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tornadocam's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Mega Man 10
03-20-19 08:55 PM
Mega Man Take 10
My favorite video game series is Mega Man. Mega Man is often ranked in the top 5 of iconic video game characters. As such several Mega Man games have been made. Mega Man 10 was made after the huge success of Mega Man 9. Now, I did not get this game when it came out. I did not have the video game systems this game was made for. But hey, that is what friends are for. I played this game with a little help from my friends. So lets get started in reviewing another Mega Man game. 

Story: 10 Mega Man 10 has different stories depending on if you download and play as Bass. Mega Man and Proto Man's story is the same. One day all seems peaceful when suddenly Mega Man and Proto Man's sister Roll falls sick. Roll comes down with a virus that really impacts the robots. A few months later an outbreak of Robenza occurs. Some of the robots start going berserk and are bent on world destruction. Dr Wily comes to the lab and claims he has invented a cure and medicine making machine, but the wild robots stole it.  What is Robenza, how was the virus created, and is Dr. Wily telling the truth? Mega Man and Proto man head out to save their sister, get the medicine back and to get the answer to all these questions.  Bass's Story is different if you download and play as Bass. In Bass's Story the robots become infected with Robenza and they revolt. Bass sets out to prove that he is the strongest robot by defeating these infected robots. But Bass also has questions who is responsible for this and why? Bass sets out in typical Bass fashion to prove he is the greatest. Okay, There is a lot going on in this story. I will say this is probably one of the better story lines in Mega Man games since Mega Man 7. Yes, I think this story is better than Mega Man 9. I like the idea of having two plots depending on the characters. Having two plots matches the characters well. Mega Man and Proto Man are heading out because they have strong senses of justices. Bass,... Read the rest of this Review
Mega Man 9
03-09-19 06:10 PM
Mega Man 9
Time for another review of one of the video game's industries iconic characters Mega Man. Mega Man 9 came out 10 years ago. Now, I did not get this game when it came out because I did not have WII or XBOX. But as the old saying goes that is what friends are far. Some of my friends have the WII and that is how I was able to play this game. So I will be comparing this game to other classic series. 

Story: 9 Mega Man 9 has a different story than most Mega Man games. Dr. Light has created robots to help humanity. Suddenly the robots go on a path of destruction. Dr. Wily makes a video saying how he has turned his ways in the video Dr. Light ask Wily to join him. Dr. Wily even ask for money to help raise an army to fight the robot masters. The police even come and arrest Dr. Light. Mega Man knows that Dr. Wily is behind all of these somehow. He heads out to clear Dr. Lights name and stop Wily. But why have Light's robots revolted has somebody made them go crazy? It should be noted you can play as Proto Man after unlocking him the story does not change much with Proto Man. Okay, I actually liked this story because it offered something new to the series. The fake bad guy plot was good back in the day, but Capcom had gone that route several times in the past. Having Dr. Wily seem like a good guy was a nice show of creativity. Having Wily play the good guy card allows for a plot twists later in the game. I give the story a 9 out of 10 because it was creative Graphics and Controls 9 Mega Man 9 is a return to classic NES graphics. I have played Mega Man games since I was a kid. I was glad to see a return to old school days. The NES style is what made Mega Man games such a hit. I think Capcom got the message that some gamers were not impressed with Mega Man 8 graphics. Just to be clear Mega Man 8 was not a horrible game. The backgrounds in this game are nicely done. The color and stage background fit their themes very well. Mega Man's sprit... Read the rest of this Review
Kirby\'s Avalanche
11-02-18 02:04 PM
Avalanche Warning
November is upon on us and that means Winter is one month away. However for some places November brings the first snowfall and that can mean avalanche. Except today I will not be talking about the weather event. Today, I am going to be reviewing a puzzle game called Kirby's Avalanche. Lets see how this game compares to similar games. 

Story: 8 It is time for the annual Avalanche Championship Tournament in Dreamland. King DeDeDe was the previous champion and Meta Knight was the champion before King DeDeDE. Kirby enters the event hoping to become Dreamland's new Champion. However, it will not be easy as Kirby must defeat several characters. In addition, he must go up against the previous two champions King DeDeDe and Meta Knight. The player controls Kirby in his quest. To do so you must match or get 4 beans or marbles of the same color to connect . Also you must make your way to the championship round by going through several characters. Okay, I actually like the plot here and that is saying a lot because most puzzle games are not known for their stories. But this one has a creative story to it. Having a puzzle championship is kind of creative it offered something new to the Kirby Series. In most Kirby games its usually Dark Mind or Dark Matter as he is sometimes called invading Dream Land. Another game saw King DeDeDe try to raid kitchens in Dreamland. It actually feels like a Kirby game with all the main characters in it.  I give the story  good solid 8 out of 10. Graphics and Controls: 9 The graphics are very good for this type of game. The beans or marbles are very bright and colorful. The sprites match the characters very well. Also the backgrounds go along with the different levels. In fact, the graphics are almost the same as another similar game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. I will get to that in a little bit. I think the graphics are pretty good considering unlike other Kirby games there are not any long st... Read the rest of this Review
Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
09-14-18 07:18 PM
Doctor Robotnik's Mean Machine
Puzzle games are games that are sometimes often overlooked. However, some have become well known such as Dr. Mario, Tetris, and Puzzle League. Sega got into the puzzle game with Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. I will be comparing this game to other puzzle games. 

Story 7 The happy Beans of Beanville are generally happy and jolly. They enjoy music and good times. Beanville boarders Dr. Robotnki's own city of Mobius. The mad doctor hates the music, fun, and jolly. So he invents a machine that will turn the beans into robots in his own words to do his dirty work. He sends out his Batnik army to collect the beans and challenge Has Bean to a puzzle match.  The player controls Has Bean as the goal is to beat the batniks to free the beans. Defeating Robotnik, is the only way to return the robot beans back to normal and destroy the mean bean machine. Can you save the beans and destroy the doctors plans or will the doctor get his way? Okay, puzzle games are not known for their plots. But this one has a decent plot. Having Dr. Robotnik invent a machine to ride the happy jolly beans is creative. When I first played this I thought for sure Sonic would appear but he is not even referenced. But giving the plot Sonic being brought in was not needed.  So 7 out of 10 sounds about right. Graphics and Controls 9 The graphics in this game are very good. The colors of the beans and backgrounds were nicely done. I also like how the Batniks are their original colors.  The fortress reminds me of a Mega Man game. In addition, the sprites are nicely done. I really like the animation of the batniks and Has Bean. Not one time does the game lag either The controls are very nice  and seem to run smooth. I would argue the controls are on par with Dr. Mario. Sometimes puzzle games do not have the best control. Not one time do the controls appear to slow down, lock up or change speeds. Thus, I give the graphics and controls a solid 9 out ... Read the rest of this Review
Baseball Stars
08-15-18 08:35 PM
Baseball Stars
Spring and summer are baseball months. Baseball is America's past time and is still a very popular game. Just about every gaming system has had a baseball game for that system. Baseball Stars is a baseball game for the regular Nintendo (NES). I will be reviewing this game and comparing it to the previous NES baseball game as well as games that came after it. 

Story: 6 Like, most sports games the plot is not detailed like Mega Man and Mario games. Basically its spring and that means its opening day for baseball. Time for teams to take the field. The goal is to pick a team and try to advance with that team. But it will not be easy as there are other teams out there wanting to advance too. Can you advance with your team. There are different modes in this game such as owner or manager. No matter what you pick the goal is the same Okay, this is your standard sport game plot. The plot is simple try to advance your team. Nothing really special. However, given that you can play in manager or owner mode. That adds something to this game. So I give the plot a 6 out of 10. Graphics and Controls: 9 Baseball Stars had much better graphics then its predecessor Baseball NES which came out 4 or 5 years before Baseball Stars. In the Baseball game the players were fuzzy, the spectators were also fuzzy. Baseball Stars fixed that. The graphics in this game are pretty good and showed what the NES could do at its peak. The players look like actual players. The fans look like actual people. In addition, the stadiums look like actual ball parks. Moreover, the fields look like grass and the sky looks like an actual sky. The colors are nicely done. In the previous game the graphics were so-so. 

The controls are much improved from the previous game. The previous game had sloppy controls. In this game the controls are pretty smooth. I did not notice any lags or slow downs like I did in the first game. Thus, I give the graphics and controls a soli... Read the rest of this Review

tornadocam's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Mega Man X3 - Zero Project (Ver. 1.0)
02-28-14 01:56 PM
Zero X3 maverick guide
Is Mega Man X3 (Zero Hack) mavericks giving you trouble? In this guide I"m going to show you how to beat the 8 mavericks and get to the fortress stages. This is a hack of the second greatest X game ever. X2 and X3 are the best X games in my opinion.  I will also be offering a difficulty analysis on a scale 1-10. 
Difficulty Scale 
1-2 Easy 
3 Slightly difficult 
4-5 Moderate difficulty 
6-7 Difficult 
8-10 Very Difficult 

I also recommend this order in dealing with the mavericks. However, this is only a suggestion. If a maverick is giving you trouble than try another one. So, you can find your own order. But, here is my order that I suggest 
Blizzard Buffalo
Toxic Seahorse 
Tunnel Rhino
Volt Catfish
Crush Craw-fish
Neon Tiger 
Gravity Beetle 
Blast Hornet 
Now there are some important  notes to go over in this game. 
First of all, you will start the game off as X and have to use him for the intro stage. 
To get Zero when you start a stage just call him in and you can play as Zero the rest of the way
If you do not want to use Zero you can still play this game all the way as X.
To use the other mechanical armors in this stage you have to get the chip in Blast Hornets stage. I show you how to get it under Blast Hornet's stage walk through 

Intro Stage (difficulty 3/10)
After a cut scene of X and Zero shooting down bug copters, just head right.  Take out the two cannons and then the wall cannon on the walls. Next, head down. Repeat what you did in the first room, because the second room has the same enemies. The next room is just a cut scene. X sees a hunter, whose name is Mac, and ask him how it is going. Mac fires at X stunning him. Mac tells X that is now a member of Doppler's Army and that X will make a fine addition. X is then carried away. Zero teleports in t... Read the rest of this Guide
Mega Man X2
02-27-14 10:45 PM
Mega Man X2 guide
Having, trouble beating Mega Man X2 the greatest X game ever, well X3 ranks up there as one of the greatest X games as well. In my guide, I will also be offering a difficulty analysis using a scale 1-10 to rate the stages and mavericks. 
My difficulty scale:
1-2 easy 
3 slightly difficult 
4-5 moderate difficulty 
6-7 difficult 
8-10 very difficult 

I also have a recommended boss order in this game. However, my order is just a suggestion. If a maverick is giving your trouble then just find another one till you find the order that works for you. 

My recommended boss order:
Flame Stage
Morph Moth
Wire Sponge
Magnet Centipede
Crystal Snail
Overdrive Ostrich
Wheel Gator 
Bubble Crab 

Intro Stage (difficulty 2/10)
The game starts off with X riding a motorcycle with lasers firing at him. The lasers kill the, ever so called, green biker dude. The motorcycle will crash into a cannon enemy. A charged shot will take out the rest of the cannon enemy. The wall enemies just try to block you take them out with a charged shot. Then take out the two screw driver like enemies, they go down with a charged shot. Jump and if you want take out the copter enemies, you will then land on a platform. The platform is being used to make the copter enemies so shoot the parts as they are being assembled. Next, let the grabber grab you, to pull you over the spikes. You will then head up a wall that is being closed in on you. If you are not quick you will be crushed to death. Quickly dash up the wall to avoid being crushed and head down to the gate. This stage's boss is just a giant maverick. All you need to do is fire charged buster shots to the head. The boss only takes 4 charged shots to kill. Difficulty Analysis- This stage was not really a big problem. The only real danger here is the walls closing in on you. The giant maverick is not even a threat. &n... Read the rest of this Guide
Mega Man 7
02-26-14 05:54 PM
Mega Man 7 guide
Hello, today I am going to be doing a guide and difficulty analysis on my favorite Mega Man video game of all time. Today I am going to be offering a guide of Mega Man 7. I hope this guide helps you play this great game. I will also be using a scale of 1-10 to rate the stages and robot masters: 
1-2 Easy 
3 Slightly difficult 
4-5 Moderate difficulty 
6-7 difficult 
8-10 Very difficult 

Robot Master Order: I use this order in dealing with the robot masters. 
Freeze Man
Burst Man
Cloud Man
Junk Man
Turbo Man
Spring Man
Slash Man 
Shade Man 

So, lets get started with the walk through. 

Intro Stage (difficulty 1/10)
The intro stage is pretty simple. The first part is a cut scene. Roll and Auto (he runs the store Mega Man can use) are talking to Mega Man. Mega Man tells them how Wily has escaped and on the loose. Mega Man comes to Dr. Light who is watching Wily escape. After that you will get control of Mega Man. The only enemy here is a tank enemy. The next enemy is the boss its name is called Mad Grinder. Mad Grinder just has two attacks he will throw his saw on his head as a weapon. If he jumps and your on the ground he can stun you. A, few buster shots takes him down with no problem. Then you will meet Bass. Bass fires at your level so you can manipulate him into doing that. If you score enough hits on Bass he states his business and leaves. Bass tells Mega Man that he and his dog Treble have been trying to stop Dr. Wily ,but since Mega Man is good, he does not need there help. Difficulty Analysis (1/10) yeah this stage is pretty much easy. The only threat here is Mad Grinder and he goes down in a hurry. 

You can buy items from the store in this game just hit select and you will be taken to the store. The currency in this game is bolts that enemies drop. 

Freeze Man Stage (difficulty 7/10)
Freeze Man's s... Read the rest of this Guide
Mega Man 2
02-25-14 09:19 PM
Mega Man 2 guide
Are you having trouble beating Mega Man 2? Well, I hope to help you out in my guide. In addition, to offering a guide I plan on offering a difficulty Analysis. 
I will be using the following scale 
1-2 Easy 
3 Slightly difficult 
4-5 Moderate difficulty 
6-7 difficult 
8-10 very difficult 

For the Boss Orders I recommend this order 
Metal Man
Air Man
Crash Man
Bubble Man
Heat Man
Flash Man
Wood Man
Quick Man

So Let's get started. Hope my guide helps you out. 

Meta Man Stage  (difficulty 3/10)
The first thing you will notice is you are on a conveyor belt. Just be careful and jump when you need to stop. Jump over a pit and get the energy tank. You, will then notice spike presses, these are not instant death but they do 25% damage. What you want to do is jump to get the press to fall, as it is going back up, that is where you pass under it. After, passing under the presses, jump the pit and get ready to shoot like crazy. The next area has drill moles. These like to come out from the ceiling as well as the floor. It is best to shoot them and proceed very slowly. After the drill mole section just get back on the conveyor belt and fall down the shaft. The next area continues the conveyor belt accept you have a new enemy here. The new enemy is a clown that likes to jump on wheels, just shoot the wheel out from under the clown and proceed. After the clowns you will meet a block enemy, the best thing to do here is shoot the block's face. But, beware cause sometimes the blocks will shoot toward you. Next you want to make a very careful jump as the pit is wide. Do not get the energy tank you see below it is a death trap. The next and final piece just has spring heads avoid them and head for the gate. Meta Man (difficulty 3/10) despite how metal man spams you with blades, he is not that difficult at all. He jumps and fires at your level so use... Read the rest of this Guide
Mega Man 8
02-23-14 04:35 PM
Mega Man 8 Guide
Having a hard time getting to Dr. Wily in Mega Man 8. Well I hope my guide will help you reach Dr. Wily. In this guide I will be doing a walk through and doing a difficulty analysis. 
For my difficulty analysis I will be using a scale of 1-10. 
1-2 easy 
3 slightly difficult 
4-5 moderate difficulty 
6-7 difficult 
8-10 very difficult 

For the robot masters I recommend this order: Frost Man, Tengu Man, Clown Man, Grenade Man, Aqua Man, Sword Man, Search Man and Astro Man 

Now before I begin my guide I am going to give you some pointers. 
There are only 40 bolts in this game, which means that you can't buy every weapon. I recommend getting 5 bolts to purchase the Super Arrow it is very useful and will really help you in this game. To get the 5 bolts you  need to get the 3 in the intro stage. Then you can visit a robot master stage, get two more bolts and then kill yourself off. The game remembers the bolts you collected. To get to the store just hit select on the stage selection screen.  
So, here we go with the guide. 

Intro Stage (difficulty 2/10)
The first part is very simple. All you need to do is take out the robot palm trees, they harbor cannons underneath them. Next jump up to the platform and take out the tank enemy. It should be noted you want to shoot the upper part of the tank. If you shoot the lower part the head flies off and tries to swarm you. Take out  more trees and also the Mets. You will see a squid like enemy shoot it and it will steamroll over baddies for you. Now to a cut scene. Rush teleports in and gives Mega Man a message from Dr. Light. Dr. Light tells Mega Man to try to get to the energy source before Wily does. He also gives Mega Man the Mega Ball weapon. The ball can be kicked or jumped on for an extra boost. Next shoot the squid enemy and it will land on a switch. The switch is a hidden underground are... Read the rest of this Guide

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