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Black Bot's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire So don't look for the play button
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Derp for future things you cannot play these games
Pokemon Slyveon Hack (beta) This was I think just a test to see a lot of improvements and graphics etc.
Pokemon Slyveon Hack (beta) I think it's okay to take it down because you can't do much, I can see that. I agree with the plan to take it down, but in March the game or next beta should be complete so nobody has to complain that much.
Pokemon Crystal - Emu Edition All the pokemans are obtainable. So don't complain you can't find them.. Well, if you can't, at least ask someone where they are.
Pokemon SoulSilver Version You can't play games in the video game room. You can only play games in the Retro game room..
Pokemon Crystal Luv this game :p
Pokemon Y mariomario000: Don't put it in all caps. It seems like your yelling or something.
Mario Kart Advance I really feel like this game is useless because MKSC is the exact same thing but in english.. lol
Mario Kart 7 Not as good and superior as MKW.. :/

Black Bot's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Super Mario World
04-01-14 08:14 PM
One of the best for da SNES
Yep, it's me again and I'm back with a review! I'm the Bot and I'm going to obviously review Super Mario World, probably the best SNES game I have ever heard of.

Lets just get started already, don't lay in the mudpile!


Super Mario World was a game made for the SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the nine - teen eighty's. One of the best series this game is in, this game became more popular as time went on. The Mario series was a huge hit, now, and even back then. This game was the one that shocked nearly everyone that had a SNES. They never seen such beautiful graphics, tremendous music, and all of it is amazing. Now this has taken long enough. We better move on to the Graphics and the main part of this review!

Graphics - 10 / 10.

Yep, a perfect score in my opinion! Brand new graphics then those strange looking ones for the original NES or Nintendo Entertainment System. Yoshi, mario was great! Mario actually looked more detailed, even he has a mustache and actually eyes and a real hat! Yoshi , the new one looked greater than ever back then! I will miss these times.

The enemies were designed very well, goombas to the boss, Koopas to Paratroopas. I would surely miss those great times when I had the game. No deductions, no nothing. Just perfect at the time the game was released. =)

Music / Audio - 10 / 10

Perfect score again! 2 10's in a row sure prove the game is amazing since it is one of the biggest topics on a review.

This game has completely new music. Nearly none from the old one. I love the BRSTM's and the soundtrack the game offers. Even music like the Boss fight, or even jumping on a goomba makes a squishing sound. Marvelous job by the creators right there.

On to the next topic already, I guess. .-.

Addictiveness - 9 / 10 Of course this is one of the best games to speedrun. Lots of people try it for it 24 hours straight on stream to get a... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Platinum
03-17-14 06:34 PM
One of the best modern Pokeman Games out there.
Holy fishpaste! This game is just stunning! The first time I ever played this, I.. WAS.. SHOCKED.

Indroduction: Pokemon Platinum was a great game, made by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. (It can be played on DSi and 3DS.) Everything was fine, every single subject that I am going to review would be almost all about how good it was. Even though it was one of those older modern games, it still stands out as one of the best. So for now, let's just go ahead and hop right into the review, and head in the world of Pokemon.

Graphics : Perfect score - 10/10

When I said stunning, it was really stunning. No deductions in this category, indeed. What I really liked about the Graphics was the Distortion World. I never knew in Pokemon, walking sideways, or even upside down! It looked amazing in my opinion. Just amazing.

I also liked how the character was different from all of the others. I also like the boy is wearing a different coloured scarf than Diamond and Pearl.

The characters and Pokemon looked better than ever! Especially shiny pokemon, thy look amazing, and my favorite shiny is metagross because instead of Silver, it's GOLD.

The gyms had a great design, each  different from each other. Especially the Elite Four, it was way more detailed than the one in Diamond and Pearl.

Well, How about my house you may ask? It looks decent, especially with a Wii in my room. xD

The battling scenes looked pretty well, just like all of the older games.

Audio - 9/10

Yay! New and awesome music! My favorite music in the game is the battle music for a Battle Frontier Brain. Pretty awesome stuff right there. The champion's theme is great also, and the gym leader battles are an OK. Through cities and routes, there are different varieties of music. From the beginning to the end, I got to rate this a 9.

-1 because on some routes the music choice was the same. I know it's pretty hard to make new BRS... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario Bros.
03-14-14 02:25 PM
The game that started it all..
Hello good people of Vizzed. It's been a while without a review from me. I decided to write this review on Vizzed because somehow "The Game that started it all" had no reviews..

So anyway, lets get right into the action!


This was the game that started the whole Mario bros. series and other Mario games.

Since it's release for the NES, it became one of the best in the world at the time. People played and enjoyed it, so they made a second and a third one. And guess what? They made 30+ more games after that! Probably the best video game series ever in my opinion.

Graphics - 8/10

Decent graphics overall. Even though this game was released ages ago, it still has decent graphics today. Mario looked pretty bad in my opinion so that's a deduction of a point. He may just be a red blob or something. I didn't see his mustache, and even his face so well. But in the future games, they changed Mario a lot, and Mario looks amazing now-a-days. The enemies looked pretty good in my opinion. They had loads of enemies as well and I like how every one of them moves and stuff.

Sound / Audio - 9/10

Hey, they still use some of these music in modern Mario games! Very good music choice for the levels and stuff out there! Even squashing enemies still counts as some kind of music. Even jumping like Mario does has decent audio.

The deduction of one point came from the repeating of music for a lot of the levels in this game. I wish they could change it and do much more different audio tracks, but that will take a lot of work, and some of the music might sound a little wrong.

Still, good music.

Addictiveness: 9/10

"Aw man, another failed speedrun." So the speedrunner usually tries, and tries, and tries again.

Even regular people that already beat the game, they want to play more usually.

It's even addictive for me, so yeah. Sometimes also an ex... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario Bros 3
10-01-13 07:30 PM
One of the best NES games ever made..
EDIT: I have edited this post and I am very sorry for the question marks that some of you will see with the diamond around it!

Hello good people of Vizzed! It's Black Bot here with a Super Mario Bros 3 (SMB3 for short) review!

Super Mario Bros. 3 (SMB3 for short), Is one of the greatest games ever. Travel through challenging levels and challenges on your way to save the princess!

Let's hop right in to the action.

Graphics : 10 / 10 - Perfect score

Okay. The graphics was just amazingly beautiful for a game released in 1985 on a quite old, and a popular system back then.?

Bricks: The bricks were a brownish colour, and Mario hits it with his head or turtle shell, A coin or item shall come out. The items came out perfectly, and looked the way they needed to be. Coins looked like a regular coin, yellow and kind of big for it to come out of a brick, lol.


?Mushroom : Okay. This is a cool item. This makes Mario / Luigi go bigger. The mushroom does look like a real mushroom kind of. It is Red and white and when Mario / Luigi eats it, they get bigger quickly. I personally like the graphics of the mushroom. It looks cool even though it is a small part. 9 / 10 for a rating for the mushroom.

? Star : This looks like a yellow star. Ones Mario / Luigi touches it, they become invincible and they look rainbow. This is just beautiful in my opinion. The best graphic is this game in my opinion. And the star has eyes which makes it COOLER personally! :D Rating for star: 10 / 10 - Perfect score.

? Fire flower : When Mario / Luigi / other character touches / eats it, they have fire power. Mario has White and Red overalls when eaten / touched Fire Flower. Luigi has White and Red overalls when eaten. This also makes Mario / Luigi shoot Red / orangeish fireballs out of them. The fireballs looked good while they knock out enemies.. The fire balls looks good overall. Now bac... Read the rest of this Review
Ms. Pacman
07-30-13 11:50 PM
Black Bot's Ms. Pacman Review!
Hello there wonderful people! It is βlαck βστ
 with another review! ENJOY!

Let's hop on right to the action.

GRAPHICS: 6 . 0 / 10 . 0

Seriously people, this quality wasn't as good as I even expected. This version of Ms. Pac man was horrible. I do not mind since it was made ages ago. This game was incredibly fast as well, and pixels were just seperated by a lot which I do not really like personally.

Ms Pac-man: Ms. Pac-man has a pleasant design to her, and pretty much looks like a yellow blob most of the time. A yellow blob with dots where the eyes should be is what I call it.

Ghosts: I really like how the ghosts look like with different colors. I call the ghosts a differently colored blob with 2 dots on them, and a weird shaped mouth and bottom.

I personally didn't really like the graphics and the design overall, but it isn't so bad back in the old days.

Sounds / Audio : 7 . 0 / 10 . 0

Quite average, like the graphics personally.

COMPARED TO OTHER GAMES ON THE SYSTEM: Not bad, actually. I actually think of this game a lot better sound than the rest of the games on the system. I don't really think of this as average sound. I think the sound is greater than average, just like ALL of the other Pac-man games in the series. Pretty much the same as the rest in the series, you can tell.

Addictiveness: A very poor 3 / 10

This has to be one of the worst Addictived* games ever. This game has barely anything else into it except plain old Ms. Pac-man. As for the other Pac-man games in the series, it is still pretty much the same. Not much you could really do in here except LOSE after like 10 seconds because of the majority of the speed it has in this game.?

Story : ? / 10

I do not think there is really a story to this game. D:

Tell me in the comments below if there is a story. I do not think so.

<... Read the rest of this Review

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