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Einhander   Rank 2/7 : 1,894,260
Sonic Tetris   Rank 5/9 : 75,380
Tetris & Dr Mario   Rank 8/10 : 19,616
Ninja Gaiden   Rank 16/17 : 43,700
NiGHTS into Dreams - Score Attack   Rank 18/30 : 68,160
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Nintendo World Championships 1990   Rank 40/44 : 72,910
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evilcon09's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Marvel Super Heroes (Euro 951024) For some reason the game won't load. The emu keeps closing
Killer Instinct Its funny really i love the series but i hated the gameboy version
Banjo-Kazooie Shame the 1964 emu has some problems with full screen. It flicker like crazy
Sonic 4 - Cybernetic Outbreak I think the game locks if you die to silver sonic a few times
Burning Rangers The game won't download the zip file
Princess Maker - Legend of Another World Is there a translation
Afterburner 3 The mess Emulator has no music
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy @Big Bro 64 This game was released during the 1st season
Bomberman '94 I'm plan on doing some netplay. But The time zones is a bit tricky
Joe & Mac I love the boss music

evilcon09's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Sonic Advance
12-27-16 08:23 PM
Sonic on Nintendo's handheld
Welcome to my review of sonic advance for the gba. I believe sonic has no need for an introduction. But i'll go over the basics Sonic started of as a Sega mega drive/Genesis game which quickly increased his and Sega's popularity with quite a few games under his belt ranging for master system games to dreamcast. The devs of the game are the same folks who would ports of sonic games on handhelds and 8-bit versions of the series. Since the dreamcast failed Sega would have to do 3rd party to keep themselves afloat So this marks one of the few sonic games for nintendo before coming to xbox and playstation with heroes.

Story: its pretty much Dr Eggman/Robotnik trying to take over the world again. With sonic and friends Going to foil his plans as usual. Nothing ground breaking.

Gameplay The game has 2 modes a chao garden where players can raise chao and build up their stats on which can be imported into the gamecube port of sonic adventure. And the main campaign it's self with 4 characters to play as Sonic, Tails who can fly with his two tails, Knuckles The echidna Who can climb up walls and glide, Finally Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend Amy Rose Who's essentially the hard mode due to her using her hammer to attack foes unlike the other 3 who can roll or jump on foes to defeat them. The game isn't very much in depth with the only thing that will keep players busy is the chao garden with players can raise their chao and earn rings from mini games A matching game, Rock paper scissors, And the only matter with the Main story mode with finding hidden springs that leads to the special zones with going down in a pipe and collecting the rings needed to gain the chaos emeralds. On which Only is useable for the true final boss only. Since super sonic isn't playable on any of the stages alone.

Graphics and sound: The game looks amazing for the gba with gorgeous Visuals that captures the zones perfectly. Form the typical green hill like to the X-ZO... Read the rest of this Review
Mega Man X
12-16-16 04:13 PM
Megaman Reborn
Welcome to my review of Mega-Man x for the snes. Today i feel like i want to review this considering i share the date the game 1st released and my birthday. Anyway Mega-Man x is more a mature take on Mega-Man with a 100 years after the original series. With Mavericks Being the bad guys Unlike Dr willy with his robot masters in the past games of the original series. The series was created by a few people did the art on each of the characters that served as the main roles for the series alone (As opposed to saying one person since Keiji Inafune said on the record that he didn't create Megaman. As usually i say in the past reviews) The series lasted 11 games plus a collection with Handheld games and a game that can be canon to the x series (Command Mission Is the game) Plus a collection as well for ps2 and gamecube. The game its self is seen ports to the Nintendo Virtual console And Mobile/

Story: The game starts off on a highway where x fights his way through to deal with the bounty hunter Vile. With x being way too weak to fight him from the get go he has to fight the other mavrikes. After his best friend zero (Who would go on later as a playable character in later games from 3 onwards) And take down Sigma (Who's the main villain of the series and leader of the Mavericks) That's all is there for the story since there's not much complex story elements Within the game's Story.

Gameplay: Megaman x Plays quite like the original Mega-man games with new abilities and upgrading him. With new moves like wall kicking ( Useful for scaling up walls) Dashing, Charge shots that will get more powerful. With usual on getting to the end of the stage and kill the Maverick that lies at the end of the stage with getting a weapon from the killed Mavericks. The game also has heart and sub tanks (Heart Gives x more health and sub tanks serves to heal x at will) Upgrades are hidden in stage which some can be only found with a certain upgrade. Not to mention while fig... Read the rest of this Review
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy
12-10-16 07:58 PM
Time to get your Game on
Welcome to my review of yu gi oh gx duel academy for the gba. This game is part of the original yu-gi-oh sequel series Known as the gx series. With all new faces and a school setting that focus on dueling Than what you expect from school based shows. The gx series has some new faces to duel against so don't expect to see yugi and the gang to pop up. To give a recap from the last yu gi oh game i revived for anyone here that isn't familiar with the franchise. It stared of as a card game in 1996 then a manga/anime series With a 3 movies under its belt currently, As well as video games. The franchise is created by Kazuki Takahashi who would be in charge of the rule of the game and the countless revisions to the real life game.

Story: i only gave the story a low score since the games base story is that the player is a student of the duel academy with the other lead characters from the anime. Nothing much happens then unless your lucky to be an event at a right time and place. With the game giving you 3 in game years to be in the school before the graduation on your 3rd year. So thats the game in a super nutshell forgive me if i skipped on any details

Gameplay: The game plays like your usual yu gi oh game with the 8000 life points and up to a max of 60 cards in hand. On weekends is where the player would get to pick who would they face by picking a location and find a character they want to duel with. The game has a heads or tails system like in so many games in the franchise with who goes 1st. At the end of the duel you'll gain duel points which serves as money in the game to buy new cards at the shop. The shop will bring new packs at a certain points as well with the calendar giving the player a list of upcoming events. like exams or new packs. Some events can be unavoidable depends on what house you fall into. Speaking of the houses You'll start off the orsis red house (The sky dragoon god card) And you only move house if you managed to pass you... Read the rest of this Review
JoJo's Venture (USA 990108)
12-08-16 07:30 PM
Welcome to my review of jojo's venture as its known outside of japan. The game is based upon the manga and anime of the same name. Which follows the joestar bloodline In this case 3 joestar's Since this is on part 3 Stardust crusaders. The series about the family joestar's Battle against the evil vampire DIO And other Supernatural beings. The series its self is created by Hirohiko Araki. Who did the other mangas like Baho, Cool shock as examples. The game did see a console port on the dreamcast and ps1, And later psn and xbox live which is sadly been removed from the store. Any for the newbies of the series or just new thanks to this review. The 1st 2 parts do tie into each other well with part 1 explaining how the Joestars at war with dio started with Jonathan Joestar with Phantom Blood. And part 2 Having Joseph Joestar as the main Joestar of battle Tendencies when he was 18 to be roughly. With Part 3 introduces Stands Beings that can be manifested into its user. Before you ask Yes the Both Jonathan and Joseph Using Harmon as their fighting styles before stands existed Alongside their allies and foes alike.

Story: The game's story follows Part 3 of the series called stardust crusaders On which Jotaro Kujo and his grandfather Joseph Joestar has to journey to Egypt to slay the evil Dio once in for all. As you expect its a fighting game with the other characters will get their stories That also includes the villains as well. With their own endings As well. That's all i got form this part really Follows The manga closely if your jotro.

Gameplay: Its a fighting game what do you expect. Just pick your character and do battle till who gets knocked out 1st. The game has a stand gauge which can be like a guard mechanic with the gauge empty the stand gets locked out for a few seconds. Players can use their stands in fights for range or unleashing super attacks. If the stands get hit the user it self gets hurt as well. Pretty much like how in the Both... Read the rest of this Review
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Worldwide Edition - Stairway to the Destined Duel
11-14-16 10:19 AM
Time to Duel
Good day everyone and welcome to my review of Yu-Gi-Oh! - Worldwide Edition - Stairway to the Destined Duel on the gba. This is one of the many Yu-Gi-Oh! games released on gba since most of the gba games with the series is usually the card focus instead of board games.

History: The franchise started in 1996 as a card game which later got an anime series which spanned generations. For the sake of this review i'll just stick to the original series Which nearly every gba Yu gi oh game is part of. I'll explain the gameplay in the game play part. I also may give a shout out to the manga series as well since its a bit darker than the anime in some aspects (Please read the manga to find out what i mean) The game plays like the card game in real life. Despite how tricky the game has gotten like with complicated effects to new game styles

Gameplay: The game plays like the how the card game works with players starting off with 8000 life points. The goal is to take your opponent's life points down to zero By attacking the foe with your Monsters. The monsters can be summoned or the more powerful one will need to give up a monster or two or a few to play a very powerful monster. The cards show different colours that has ways to work. Yellow Monster cards doesn't do a thing besides attacking, Orange are the effect monsters, Dark blue are ritual monsters. Green spell cards, Purple as the trap cards. Granted there are other ways to win like getting the 5 cards of exodia on hand (forgive me if that's a spoiler) Zero cards left or another cards. The game lets you get to pick who you want to face. The game uses anime characters with their own decks and tricks they will pull off to defeat you. Upon defeating a player you get a chance to open a booster pack with a few cards at random. You also get free cards from the magazine on mondays and the password for the cards where you have to put a number in and you'll get a card with that number.

Graphics: ... Read the rest of this Review

evilcon09's Last Game Guides
Harvest Moon: Back To Nature
10-11-14 06:06 PM
level grinding for tools
theres a way to max the tool level out. when you 1st start the game DON'T Go outside cause the mayor will show you the town. go to the bit in the house where it keeps the tools. Take them out and equip one tool.

the next part is simple stay inside and use that tool you picked and hit the button that uses that tool and keep pressing it. but be careful if you go out side after maxing the tools don't use it or you'll land in the hospital for a day. to check what is maxed out is to open the menu. this will take a while though

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