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Gokujou Parodius   Rank 5/6 : 495,700
Adventure Island   Rank 5/14 : 96,130
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game   Rank 9/9 : 192
Daze Before Christmas   Rank 10/17 : 122,000
Galaga - Demons of Death   Rank 11/89 : 113,490
Gradius   Rank 11/15 : 87,800
Double Dragon   Rank 12/30 : 43,260
Road Fighter   Rank 12/15 : 20,190
1943 - The Battle of Midway   Rank 13/17 : 39,200
Thunder & Lightning   Rank 16/82 : 114,610
Super Mario Bros   Rank 23/169 : 538,150
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Eddy88's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 To all those who are having problems with a Black screen... Just change the color configuration of your screen to 16-Bits.
Super Mario Bros Finally! Playable with Plug-In!
Sonic 3 Complete Awesome hack! A Hint: For turn Super/Hyper you must press A B or C and then a different button than you last pressed.
Sonic 2 - Robotnik\'s Revenge This is AWEEESOMMMEE!
Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers Great game, the sound could be better... But it's okay ;)
Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers Great game, the sound could be better... But it's okay ;)
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior Beated at first time playing!
Contra - The Hard Corps Best Contra game Ever!!!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time @Fabbe Fabiano: What's going on with you?!
Tiny Toon Adventures - Busters Hidden Treasure Today is one of these days in where My Internet Connection is Slow... It Takes so Much in Download!

Eddy88's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Mega Bomberman
01-30-13 04:05 PM
Mega Bomberman (Sega Genesis/Megadrive)
16-Bits Bombs.

In 1985, Hudson Soft, (creator of other great game series such as Adventure Island, Bonk or Star Soldier) released for the Nintendo Entertainment system (or NES, for the most part of the people). A game with an original concept, based a bit on Maze games and a bit on Puzzle games. At this point, I bet you know about which game I'm talking... If you said "Bomberman", Congratulations then. You know me very well. The objective of this game was simple, Killing enemies by using bombs, and blast away walls and such, to find the exit of the stages or items that could help you on your way... With the pass of the years, more games came out, for different systems. Even though all those games added different gameplay modes (such as the famous "Battle Mode"). These always kept the original gameplay mode of the first game. Eventually, at 1993, our little White hero made his first appearance on the Sega Genesis, with a game named "Mega Bomberman". Which is one of the best games of the saga... If you feel interested on this... Go ahead and read this review!

Story: Hidden in the depths of the Universe, on an unknown Galaxy, there's a planet named "Bomber Planet", which is the home world of the Bombermen... Who are robots with the ability of creating bombs by using only their hands. The inhabitants of this planet are protected by five Spirits... These spirits not only protect the planet, they also keep it united. One day, a mysterious meteorite crosses around the planet's orbit. Five light balls come from the same and then, impact on five different parts of the planet... To be precise, over the five Spirit pictures, which are the power source of the same and it's protectors... Coincidence? No... All this was planned by the evil Bagular, who camouflage his ship as a meteorite. Due to the spirits losing their power source, the planet is divided into five pieces. And the only way to restore it, is finding the pieces of the Spirits pictures, who are scat... Read the rest of this Review
Bubble Bobble
01-23-13 04:03 PM
Bubble Bobble (Game Boy) Review.
Splitting Bubbles.

We all have already heard of Taito, I guess... One of the best companies when it comes to video games, even though if they had a tough start on the industry (as jukebox makers) Most of the games they made were succeful and have been ported to different consoles and home computers (and, got some sequels, of course!). An example of that the Bubble Bobble and it's multiple sequels and spin-offs, which is, after Space Invaders, one the most known and famous saga of the company. (and, why not, the Video games in general). The first game of this saga was released in 1986 for the Arcade. It's original gameplay formula is one of the things that made it famous, which resulted in multiple ports for Game consoles and Home computers. Of course, this game was ported for the NES, one of the most remembered ports of the game... But, It was also ported for the Game Boy, with pretty decent results... If you want to find out if it was decent enough as it's NES or Arcade counterparts. You'd better continue reading this review I'm offering... So, sit there, relax and enjoy the reading!

Story: In the original Arcade, the story was about rescuing the girlfriends of the dragons (who are, in reality, two kids under a curse) of a bunch of monsters... However, for some reason they changed the story on this port. (Probably because of the lack of a two players mode) Here, one of the brothers is suffering from a strange disease, and the only way to cure it is with the "Moon Water" which is hidden in the depths of the earth and is protected by a huge army of monsters. However, for unknown reasons, our character is transformed into a dragon upon entering to the same, whose only defense are the bubbles that come out of his mouth. With this minor problem (but also a big advantage) our protagonist starts his adventure. (7/10)
Graphics: Excellent, these remain almost the same (by some exceptions) Sprites are quite bigger, due to the size of the Gam... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic Advance 2
01-20-13 03:56 PM
Sonic Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
Speed in your Pocket.
The story of the Nintendo and Sega's relationship is quite curious... They began as enemies on the famous "Console war" of the 90's, which featured the Sega Genesis (Megadrive outside of the USA) and the Super Nintendo. (It may sound impossible or stupid... But the discussions between people about which one of both was the best still exist) On those days, they used to attack each other pets or games through commercials (Sega) or the games (Nintendo). Back then, nobody would expect in what would this war end... With both being "Good friends".That's it... With Sega making the games, and Nintendo putting it's License on them. Due to this we could see something that any kid or teenager would think of in those years: Sonic in a Nintendo console... The Game Boy Advance was one of the many consoles of the company that had the luck of have some games of the Hedgehog. One of these games is Sonic Advance 2, released one year after the great Sonic Advance... Wanna know if this game was great as his predecessor? Well, Keep reading the today's review, then!
Story: A few months after another crushing defeat of Robotnik (or "Eggman" for some) Done with some help of his friends, Sonic decides to take a brief rest of his "Hero" activities, and explore new lands and, maybe, Have some relax time on the same... That's how he gets to this island, whose name is unknown. Our blue Hedgehog decides to stay and spend some days there... One day, while running through the Island's forest, he hears a claim of help. Once getting to where the scream came from, he sees a Giant mechanic hand, holding a young rabbit and his Chao pet, and behind the Hand, he sees Robotnik, controlling the same. After this brief encounter, The madmen escapes with both prisoners under his power. The Hedgehog soon realizes that he's Searching, once again, The Chaos Emeralds. (This time, to power up his latest Space Station: The Egg Utopia) Then, He goes after the madman, to rescue the kidn... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic Spinball
12-31-12 03:38 PM
Sonic Spinball (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) Review.
Speedy Pinball.

Pinball machines... Who hasn't heard or played one of these machines? Fun and simple to play. Born in the late 1700 in France, as a variation of the billiard... Along with the progress of the technology, the machines changed it's shape and operation... Flippers and Spring launchers were added to the same, changing and modifying the game's aspects and gameplay. Of course, Pinball were adappted to several video game systems. While many games were just a digital version of a real Pinball, other games were more creative and had a plot or a protagonist. One of these games is: Sonic Spinball, which was released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1993, and then was ported for the Game Gear and Master System. This game destaques by one thing: The blue hedgehog is the ball, and we must help him to accomplish his mission by using the Flippers. So... Interested? As usual, I'll invite you to read the today's review.

Story: If there's something we could admire of Dr. Robotnik, is with no doubt, his perseverance... He's back, and this time he assumed control of Mt. Mobius, the most dangerous volcano of the planet, and bulit his base (named "Veg-o-Fortress") inside of the same. Now he's using the power of the Lava that flows on it to turn animals into his robot slaves. As usual, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend Miles "Tails" Prower fly to the base to stop Robotnik. But, then, a blast comes out of the base and knocks off Sonic from the Plane's wing, falling into the ocean. Luckily, Sonic manages to infiltrate into the base through the sewers of the base... Now he has to bypass through the "Pinball defense system" of the same, find the Chaos Emeralds that keep it stabilized, free the animals, and stop the evil madman. (7/10)

Graphics: Good... Every stage has many details on it, for example, at Toxic Caves you can see the rocks covered with Slime, and the same changing of color. Sprites are okay. A bit tiny... But considering that the stage... Read the rest of this Review
Panic Restaurant
12-26-12 03:35 PM
Panic Restaurant (NES) Review.
Culinary Problems.

Ever heard of Taito? No? Well, as usual, let me talk about the company before starting with this... If you know about the history of the Arcades, then you should know something about this company... But if you don't... The company (Known back then as "Taito trading company") started importing and distributing vending machines, later, they manufactured Jukeboxes, and finally... They started producing electro-mechanical arcade games. Then, in the '73. They changed their name to "Taito Corporation" and one of it's designers created the most popular game in the history of the Arcade games, and which also started the "Golden era of the Video Games": Space Invaders... Due to the success of the same, they opened an American division 6 years later... Soon they started producing more and more games. Not only for the Arcades. They also made games for home systems. Such as the NES, SNES and Genesis. This is where the today's game comes, that game is... Panic Restaurant, which was published by Taito, and released for the NES in 1992. Interested? Keep reading this review then...

Story: It seemed to be just another day on Chef Cookie's life... He was going to open his restaurant. The most succeful of the city, by the way... When, a bunch of vegetables came out of the nothing, and knocked him off. Then, the responsible of this action appeared: Ohdove. The Cookie's rival chef... Who, Jealous of the success of his enemy, took over his Restaurant. But, that wasn't all. He somehow gave life to all the food on it and made it his army. Now cookie has to free his restaurant, and stop Ohdove and his "army". Of course, this won't be easy. So, You (Who else?) will have to help him. (7/10)

Graphics: As you can see... This game has amazing graphics. With big and colorful sprites, (especially big, just take a look at some of the bosses, and you'll see) which are also pretty well animated. Cookie's animations are very well done, along with the anima... Read the rest of this Review

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