not the best graphics but they get the job done. This game was ment to be read like a book. The words are where a person is supposed to get lost in the details.

I give it a seven.
It is not the best sound track. But it ... Read the rest of this Review
Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520)
04-09-13 12:21 PM
"Are You Not Entertained ?"
Glad I found the time to finish Playing this.

The Beat-Em-Up that is better than most that almost No One Knows About.

This Game is a gem from the past that reminds people of the good old days when story was never really needed.
This game has one. If you have seen the movies? You know what's going down. You Play for the ending. (Note: This game came out before there was any movie. Years of good Comics too.Check Em Out.)
I am not going to spoil it. Its Just good Clean Fun. The Fate of the World Stuff. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

This game has all the componets of a beat-em-up. The Differences? The Componets are on Steroids. Each Character is distinct to the extreme, the moves, power moves, special abilities, Equipment, and effects of the moves are overtly done to make every blistering second cool. The mere jump button is epic. The button combination moves are the best and most well thought out of I have seen in a Beat-Em-Up from this generation. Not to mention the Weapons that Litter the Field that you can pick up. Each one is different and has cool animations.

(Witch is the reason I waited till I had a day to fully play,enjoy, and Savour the full experience.)

I Miss Brilliance like this in games.

Even the enemy designs were rewarding instead of grinding. (CapCom Wrote the book on what to do with Aliens, Soldiers, and Technology in a Quarter munching machine.)

Higher than a RockStar from the 70's. This Game will get played.

It's Capcom. It is always Top Notch. It is one of the reasons we play the games they make.

Too Cool To Believe possible in a game. It Looks like you are playing a comicbook with Anime Influences. How can that style be done wrong?
Brilliant art and Stunning Use Of Color. Effects in all the right spots. Even if effects are not needed. You still dig em.
1... Read the rest of this Review
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
01-18-13 10:37 PM
Turtles From The Time???
After All These Years.
I Finally Completed it.
I Cant Believe I Actually Got To The Shredder Without a Game Genie When I Was A Kid. Never Beat Him Due to that one hit kill gun of his.

First a quick Dose of "Strategy" for any new players.

The action is only good with two of the turtles. Leo and Don...(the Blue one with swords and the purple one with the stick).
The others are just cannon fodder for the swimming section and the "Technodrome" maze. So, Although the game gives you the Idea that you have four characters Two are nearly useless. The two that are practically useless are so due to lack of range with their tools and lack of strength too. Way Uncool for a turtles game. The pause feature that allows you to cycle through your characters is very quick and glitch free but the screen refresh rate is poor. You can take a hit "un-pausing" without seeing it. Not the best way to travel. Your cannon fodder turtles are as good as wasted. The player is better off travelling with Leo the Blue till something needs an extra hit. Switch out with Don the Purple when you need a foe removed. The Power ups are the only thing that can make the two useless turtles regain any advantage. I suggest the boomerangs. The Boomerangs can be Shared or traded with the other turtles. Plus the boomerangs are about as powerful as Don the Purple's Stick.
The Best Power up is the Scroll (Stronger than Dons Stick) that can only be found in level 4 just after the Swimming Level.
Since You already have your "get around" Turtles with Leo and Don, I suggest giving them both all the boomerangs collected and Give Your Two "Cannon Fodder" Turtles The Scrolls and Saving them As Secret Weapons To Face the Technodrome Boss and The Shredder Boss.
The other Item that is essential to progress to Level 5 is the ROPE. that can only be found in a sewer in Level 4 again.
Finally the Torpedoes are another Item that are needed to clear the roa... Read the rest of this Review
Dark Side, The
01-12-13 01:53 PM
What is Dark Link?
In the Zelda Series the character of Dark Link has no story. who or what do you guys think he is?

I have an Idea but I will type that up in another thread in a week.

I want to know what you guys have to say on the subject.

Good Luck To All.
I'm Done. Stick a fork in me.

The game that was supposed to be reviewed is a side scrolling space shooter. For the computers of the past. it's very nice for its generation and is very forgetable. It's the first time I have given a review for a game I have not completed yet.
I give it a 5 for its generation and acomplishment.
Pece out.

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