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TheTrueUlti's Last Game Comments
Mega Man Battle Network This game is awesome. Maybe, just maybe, I will consider buying it truly! So that, no matter what, I can play it; even without the inter-connected-nets. :D x)
Pokemon Emerald It is awesome. I cannot find a word besides that that will fit this game. :P

TheTrueUlti's Last Game Reviews
Dragon Ball Z - Buu\'s Fury
12-23-12 05:57 PM
My DBZ - Buu's Fury Review (TheTrueUlti's)
Overall: 8.8
Not much to say here, except that it is my overall opinion about the game.

Graphics: 10
The animation was really well-made. It had a lot of ways to move and you could defend and all. So, I rated this high.

Sound: 9
I did not hear very much talking, but it had a little bit of laughing in it... (by Babidi/Bibidi) and I could hear the sounds of the hitting, though, so I rated this high.

Addictiveness: 10
It was really hard to stop playing. Although it may have gotten boring after a while, I still could not stop playing it. Ha.

Story: 9
I would have rated it 9.9 but that was not an option. The reason it gets such a rating is because it is not all-the-way though-out. Hercule could have played a little bit bigger of a role (not that I like him). So, there you have it.

Depth: 10
This is a really long game to beat. It took about 10-20 minutes in the Dragon Ball Saga. So, yeah, it got a high rating on this.

Difficulty: 5
This was not a really hard game. But, the Dragon Ball Saga had to give a little thought...

Anything else?
You bet I have to say some more! This game is in the [Dragon Ball Z] LoG (Legacy of Goku) series. It is the last in the series. I hope the creator(s) have some thought about making a game of a DBZ Movie! THOSE would be cool! :) Anyhow, I am sure a lot of people enjoy (or will enjoy) playing this game! Well, I better get going now... See you all later! I hope to make another review soon! Please read all of my reviews. It does not matter when. Just do so. I have fun making them all, and y'all should have a little fun reading them!
Beyblade G-Revolution
11-18-12 10:56 AM
Beyblade G-Revolution : The Next Generation of Blade Battling
Overall: 7.3
This is just the average likeness of Beyblade G-Revolution. Not much to say here...

Graphics: 8
I would have rated it higher if you could run diagonally and if you could see the people's mouths move... Or if there was a closeup-- and then if you could see their mouths move. 

Sound: 6
There was not much sound that emits from the game. So, I rated this one rather... low...

Addictiveness: 8
It is so low, because it is not really all that tempting to play it again. But, it is still fun, so that gave it some extra points.

Story: 9
It has a rather well story that may make one like it, so I rated this one a nine, but not a ten because it is kind of predictable.

Depth: 8
Not really that long, but it is very fun to play and it takes a minute to figure out what to do next in certain cases.

Difficulty: 8
As I said earlier, it takes a moment to figure out what to do next in a lot of situations, so, yeah, I kinda chose to rate this one rather... you know, high.

Oh, by the way, hello all. You should really consider playing this, that is, if you haven't already. It is kind of fun. Anyway, see you all, later! :)
Pokemon Flora Sky
11-11-12 12:05 PM
This game is cool.
This game was one that I had to actually think about where everything was. Which made me like it even more.Graphics: 10The pictures and animations were awesome! They were animated really well.Sound: 9The sounds were a little less spectacular. They had not made very much animated Pokémon sounds... But, the music was good.Addictiveness: 8This was a game that had really good... everything, actually, but, it was not as good as you would have thought, which made it lose some points.

Story: 9
This has had a very well-planned-out story. It made me actually think.

Depth: 9
Pokémon Flora Sky was a very long game. Some parts were a little too easy, so it lost a little bit of rating.

Difficulty: 8
The game was a little bit hard... Not something I could not have beaten, though. It was easy on some parts, though, so it lost a couple of points.
Pokemon Emerald
11-09-12 05:49 PM
This game is AWESOME!
This game is so awesome. It would be awesome-er.. If the sound and story were just a little bit better... Well, this game is awesome, and I will leave it at that.

TheTrueUlti's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
06-10-16 06:21 PM
Bachelor/Bachelorette Info
[black] Shortcuts:Bachelors and Bachelorettes        [LISTS]   Bachelors                                      [BOY0]      Calvin                                        [CL0]      Chase                                        [CH0]
      Gill                                             [GL0]
      Jin                                              [JN0]
      Julius                                          [JL0]
      Luke                            ... Read the rest of this Guide
Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury
11-27-15 03:12 PM
Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury General Guide
Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury [General Guide]
1 - Intro & Story (Spoilers)
2 - Controls
3 - Play Modes
4 - Game Menu Info
5 - Map Info
6 - Game Screen
7 - Skill Level Requirements
1 - Introduction & Story
Note: Spoilers(The third installment of the "Dragon Ball Z - Legacy of Goku" GBA Series)

Following the defeat of the monstrous villain Cell, Goku decides that it would be safer for the Earth for him to stay in the Other World. So all of the Z-Fighters and their friends had to say goodbye to the Saiyan they had grown fond of. However, deep in a galactic distance, a new evil is being brewed.

After many years of peace, Gohan has grown into a fine young man and is now going to school. He discovers he still has a heart for justice, so he takes on an alternate identity in order to stay in school and fight crime in secret. However, he discovers an upcoming tournament and decides to enter, along with the remaining Z-Fighters, as his father is returning back to Earth for said tournament.

During the tournament, however, there is a complication during Gohan's match, as he is tricked into giving his energy to two beings under the control of an evil wizard, who uses this Saiyan power to awaken his father's monstrous creation...

A new evil is emerging to terrorize the Earth . . .
2 - ControlsMenu Controls
Arrows - Change Selection/Browse Choices
A Button - Confirm Selection
B Button - Cancel Selection
R Button - Cycle Pages (Right)
L Button - Cycle Pages (Left)
Start Button - Unpause (In-Game Menu) / Confirm Selection (Main Menu)
Select Button - (N/A)

During Conversations and Text
Arrows - (N/A)
A Button - Speed Up (When Unfinished) / Advance To Next Box (When Finished)
B Button - Skip Over Text Box
R Button - Move Text Box Down
L Button - Move Text Box Up
Start Button - (N/A)
Select Button - (N/A)

In-Game C... Read the rest of this Guide
Pokemon Emerald
05-11-13 02:42 PM
Pokemon Strengths and Weaknesses
Attacker                                     Strong Against~~~~~~~~~Weak Against~~~~~~~~~~~No Effect
NormalNoneRockGhostFire                                          Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel           Fire, Water, Rock, Dragon         None

Water                                      Fire, Ground, Rock            Water, Grass, Dragon, Electric      None

Attacker                                     Strong Against~~~~~~~~~Weak Against~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~No Effect

Electric         Water, FlyingElectric, Grass, DragonGround
Grass                           Water, Ground, Rock         Fire, Grass, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon               None

Attacker                                  Stro... Read the rest of this Guide

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Super Mario World
Level: Yoshi\

Super Mario World
Level: Yoshi\

Super Mario World
Level: Yoshi\

Super Mario World
Level: Yoshi\

Super Mario World
Level: Yoshi\

Super Mario World
Level: Yoshi\

Super Mario World
Level: Yoshi\

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