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Mother3fan5's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Bad Apple!! (Touhou Video part 1) Who cares? It's a rare specimen! :D
Pokemon Rebirth No
Pokemon Red lavender town... IT MUST BURN
Pokemon Rebirth which is better, slobro or slowking?
Pokemon Emerald 386 bye
Pokemon Emerald 386 woops, other way around
Pokemon Emerald 386 Wartortle lvl 17, Ralts lvl 18
Pokemon Emerald 386 nothing really, just Wartortle and Ralts
Pokemon Emerald 386 good
Pokemon Emerald 386 I'm here

Mother3fan5's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Bad Apple!! (Touhou Video part 1)
05-05-13 01:18 AM
A Flash Video video with some of Touhou's mass amount of characters~ Review on Bad Apple
OVERALL: 9.4Ah, Touhou: Bad Apple. I've heard about it as a real ring in the fanbase, but never caught onto me until earlier today(on youtube). This music video is a couple of important Touhou character's shadows doing certain actions and morphing into one another, along with the music, which(without lyrics) was the theme for Elly's stage in Lotus Land Story, explaining why Elly & Yuuka are in this. Getting into the other junk...... GRAPHICS: 10I'm very surprised how well this ended up, I didn't know that the genesis could put this exactly like the original video, seeing how Sonic the Hedgehog looks compared to this. (And no, I'm not trying to insult it or anything)SOUND: 9.5Pretty much like with graphics...... I have no idea how they were able to pretty much make this exact to the original....... o_oADDICTIVENESS: 10I had no idea a music video could be so addicting to watch. I've been watching it all day now, because I like the ring to the music, the lyrics, and the actions of the character's shadows.STORY: N/ADo you expect a story? This is a music video!DEPTH: 9.7This is probably one of the few music videos with mass amounts of action going on at once. This really has a lot to offer, but isn't the longest in the world......DIFFICULT: N/ADo you expect me to say it's difficult to watch or something?Well, ladies & gentlemen, my 1st review on a music video. Sorry this was so short. Hope you enjoyed~!
Pokemon Snap
01-01-13 10:58 PM
*Snap, Clink* GOTTA PIC EM' ALL! ~Another Mother3fan5 review~
Pokemon Snap.
This is a game I played for hours alongside Paper Mario. This game was very fun, and I really enjoyed snapping pictures of Pokemon. I think I ran out of film once because I was taking so many pictures of Pikachu. :P I love the way some of the Pokemon acted aswell
Anyways, getting on with the review.

This game was pretty decent with the graphics. I really liked how the Pokemon looked, and loved the way the world around them looked. Oak's lab in 2D -3Disg looked pretty decent aswell. Good art, I'd say.
The effects looked good aswell. But I forget what the "effects" where. :P

SOUND: 5.1
I really was never a fan of this game's sound. I don't really remember the music that much, but I know that other N64 titles have a little better music. ( I get the vibe I should be rating it N/A because I don't remember :P )

When I played this when I was little, I played this for long periods because I thought taking pictures of Pokemon was so fun... plus the effects amazed me. So this game was #2 next to Paper Mario for me. Although EarthBound took the place of it a few months later. >_>

STORY: 7.1
One Day, an explorer named Todd finds Mew, and attempts to snap a picture of it, but fails.
Then he meets Professor Oak, the Pokemon Professor, who wants Todd to take pictures of many Pokemon. Todd has to go across Pokemon Island to take those pictures in some invention that I forgot the name of.
Yea, a decent story, I guess.

DEPTH: 5.6
There are lots of Pokemon to take a picture of. You have to take pictures of plenty of Pokemon to move on, too, so you're busy with the camera. Also, there are some hidden pictures to take pictures of, so that gives you alot to do. Doesn't offer too much else.

This game isn't too hard, although it is pretty tough to get some Pokemon in some good sta... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Pyschic
01-01-13 08:30 PM
Probably the easiest Pokemon game ever.... ~A Mother3fan5 Review~
Pokemon Psychic. I swear, I've Barely played this game, so this review may be a little off.. sorry.
Anyways, Pokémon Psychic is a hack of Pokémon Sapphire, and is one of those Pokémon Swap games with the Grass patches remade aswell. This game is also pretty easy, as you can catch a whole team over overpowered Pokémon, meaning you can dominate any gym. :P
Oh yea, this game is probably called Pokémon Psychic because the starters are all psychic types.

The Graphics are pretty good; their the same as Pokémon Sapphire's, obviously. >_<
Anyways, I'd say the graphics look good,  The In - Battle Pokémon sprites look decent, And the battle system looks pretty decent. Overworld sprites are good,too.

SOUND: 7.5
I never really liked the music of 3rd Gen. I'll say the only good songs are the Team Aqua Leader battles and the Champion battle.

I never thought any of the Pokémon Games (other than the hack "Pokémon Rebirth") were ever really addicting and couldn't keep me on for hours. This is pretty much the same, and is worse since it's so easy. I usually like the challenging Pokémon games better, as I feel like challenging games are giving the spirit that I'm actually playing a game.

STORY: 9.1
The story is pretty much the same as all other Pokémon games. You gotta catch and train Pokémon, beat other trainers, collect badges, catch some more Pokémon, beat some sort of villain team,  and become the master.

DEPTH: 6.6
I'd say the story gives some, though it's very easy to beat if you have a pile of legendaries with you. I'd say some tracks are good, and some Pokemon. I don't think it gives much more than that, though. 

What this game is terrible with is the difficulty. With the ability to purchase many master balls and c... Read the rest of this Review
Paper Mario
01-01-13 12:34 PM
The Paper Plumber! ~A Mother3fan5 review~
Paper Mario. Where do I begin. 
Oh yea, this game was pretty much the game of my dreams. My childhood, in other words, before I discovered EarthBound.
This game has so much to do, so many things to collect, many sidequests, a wonderful battle system, a good overworld, and interesting characters and party members, so i don't know why any Mario fan would dislike this game.
I'd say that Mario in paper was one of the most brilliant ideas ever, and this is the epicness that started an epic series of Paper.
Anyways, down to business with this review...... *le tries to come up with idea*
This game had pretty good graphics for the N64, I'd say it looked pretty good for a 2001 game.
The characters are obviously made of paper, but they look REALLY good. 
But the best things are the effects. The stairs rising in the Koopa Brother's fortress, Dry Dry Ruins rising, all of those effects are amazing for the Nintendo 64. I'd say the badges are neat, too. 
This is a pretty good N64 game graphic wise, which is one of the elements that grabbed my attention. Although the graphics only got a year of fame before Super Mario Sunshine quickly passed it. -_-
I really love this game's music, although I don't have too much to say about it. :P
I never really liked the enemy and Mini Boss theme, but the Chapter Boss's themes BLEW MY MIND. The Koopa Bros.'s theme was a good theme to headbang to, Tutankoopa was my favorite, Tubba Blubba's theme was good, I liked General Guy's theme, Lava Piranha never really seemed to interest me, Huff n' Puff's theme I never paid attention too, since the battle was so hard that I just paid attention to him :P , and Crystal King's theme is pretty awesome. :D
Some of the overworld music was pretty catchy too, like the route to King Goomba's fortress. Dry Dry Ruins and other dungeon music is pretty good. This game's sound is one of the more attractive parts of it. :3Read the rest of this Review
Super Smash Bros.
01-01-13 11:38 AM
Nintendo's Bash fest, Super Smash Brothers, Review!
Super Smash Brothers. Many people love to play this game, Nintendo fan or not, according to my eyes. This is a game where a bunch of Nintendo characters come together and start bashing each other to death in a competition of bashing each other with what moves you have. I'd say this is a pretty good game overall, since it CONTAINS NESS has decent graphics and a good fighting system. ( Getting on a stage and bashing each other)
Anyways, since I've been blabbing about this game's greatness and whatnot for the past few words, let's get on with the review. 
I'd say this game has decent graphics, but I feel an urge that it could be better in some way. 
I'd say the characters look decent; good for the N64. Though something bothers me about them graphic wise......
The stages look pretty nice, and are some very good ground for the current time.  The backgrounds look nice aswell, especially on Master Hand's stage, Final Destination. Gives off the "Final" feel. Also, speaking of Master Hand, I'd say he looks pretty good aswell. 
But Ness looks best of all because of his epic cuteness and no character can beat him he's so amazing.
I never really liked the sound of this game, and I never really did, since They had no Mother tracks. the music where bland remixes of previous tracks from games. Though they DID provide some entertainment when you get in a really serious battle, I rarely listen to the music in a serious battle. anyway. So, I'd give the music a meh.
But it is fun to listen to SOME. Like Planet Z or whatever it was called, Kirby's little theme, and Super Mario Brothers theme when you're out of battle, if you can find their track in the sound test and whatnot. Good luck with that.
I wouldn't really say the game is that addicting, but back when I got it for the Virtual Console, I pretty much played it nonstop, although I sucked at it horribly. Meaning I couldn't... Read the rest of this Review

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