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    Pepperoni Secret
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    20 / 02-12-01

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Gingercream1's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Hamtaro - Ham-Ham Heartbreak *embodiment of creepy
Pokemon Ultimate Ruby Yoshi... you cannot be unweird for one second can you?
Super Mario World - Tale of Elementia hm, I'm pretty sure some of the music isn't custom. On the stage select screen, that music is from Mother, the music that plays in Mother's day.
Pokemon TRE - Team Rocket Edition :\
Pokemon Crystal All (hack) i was afk to
Pokemon Crystal All (hack) :\ are you still there i was eating dinner
Pokemon Crystal All (hack) :|
Pokemon Crystal All (hack) i got killed by teh eevee
Pokemon Crystal All (hack) D: no poke balls?
Pokemon Crystal All (hack) i chose cyndaquil

Gingercream1's Last Game Reviews
01-04-14 12:15 AM
Earthbound:The war aganist Giygas!
Earthbound is one of those hidden gems. Most games, in it's day, were just a simple story of how a strong man of some sort would go to save a beautiful girl who had been kidnapped by some evil creature or something along those lines. you never saw any of those things in Earthbound. Your just a kid with PSI powers trying to save the world from some alien named Giygas who's trying to take it over.

Graphics: Earthbound's graphics are well made. It makes places like towns look fun a cherrful and other places like caves look frightning. And while Earthbound is an older game, it's graphics are still appealing to the eyes.

Sound: The sound has always been one of the great things in Earthbound. with over 100 tracks, (yes, i checked) the music does exactly what it is meant to do. It can frighten you, make you happy, or just sooth you. The sound can change any moment in the game to a different feeling. I think the sound in this game has been worked hard on. And it still sounds great, even though Earthbound is one of those older games.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness is pretty high. the game is pretty tough and will call for some level grinding, but it's still fun to play all the same. You'll always feel a satisfaction after beating a boss, and it's always fun to explore places, looking for items. Earthbound will always be a game you might want to come back to.

Story: The plot of Earthbound is so much more different than plots of games in the same time as it. Your fighting Giygas, the alien who wants to take over. with your group of friends, you set of to defeat him. Just from saying that, it sounds a lot different than plots of other games back in the day, so it is very unique.

Depth: oh boy.. Earthbound is a very long game. With the level grinding and all the things you have to do, it is longer than some of the other games in the day. But it can still be fun, and even though you might die a few times before nailing a b... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario 64
07-12-11 09:34 PM
Good game
This game was very nice and fun to play.Although the story was short, it was enjoyable.I would say most people would like this game. I like it very much. But if I would have to say the downsides, I would probably say the music and graphics. The music would keep stopping and not keep going. The graphics were fine, but they could be better.

A review from Gingercream1

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