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Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance Soma is also not a belmont. What's with people saying that
Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance Nathan is not a belmont. In fact, I do not think he is related to the belmonts
Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse ryuk@ That is actually from Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Castlevania HOD - Revenge of the Findesiecle Dekker, just enter the name of that certain character. If you want to know which names to put, read my review
Castlevania HOD - Revenge of the Findesiecle I would guess that i'm the first person to play this game
Pokemon Adventure O RLY?Guess what?I'm the 8th Gym Leader. BURN!!
Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow you'll freeze in the air and you'll be able to hit him easily.Once you use that plan,you should be able to beat them
Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow Also,when you fight Balore,make sure when he is about to punch sideways,quickly get to the nearest side. When he is about to punch you downwards,dodge it and jump and hit him.If he is gonna shoot the lazer at you,make sure you use the Medusa head soul
Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow Guys,make sure that when you fight Death,use the buer soul so that way you don't get hit by his mini scythes or you can just use the Giant Ghost soul. That will just make they scythes hit Death instead
Castlevania HOD - Revenge of the Findesiecle Come on people!Play this game.Read my review and then play the game

starwars293's Last 25 Game Reviews
Tennis no Ouji-sama 2003 - Cool Blue
07-23-13 10:59 AM
Prince of Tennis: Cool Blue
   Alright guys, it's been along time since I've done a review, and to come back, I will review the game Tennis no ouji sama(Prince of Tennis): Cool Blue. There's also another game that's exactly the same to this game and that's Tennis no ouji sama: Passion Red. This game is based on the anime series, Prince Of Tennis. In this game, you get something called a C Gauge, which charge up every time you return a shot. If it's full, you get to use your special move. If you return the opponent's special move, your C gauge will almost be filled to the top. You also get to play with 5 characters. These characters are:
Tezuka Kunimitsu: The 3rd year Captain of the school, Seigaku and one of the top National Level players in Tennis. 

Eiji Kikumaru: A 3rd year acrobatic doubles player, along with another player, he is considered Seigaku's Golden Pair

Takashi Kawamura: A 3rd year and is the number 1 Power player of Seigaku. 

Takeshi Momoshiro: A 2nd year who is also a power player, but not has strong as Takashi Kawamura.

Inui Sadaharu: The 3rd year regular who collects data on Seigaku's players and their opponents.

   Since there's only 5 if them, you need to unlock the rest by using a certain character. If you're using a certain character, then you must unlock them by having to play on a grass, hard or clay court they can be unlocked on. This is considered hard if you don't use a walkthrough guide. If you guys need to know the controls, well here they are:

Move:left,right ,up,down arrows

A lob: B button(which is x or whatever you have it on your keyboard)

A Normal Shot: A button( which is Z, or like I said, whatever you have it on your keyboard.

Start: Pause the game

Select: Taunt your opponent(which will lower their C Gauge)

L+A: Topspin hit

L+B: Short Volley

R+A: Slice Hit

R+B: A lob (not sure about this one thoug... Read the rest of this Review
Jr. Pac-Man
06-02-12 01:58 PM
Jr Pacman Review
 Starwars293 here with another review. I'm reviewing Jr Pacman for the Atari 2600. This is a pretty fun game to play. It's like the original Pacman, but some things were kind of changed. Here are those things.
 When you go and try to eat the things that look like tic-tacs, the screen scrolls to where you go. At the start, you think that it's the whole maze when it isn't. It's just half of the maze that's showing. It just scrolls to the other half of the screen when you're about to approach it. 

 The sprites, well the ghosts are the same. Pacman's sprite is now a junior version of himself. The sprites flash for the whole game really. I don't know why, but it's like that. It gets annoying for me at first, but I get used to it after a while.

 Gameplay is still the same like usual. It's fun to play this game on the Atari. It plays like the classic Pacman on the NES and arcade version. Only thing different is the scrolling and the sprites, like I mentioned. If it plays like the classic Pacman, which almost all of them do, I would be okay with the game. Now let's move on to finish this review

Graphics-The graphics are okay for a Atari game. The sprites do flash, but I think that's how the sprites are suppose to be.

Sound-The sound is okay I guess. It's the same sound in every stage like in the classic Pacman.

Addictivness-I would play this game again because I love Pacman. I loved the first classic and I also loved this one.

Story-You just pretty much have to complete each maze and eat all the tic-tacs to move on to the next stage.

Depth-It doesn't take long to beat really. It's like the same with every Pacman game. It doesn't take long to beat.

Difficulty-The game isn't that hard really. It's pretty easy to beat and you should be able to beat the whole game.

Overall-This is a fun and a easy game. It just needs little improvements, that's all.

Wrap ... Read the rest of this Review
Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance
06-02-12 01:31 PM
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance Review
 Hello people this is starwars293 here with another game review. I am reviewing Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance for the Game Boy Advance. This is one of the few Castlevania games I love to play over and over again. Here are the reasons why.

 The game itself does change one thing in the game. The final boss. In most Castlevania games, Dracula is the final boss. However, Dracula is not the final boss this time. The final boss is Dracula Wraith. Dracula Wraith is Dracula with Dracula's relics combined. He has never fought a Belmont before since this is his only appearance in this game. You should also see his final form. It's pretty much all of the relics combined as a big creature. He really isn't that hard to beat really. He's as easy as Dracula.

 The controls are pretty easy to learn if you've played the other two Castlevania games on the Game Boy Advance. You can now dash back and forth without changing directions. That is called front dash. Also, when you hold down the attack button, it becomes a chain that blocks projectiles, but does little damage to the enemies. 

 The game now has two new sub-weapons in this game. Those two are the Holy Book and the other one, I can't remember the name for it though. The game also has spell books to it now. You can use it combined with the sub-weapons. They do more damage an they prove to be useful through out the game when you fight harder enemies. There is one powerful spell book that is the most powerful then the other ones. It summons monsters that do so much damage on the other enemies. It does take away a lot of your magic though.

 The relics in the game are really useful and you need to get them so badly. One relic can make you have the super jump. It proves to be useful when you are finding one of Dracula's parts. You get two relics at the start of the game and you have to get all of the relics in order to help you defeat Dracula and to bring down the c... Read the rest of this Review
05-28-12 07:02 PM
Spongebob Review
 Starwars293 here with another game review. Oh god, this is one of the worst games on the Atari 2600. I am reviewing Spongebob. Trust me, it has nothing to do with Spongebob and here is why.

 In this game, all you do it jump around and back and forth. I mean really? Who wants to play a Atari game that lets you jump back and forth. It's boring, even more boring then having to sit around and do nothing. There is also another reason why this game sucks.

 There is no sound in this game. I mean, really?! Why didn't the makers put in sound?! Without sound, the game is usually boring and it starts to suck. In almost every game, there is sound. This one? No sound at all.

 Finally, the gameplay. The gameplay just sucks. You just jump back and forth and that's all you do. That's it. Nothing else but jumping back and forth in the game. It gets boring and boring and boring. I don't even know why this Atari game was even made! Who would make a horrible game like this?! Anyways, lets get this over with.

Graphics-The graphics are bad. When you jump with Spongebob, he doesn't do a jump animation. In some Atari games, there are jump animations. In this game, there isn't one.

Sound-No sound in this game. It sucks. Trust me, this game has no sound. The game isn't perfect without sound.

Addictivness-I really would never play this game again! Never in my whole life I will.

Story-There is no story. You just jump back and forth in this game. That's it. It's boring to see Spongebob jump back and forth.

Depth-It doesn't even offer that much! It doesn't even take long to beat. Actually, you can't beat the game!

Difficulty-This is a really easy game. It's one of the most easiest games I have ever played in my whole life. I want a game that's hard and that gives you a challenge. This game doesn't offer any of that.

Overall-This is a really bad game that I will never play again.
Read the rest of this Review
Ms. Pac-Man
05-26-12 07:39 PM
Ms. Pacman Review
 This is starwars293 with another review. This is my first Atari 2600 review. I am reviewing Ms. Pacman. This is a fun game. However, there are some things not right about it.

 The music is the same on every stage there is. The colors change. On one stage, the color is just blue. You even only get just one ghost to chase you. You also need to get the food in the game or else you die and lose a life. It is fun, just needs to improve. That's pretty much it.

 There really is no story. All you need to do is to complete the stage and move on. There is one thing that can make the ghost eatable. There are four are them in each stage. You need to eat one of them to make the ghost eatable. Once you do that, the ghost just runs off into it's place where he can't be eaten and can be safe.

 Some things in the game need to be improved. For one thing, the makers should make it colorful for the stages instead of one color. Second, they needed to added the other three ghosts. Third, they should've made it like the classic pacman. It probably would've been so much fun for people. It could be like the arcade version. Let's move on to the review.

Graphics-They're okay I guess, just need to make the stages more colorful instead of one color on some stages. That's pretty much it.

Sound-The sound is the same on every stage. It's not catchy, but it's pretty good I guess. I was kinda hoping it would be an Atari version of pacman's theme really.

Addictivness- I really would probably it again. I mean, I did like this game, it just needs to improve really.

Story-There isn't a story really. You just have to complete each stage like in the original Pacman and collect the things that look like Tic-Tacs

Depth-It doesn't take that long really. It's pretty much the same thing you do in every stage.

Difficulty-The game isn't really hard. It's pretty easy actually. You should be able to beat the game ... Read the rest of this Review
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy
05-19-12 11:12 AM
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Review
 Hey guys this is starwars293 with another game review. I am reviewing another one of my favorite games on the Game Boy Advance. It's Yu-gi-oh GX Duel Academy. Yu-gi-oh is one of my favorite card games and video game franchise. Now I would say this is one of the good games i've really played on the Game Boy Advance. 

 This is a great game really. You pretty much duel people in this game. I can't remember, but I think at the start of the game, you get to pick your own deck you want. I really can't remember which deck I started with, but I think it was a good deck I started with, just can't remember what it was called. You pretty much get to enter a code to get a card. It's like with Yu-gi-oh Dark Duel Stories. You just need to enter the card's code to get the card.

 At the beginning of the game, you start off in Slifer Red. You meet Jaden Yuki and his best friend, Syrus. You can get people's numbers or something like that and you can call them if you want to duel them. They can also call you if they want to duel you. Jaden is a hard duelist when you first duel him. If you get better cards and duel him, you just might be able to beat him and his Elemental Hero deck. Syrus is pretty easy really.

 Anyways, you also get to duel Obelisk Blue students and Ra Yellow students. I found that weird because in the series, you can only duel people that you're in the same color in. Well, I guess anything can happen in the video game world. I haven't beaten the game, but this is a fun game to play really. All the cards are in this game, except for they Egyptian God Cards. Since this game is after the first Yu-gi-oh series and Yu-gi-oh Dark Duel Stories, you can't use the God Cards. 

 Some duelist in the game are hard, while others are easy. Jaden is pretty hard when you first duel him. All you need to do is use the right cards to win. If you need some better cards, just enter the password code for it. Now lets m... Read the rest of this Review
Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse
05-12-12 12:32 AM
Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse Review
 Hey guys this is starwars293 with another game review. This time, I am reviewing Castlevania 3 Dracula's curse for the Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as the NES for short. This is a pretty good game. This is one of my three favorite Castlevania games, and here is why.

 The game is pretty much the same, right? Wrong. They added one new thing to it. You can now play a second character in the game. There are only three of them. Grant Danasty is one of those three. You meet him at the clock tower stage after you fight him. Grant is a former pirate. His parents were killed by Dracula. Grant wants to help Trevor so he can get revenge on Dracula for killing his parents. Grant uses a dagger for a weapon, and can also climb up walls. The second person is Sypha Belnades. Once you meet Sypha, you want to know, is Sypha a boy, or a girl? Well you find out when you beat the game with Sypha and Trevor. Sypha is a vampire hunter that uses spells. The spells can be pretty useful on the way. Sometimes, you can die when you use a spell at the wrong time. Finally, there is Alucard, son of Dracula. He turned against his father and wanted to help the humans. He wants to defeat Dracula because of his mother, Lisa. It is also because of the way Dracula treated the humans. Alucard can turn into a bat and can shoot fireballs for a main attack.

 The graphics are different from the one in the first Castlevania game. If you use the whip, it looks like it's colorful when you whip it. Another one is the sub-weapon sprites. They made an improvement of it. It looks better really. The enemy sprites are also better. I think that those things were the really good improvements.

 The enemies are so hard and annoying! You have freaking Medusa heads flying at you, knocking you off to your death. There is also one stage that if you go off the screen, you die. That I find weird. I mean, how is that possible? Well, it's a video game world, right? I ... Read the rest of this Review
Castlevania II - Simon\'s Quest
05-05-12 10:46 AM
Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest Review
 Hey guys, this is starwars293 with another game review. Oh boy, this is one of my least favorite game. I am going to review Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest. God I hated this game. The game was really different compared to the other Castlevania games. This game is the hardest game I have ever played in my whole gaming life, ever

 You pretty much play as Simon again in this game. The game takes place 7 years after Simon defeated Count Dracula. Simon has to now find all of Dracula's parts and revive him before he dies from Dracula's curse. This game was really hard for me. You could pretty much skip the first two bosses and take two of Dracula's parts in a mansion. However, you need to fight the two bosses to get a certain weapon which will help you fight Dracula.

 The whip you start with is a leather whip now. You would usually have to whip a candle to get a whip upgrade. In this game though, you have to buy the whip's upgrade. There is the Flame Whip upgrade that you can get, but you need yo find someone in a certain dungeon in the game. The only way you can pay is by paying with hearts. Usually, the hearts would represent how much sub-weapons or how much magic you have left. In this game, the way that you can get hearts is by killing the monsters. You also need to buy the sub-weapons by using the hearts.

 The enemies here in the game are really hard and annoying. There are wolfs who jump around, eyes that follow you until you move on to the next floor or part, and you have Dracula. Death is also in this game. He isn't really hard like he was in the first Castlevania game. He just throws sickles at you. If you have the Flame Whip, you can kill him easily with it. You also fight Carmilla's mask in the game. Just use the Flame Whip and you should be able to defeat her. Finally, you have Dracula, he is the hardest out of the three bosses. There is an item that can make you invincible for a while. I can't remember what it's cal... Read the rest of this Review
Super Castlevania IV
05-04-12 12:31 PM
Super Castlevania 4 Review
 Hey guys, this is starwars293 reviewing another game. This time, I am reviewing Super Castlevania 4 for the Super Nintendo. This is such a great game to play. It's pretty much a remake of the first Castlevania game for the NES. They added new features to the game.

 One of those new features is that you can whip in 8 directions now. You can whip up and down, side to side and diagonally. This will help a lot during the game. It will help you attack enemies above and that are below you. It will also be easier to beat the game like that.

 Another feature is that you can swing from your whip and that you can block projectiles by just holding the attack button. The swinging part is this. All you need to do is find a round metal thing that can attach your whip to it. Once that's done, press the left and right button back and forth. It's fun to do it. It will also be used to swing from a jump that you can't reach.

 This game really isn't that hard now that you have the new features. They added some new stuff to the stages. Some of these stages are hard to beat. There are also new bosses like a two headed dragon that I can't remember its name. Some of the new bosses are pretty hard. Death is now the second hardest boss in the game. If you fight Dracula and take his health down to almost half I believe, he will use a new move and his most powerful move on you.

 Some of the classic music is back from the NES games. Bloody Tears, Vampire Killer and all those music soundtracks. My favorite out of all of those in the game is Vampire Killer and Bloody Tears. It has even some good sound effects. There isn't a death theme though when you die.

 You still play as Simon Belmont, the great grandson of Christopher Belmont. You have to journey through Dracula's castle, also known as Castlevania, to defeat him. Every 100 years, Dracula rises to cause mayhem and bring darkness to Transylvania. He fails every time he... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Yellow
04-27-12 06:46 PM
Pokemon Yellow Review
  Hello people, this is starwars293 here with another review. This time, I am reviewing Pokemon Yellow for the Game Boy. A great Pokemon game with some stuff used in later Pokemon games. Pretty much in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, your front Pokemon can stay out of their Poke Ball and walk with you. In this game, only Pikachu can walk with you since it hates being in its Poke ball. They took that idea from this game and used it i Heart Gold and Soul Silver, but changed it a bit.

 You pretty much play like Ash. One of the names you can use is Ash. I might guess that you play as Ash. If not, then it might be Red from Gold, Silver and Crystal. In fact, I think you do play as Red, yeah. You pretty much do the same thing like you do in Red and Blue pretty much.

 It is different from Red and Blue by a few things. First off, you start with Pikachu and your Rival starts with Eevee. You were suppose to start with Eevee, but your rival pushes you out of the way and he takes it instead. Oak gives you Pikachu for your starter. You can get the three main starters later on during the game. I will tell you at the end of this review.

 Second, when you fight Lt Surge, his only Pokemon is his Raichu. Like from the anime in the first season when Pikachu fights Rachu. Trust me,it is pretty hard to beat in this game. That Raichu is level 29 when you fight it. You can beat it by using a Earthquake or a ground move like that, or just get your Pokemon's levels up to level 29 or near that level. You can get an advantage by doing one of those two things.

 The gym leader are hard like they were in Red and Blue. Mostly Giovanni. Pokemon Yellow is the hardest of the three Game boy games. The levels in this game are like up to 60 or so. It makes the game hard. If I were you, I would do lots and lots of training before you fight the gym leaders.

 The Elite four is pretty much the same thing from Red and Blue. They still hav... Read the rest of this Review
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Duel Stories
04-21-12 12:04 PM
Yugioh Dark Duel Stories Review
 Hey you guys,this is starwars293 with another game review. This time, it's Yugioh Dark Duel Stories for the Game Boy Color. Ah yes, another great classic. The game was a great game. Dueling people like Kaiba, Joey and the famous and king of games, Yugi Moto/Yami Yugi. The dueling is back, but some things are need to get better cards. You start off the game with cards with 250-900 attack and all that stuff. No spells and not traps. This is because the starting stage has the really bad cards while the next stages are harder and harder.

 In order to get better cards, you need to enter a password. For an example, if I wanted Dark Magician, I would need to enter that password. You can get the passwords on the gamestop website, or search up on Google, Yugioh Dark Duel Stories passwords. You also need passwords for spells and trap cards.

 The duelist are the most known ones in the series, even the top three duelists. Yugi, Kaiba and Joey. You still get to duel Yami Yugi in the game, but you need to enter a password. Yes, you also need passwords in order to unlock other 5 duelists. I won't spoil it for you. Find out for yourself. I will say that one of them is Yami Yugi though, but that's all i'll say

 The sound is awesome! In face, some of those themes are from Forbidden Memories. I will say that the best theme in my opinion would have to be Yami Yugi's theme. If you haven't listened to it, go search it up on Youtube. It is really catchy. In fact, some of the themes in the game are really catchy like Yami Yugi's theme. 

 The gameplay is pretty good. You just have to duel and be the best. That's pretty much it. You can also rematch the other duelists if you want to. Now let's rate this review

Graphics-The graphics are okay really. The card picture for the cards look pretty good like the Dark Magician card picture. Even the pictures are usually funny sometimes. I rate this a eight out of ten fo... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Silver
04-14-12 06:39 PM
Pokemon Silver Review
 Hello people,this is starwars293. This time,I am reviewing Pokemon Silver for the Game Boy Color. A great classic of the Pokemon world. So many great Pokemon like Golem,the three starter Pokemon and all the other Pokemon. The legendary Pokemon in this game are pretty good. I did play this game on PlayR(this was back then when I didn't know about Vizzed) and I played Soul Silver on the DS.

 This was a wonderful game to play.In fact,this was the first Pokemon game I've played out of all of the ones that were released. This game was my favorite Pokemon game and it still is. I still play it. Some of my friends at school stopped playing Pokemon ever since they beaten Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. The other two 2nd generation games,Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Crystal,well I have played them,but I haven't beaten them.

 I have been a Pokemon addict ever since I beat this game. I've watched the series,learn my Pokemon and all those stuff. However,we can talk about this later. I have to pretty much review this game. Well anyways,Pokemon Silver is an great game. It has new Pokemon like Chikorita,Mareep and other cool Pokemon. They even brought back some of the 1st generation Pokemon like Magikarp,Golem and Zubat. They even have a new region in this game called Johto.

 The game stills has the same attacks. They even added new legendary Pokemon. Those Pokemon are Lugia,Raikou,Entei,Suicune and Ho-oh. They can be useful during the game. They can help you with going against the Elite four. The Elite four is pretty tough,so before you go up against them,I recommend to train all of your Pokemon to level 50 or over level 50. That's just a tip when you fight the Elite four and the champion, Lance. 

 The usual on how to get to the Elite four is by having to get eight gym badges. How you get them is from the Gym leaders of each city/village. If you win the badge,that means you get Pokemon over that certain level to obey ... Read the rest of this Review
Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow
04-14-12 03:14 PM
Castlevania Aria of Sorrow review #2(old one got closed)
 Hey you guys,this is starwars293. I made a review of this game last time,but it got closed,so I made this one. Aria of Sorrow,well,we all know this is a great game. Involving some new characters. Those characters are Soma Cruz(the main character and the character you play as),Genya Arikado(who is actually Alucard),Yoko Belnades of the Belnades clan,Graham Jones(the main antagonist of the game),Mina Hakuba(the caretaker of the Hakuba shrine) and the legendary Julius Belmont of the Belmont clan. You also see some of the old bosses from the past Castlevania games like Death. Even some old enemies return like the fleaman and the bats.

 Aria of Sorrow is a fun game to play really. The game is also challenging if you like a challenge. You have to solve some stuff. Through out the game,you meet the other characters of the whole game. However,the only character that isn't in this game is the one and only Dracula. If you wanna know why,i'll tell you at the end of this review. There is also some epic and catchy theme music like Soma's theme.

 This is one game you can't forget. The weapons in this game are really powerful. You pretty much start of with a bad weapon and later on during the game,you get better and more powerful weapons. The most powerful weapon is Death's Scythe,but you need to get it on hard mode. How you unlock hard mode is beating the game on normal mode first. There is also Julius mode when you beat the game. Just enter the name JULIUS and you play as the Belmont.

 For Julius mode,you play as Julius Belmont. You just pretty much have to do the same adventure like how Soma did in the main game. He does get some cool things like uppercuts and the sub-weapons. I forgot to tell you that Soma can use souls as his own weapons. Ain't that awesome? Using souls as your own weapon. The souls are pretty easy on how to use them. Just press up+ attack button. There are three types of souls you use. One is for boosting your ... Read the rest of this Review
Final Fantasy III (english translation)
04-13-12 10:59 PM
FF3 Review
 Hey you guys,this is starwars293. This time,i'm reviewing Final Fantasy 3 for the NES and the remake for the DS. I have played the DS version,but not the NES version. I have seen some gameplay footage of it on Youtube. I'm impressed that it's pretty good. This is a fun game to play,but it's also hard for both NES and DS version.

 Both of these games are different a little bit. In the NES version,when you attack with just swords,the attack damage is pretty low. In the remake,it would depend on your level and weapon you use. In the NES,the only weapon that can do over 2000 damage is the Shuriken. I also know another weapon that does alot of damage,but you need the Onion Knight job in order to use it. That weapon is the Onion Sword.

 The weapons,well there are pretty good weapons. You start of with weapons with less attack and later on during your adventure,you get better weapons with better attack. There are also shields,armor,gloves and helms for defense.If I were you,I would got defensive against enemies and monsters.You would also need to go offence though,so yeah.

 Man this game is really hard! Mostly the Final Boss though. I won't tell you who the boss is though. Play the game and find out who. Most of the bosses are pretty hard,and three of them are just optional bosses. However,there are some ways that you need to get to them. In the remake,they added an extra boss. You need to do something in order to unlock him(can't remember how,i'll leave a post below if I remember). That boss is really hard! Even harder than the final boss. The bosses also have weaknesses. You need a certain spell or a certain job in order to find out their weakness.

 The characters,well there are only four main characters in the game. The NES version,they're just nameless orphans. The DS version,there names are Luneth,Arc,Refia and Ingus. You start with Luneth in the DS version. In the NES,you start with the four. You can name ... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario Bros
03-13-12 08:02 PM
Super Mario Bros Review
 Hello people this is starwars293. This time,I am reviewing Super Mario Bros for the NES. Ah yes,such a good classic. I also say this is another one of the best games on the NES(the other two being Super Mario Bros 3 and The Legend Of Zelda). I loved having to play this game when I was seven. I played the game on another site. I loved the whole game. It was amazing.

 The graphics were also great. I could't take my eyes of the screen when I first played it(it was the same thing for me when I first played Super Mario Bros 3,I also couldn't take my eyes from the screen when I first played it). Some of the enemies were hard like the Hammer Bros and some of them were annoying like the cheep-cheeps and the koopas. It's like when you think the red koopa is gonna fall of,Bam! It turns around and kills me. I wonder why Nintendo did that.

 On the first seven worlds,you think the bosses are actually Bowser. Well they aren't. When you kill them,their actual sprite shows when they are about to fall in the lava. There are some hacks of the game and a fan-made game called Super Mario Bros Crossover. It is a fan-made game where you play as different characters from different games like Simon Belmont from Castlevania.

 There are warps in this game that lead you to another world. I kinda like it. For me,it's kinda cheating. I mean,really? Why would they add warps? Well,in my opinion,that's kinda cheating,but whatever. I would just play all of the worlds and all the levels. That would be fair for me.

 They later remade Super Mario Bros onto the SNES called Super Mario All-Stars. They also remade three other games on the NES.They remade Super Mario Bros 2,Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels(in Japan,they call it Super Mario Bros two.So this is the actual Super Mario Bros 2). The one we have is just released for America. It sucks.

 There are power-ups that help you in the game. You get only th... Read the rest of this Review
Castlevania HOD - Revenge of the Findesiecle
03-03-12 08:40 AM
Castlevania Revenge On the Findesiecle
 Hello people this is starwars293. Today I am reviewing Castlevania Revenge on the Findesiecle, a hack of Castlevania, Harmony of Dissonance for the Game Boy Advance. This is a pretty fun game to play actually. They added new characters. Those characters are Julius Belmont from Castlevania Aria of Sorrow and Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Castlevania II Simon's Quest, Super Castlevania IV and all the other games that I can't remember. They also added another version of Simon and it's enhanced. That means you get to jump higher than the original version of Simon Belmont. The other two characters they added is Mario from the first Mario game, Super Mario Bros and Mega Man from Mega Man 1.

Almost all of these characters can dash. The only one who can't dash is Mega Man. I will give you the names of these characters for you to insert when you get to the insert name. That will let you play one of these characters. I will tell you this at the end of this review. When you play as Julius, the entrance will play Heart of Fire from Castlevania Aria of Sorrow. The other themes are still the same from the original game. I haven't beaten the hack yet, but I have beaten the original version of the game.

If any of you guys have played Harmony of Dissonance, I would play this hack if I were you. Gameplay is still the same from the original version. They did remove the Holy book and the fist thing(can't remember what it was called). They still have the other sub-weapons like the Holy water and the cross. When you start as Julius, you start with the item crashes Holy Cross and Hydro Storm. How you do Holy cross is Up+L button and for Hydro Storm,Up+R button.

They added another version of Juste and that is a devil version of him. I don't know how you get it because I have never played the Devil version of Juste in this hack. I have played this game before on my laptop with the Visual ... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Fire Red
11-29-11 06:14 PM
Pokemon Fire Red Review
Hello people,it's starwars293 here with another review.This time,I am reviewing Pokémon Fire Red for the Game Boy Advance.This game is a really good game.If you have played the original version of Pokémon Fire Red,Pokémon Red for the Game Boy,than you will love this game too.The gameplay is still the same from Pokémon Red but with better graphics and it has colors for this game.In Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue,you only had grey,but now you have color for this game.They even added a new thing.In Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue,you could only walk and the fastest way to go is that you have to use the bike.Well now you can run in this game.You get the running shoes after you beat the first gym leader of the game,Brock of the Pewter City Gym.ItSe also the same as Pokémon Leaf Green,but the only thing different are which Pokémon are in each game.Some of the Pokémon can be in both Fire Red and Leaf Green.Now in both of those games,you get to pick your gender.If you're a boy,then you pick to play as a boy.If you're a girl,then you pick to play as a girl.If you notice something in the game,the Pokémon level when you're in a trainer battle/Gym Leader Battle/Elite four battle,the levels dropped a bit,making the game a bit easier.You will find some of the Pokémon you love from the original game,like Machop,Pikachu and the three Kanto starters,Charmander,Squirtle and Bulbasaur.You can catch Legendary Pokémon in the game like Mewtwo,Moltres and Zapdos.You can catch other Legendary Pokémon like Deoxys.I think you can catch Deoxys in the game.If you do know if you catch Deoxys in the game,post it so that way I know.I've played the actual cartage,but I don't have the game.A friend said I could play the game.Pokemon Fire Red is a really good game.On to the review now.

Graphics-The graphics are great.In the original game,there was no color but grey,but now they have colo... Read the rest of this Review
Super Smash Bros.
11-18-11 11:27 AM
Super Smash Bros Review
 Hello people it's starwars293 here. My friend helped me with this review. This time I am reviewing Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64. This game is great. You get 3-d graphics,you have Nintendo characters that you have never played before if you haven't played their games like Star Fox,Mario and Earthbound/Mother. Super Smash Bros is a really good game. You can play up to four players in Super Smash Bros,but if you play single player mode on vs mode,you can have a CPU has your opponent. There are 9 different levels of CPU's.1 in the lowest and 9 is the highest level.

 In Super Smash Bros,there is a mode called Classic Mode or also called as 1 player mode. What you do is you pick your character,pick how many lives you want in which difficulty you want. The limit of lives are 5. If you play Classic Mode for the first time,start with 5 lives and go with the very easy difficulty. You get to fight 9 characters and Master Hand as the boss at the end of Classic Mode. There are 2 Bonus Modes. I have never done both Bonus Mode 1 or Bonus Mode 2,so if you guys know what you do on both Bonus Modes,tell me and maybe send me a video of both Bonus Modes.

There are options for Vs.mode that if you want time mode,stock mode,just time mode or just stock mode. On vs mode,you get to pick your own character and pick the CPU a character. I'm gonna tell you the characters at the end of the review. If you're gonna play Super Smash Bros on Vizzed,well the game will freeze and crash plugin. If you have a Nintendo 64 and the Super Smash Bros game cartage,then the game won't freeze. On Vizzed the game mostly freezes at the start menu when you are selecting what you're gonna do. But other than that,Super Smash Bros is a really good game.Now on to the review.

Graphics-I have to say that these graphics are great.Nintendo took sprites from their Nintendo 64 games and edit it. Like how they took Mario's Super Mario 64 sprite and edit it.

Gameplay-The... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario All-Stars
10-12-11 08:06 PM
Super Mario All-Stars Review
Hello people its starwars293.Last time I reviewed Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES and this time I am reviewing Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES.Super Mario All-Stars contains 4 games.Those games are Super Mario Bros,Super Mario Bros 2,Super Mario Bros 3 and the game that was never released in the U.S. but in Japan Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels.Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels was released in Japan as Super Mario Bros 2 and wasn't released until Super Mario All-Stars came out with the other 3 games.When I first played Super Mario All-Stars I thought it was gonna be a good game but instead they're 4 games in 1 cartridge.That surprised me.I first played Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels.I didn't know the controls at first but then I got the hang of it.I started the level and I found a mushroom that was poisonous but I didn't know it was poisonous.I took it and I died.I made sure that when I saw the poisonous mushroom I made sure I wouldn't take it.I continued the level but I didn't beat level though it was fun to play Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels.I played Super Mario Bros 3 next.Super Mario Bros 3 was still the same from the NES version of the game.Like I said in my last review SNES game had better graphics the NES games.The game had 16-bit graphics like all the other SNES games.It blew my mind that it had better graphics then all the other SNES games I played.Out of all the SNES games I played,this had the best graphics ever.I haven't played Super Mario Bros or Super Mario Bros 2 but I do know that it still had the same gameplay but the thing that was different from the NES games was the graphics.I might try those game later after this review.Other then that Super Mario All-Stars is a good game.On to the review.
Story-Well it depends on what game your playing on Super Mario All-Stars but I think all of the games have the same story
Depth-Well Super Mario All-Stars like I said it has 4 games in 1 cartridge.It gives us bett... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario Bros 3
10-11-11 06:03 PM
Super Mario Bros 3 Review
Hello people it’s me starwars293. This time I am reviewing

the greatest game ever and that game is Super Mario Bros 3. That was the best

game ever that I couldn't’t keep my eyes away from the computer screen when I

first played it. Out of all the Mario Bros games, this was the best one and it

still is. The game was also on the SNES with the other 3 games in Super Mario

All-Stars. Those 3 games were Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2 and the game

that was never released in the U.S. Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels. I will

review Super Mario All-Star next time. This game was my favourite on the NES

because you get new power ups like Mario

become Hammer Mario and all those stuff. You can also hold your power ups, say

if you wanted to start a level and you needed to use a power up you need, you

can use that power up before you start the level. Super Mario Bros 3 was also

the greatest game on the SNES. I liked Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES and SNES. But

the thing that was different between these games was the graphics. SNES games

usually had better graphics then NES games. But this game was hard. On world 8,

there were these hands that drag you down and you had to dodge 12 tanks to move

on. The battle against Bowser was different from the one from the first game.

Bowser has to ground pound you and you have to make sure he smashes 5 blocks in

a row, so that means that you have to dodge him 12 times before you beat him.

The bosses were different, instead of having to fight the Fake Bowsers you

fight his kids except Bowser Jr. When you beat a level, you get a card. If you

get 2 matching cards, you get a 1up but if you get 3 matching cards you get a

5up. On to the review now.

Story-The story is the same from the ... Read the rest of this Review
Zelda II - The Adventure of Link
09-21-11 08:30 PM
Zelda 2 Review
Hey you guys,its been a while since I did a review,but here I am doing another one.This time its Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link
Overall:Its a good game but its hard,and its fun to play
Graphics:Well of course,the game is NES style,so that is how the graphics would be in every NES game
Addictiveness:I would play this game again cause its fun but challenging,which I like but not too challenging
Story:Well Zelda goes into a deep sleep and Link has to go into six palaces to find all the pieces of the triforce so he can wake up Zelda and defeat Ganon
Depth:Well each palace is guarded by a powerful monster who guards a piece of the triforce,the palaces are at Death Valley,that is basically how much the game offers and that is the only thing I knot it offers
Difficulty:This game is hard!You can not see the enemies,just only the projectiles,you can hit them so that way you don't lose life
Now to wrap things up,Zelda 2 his a fun and hard game,I would recommend playing this game,and the funny part is that some guy says I am error(lol),I would have fun playing this game,and so will you! :) I hope you enjoy this game!
Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse
08-26-11 10:22 AM
Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse Review
The overall,well I would say that its a good game and like the only thing bad is when you try to use your sub-weapons near the stairs,you just go up the stairs sometimes.
The graphics is like NES style like I say but that's how its suppose to be like on every NES game.
Sound is great and has really good music like on the first level.
Addictiveness is well its a challenge but its a good game better then Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest
Story is like in all the other Casltevania games,You play as a Belmont and in this game,you play as Trevor Belmont, ancestor of Simon Belmont who has to defeat Dracula but has other people to help him like Alucard,son of Dracula who can turn into a bat,Sypha Belnades who can use magic spells and Grant who can climb on walls.
The depth,well when you meet the characters on the way,you can have options if you want them to join you or not so that's the depth.
Difficulty it is kinda hard like there is a stage that goes up and if your caught at the bottom of the screen,you die.
Now to wrap things up,Casltevania 3 is a good game but its hard but not harder then Casltevania 2 Simon's Quest,so I would play this game.

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